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Posted by solentlife | Nov 15, 2013 @ 12:37 PM | 30,890 Views
How do we do it ... we spend years liking a way to do things and then we start to change. Bit like all your childhood - you don't eat your greens then later you eat the lot !

I've always been a power hungry modeller ... with odd moments of lazy models. Fast aerobatic jobs ... warbirds .... etc. Last few years enjoying EDF's having been in the early days of DF and all the problems we had then ... Enjoying pushers - a model type I used to dislike.

Now ? I'm looking more and more at small compact stuff ... stuff that can flit around the back-yard ...
The guy who converted the Dollarstore Gliders .. the guys with the Heli Bricks ... and of course the little WLToys micro heli's ...

Strange how we evolve ...

I do still have pet projects on the go - the Twin Parkjet ... NiJet .... twin EDF Concorde .... various that need completion before I move on too far !!

I really am looking fwd to a great 2014 ... and building / flying some more interesting models, as well as helping as many as I can with what little knowledge I can muster.