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Posted by solentlife | Feb 11, 2013 @ 04:37 AM | 31,922 Views
The Need for Speed group has produced some great vids and efforts by many .. but sadly it now appears that our mainstay model - the Parkjet is no longer produced. Various alternatives are under consideration, but I would like to suggest to others that we try to keep as near to the PKJ so we can use all the hard earned info / data as well as the power set-ups.
The Twin PKJ - the Beast as I nicknamed it at home sits still unflown. I have to admit that she frightens me ... but she is unflown due to other factors ... weather, work, change of gear after testing etc.
I know many are waiting for the maiden and what she performs like ...

Other avenues have been pursuit of more performance from my EDF collection, along with friends donating crashed models to my hangar ! These have led to interesting saga's ... the F16 and Twister are suffering UBEC blues from bad UBECs not handling the 5S power supplies.

Crashing has returned to my repertoire ! One of my last outings resulted in 4 models crashed ........ one even hitting friends BMW !

Well we soldier on ...