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Posted by solentlife | May 16, 2018 @ 01:27 AM | 66,367 Views
Yet again RCG shows it 'colours' ......

Unfortunately due to RCG being one of the largest membership forums online - it of course has all range of people. Over last week or so - that has become so evident in the reaction of a couple in particular.
Basically over 2 years - they have been allowed to develop into self appointed experts, posting what in reality is rubbish. When someone comes along and challenges in full and fair manner - they get all upset and resort to attacking and finally when they realise they are on very poor ground - close the thread !!

Unbelievable - completely against the whole idea of forums - place where discussion and ideas are to be put ... where differences of findings / ideas / solutions can all be looked at and debated.

Seems these people are not interested in any form of debate - only Medals and Patting each other on the back - regardless of whether right or wrong.

RCG has a reputation out there of being a tough arena and not so kind to all ... many I know have left RCG for this reason - chosen smaller more friendly forums where discussion is so well conducted - it makes RCG look like a Gladiatorial arena.

I will not name the people or thread involved - but they know full well who they are and I hope they feel satisfied in showing just how petty and childish they can be.