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Posted by solentlife | Jun 26, 2014 @ 03:35 PM | 31,966 Views
Well - I supposed it had to happen sooner or later ... I'm one of those guys who will do or go just about anywhere .. so I end up in Crimea ! FInally I bomb out .. stuck ! I've been with rebels in Rwanda .. up Saigon River ... but always managed to squeeze way out.

Anyway - it's now edging into 3 months and I'm getting withdrawal jitters not having my flying fix !

When I have time away from some of the people I have to suffer !! - I of course delve into RCG and Wattflyer ... but of course another passion is planning next model.
I hate being inactive ... so I have been working on large plans of a sport model. For either E or IC power. 70" span ... 4 - 5kg weight.

The original plans by Colin Usher have been modified to increase area of ailerons but shorten their span so flaps could be created. The build will have composite foam / ply construction so that the ply strength will be offset by foam top-decks etc. Foam ribs where structure is not subjected to wing bolts or high stress.
My intention is to fit a 15cc Gasoline engine ... and that means keeping her light. If not it would need a 26 - 30cc ....

Well ... all I need to do is get home !! Fingers crossed ..