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Posted by bill_delong | Oct 24, 2018 @ 10:32 PM | 10,365 Views
So I recently bought a TEKNO ET410 and ran into thermal issues with a generic 2-Pole 5.5T motor in the truck, after swapping out a spare 7.5T motor, I just wasn't impressed with the torque and decided that I wanted to try a 4-Pole motor, however I did not want to use a HobbyWing motor because they come with a 5mm shaft and are designed for 4WD SCT's. I have spoken with a TEKNO team driver in my area and he cautioned that 4WD SCT motors would tend to generate too much torque and cause on-power push in the corners. I first tried a 2WD SCT motor (SC211-4400KV) from TenShock, but would later discover that TenShock motors are not compatible with HobbyWing ESC's, doh!

In my quest to find a 4-Pole 2WD SCT motor to help hit the sweet spot of slightly more torque than traditional 2-Pole motors but not as much torque as 4WD SCT motors, I came across a batch of discontinued Novak NX4-3900KV 4-Pole 540 motors on eBay for $35 shipped:

There were 10 of these motors available at the time I made the purchase 3 days ago (talk about fast shipping!), but only 5 available now at the time of this writing. Who knows if any more of these motors will pop up elsewhere on the net because Novak went out of business a couple of year ago:

With no warranty support or spare parts, I'm only looking at this as a disposable motor, and for $35, I'm willing to take the risk!

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Posted by bill_delong | Oct 08, 2018 @ 02:23 PM | 10,583 Views
In preparation to review some vehicles (subjectively), I feel that I need to first explain what my "Evaluation Index" is and how I have come up with these numbers, also allowing those to use my index as an example to prioritize custom rankings based on personal preference. The key point here is that nobody can definitively say brand "x" is better than brand "y" without first giving examples for how they have based their opinion and that's my goal here in explaining how my rankings are adjusted.

To me, there are 4 key areas that I like to score for my evaluations, feel free to add more to suit your personal preference but this is how I roll up my evaluations to keep things as relatively simple as possible:

1) Value - This is a combination of overall price and quality of components that you get for a given price. Generally, the lower the cost the higher the score, however there is an exception to this rule if upgrades are included which would offset the price where bundled upgrades will typically cost far less than if you bought them separately which in turn can increase the score.

2) Durability - This is really hard and almost impossible to measure with any definitive precision. In most cases, I have either owned or seen these cars crash/break first hand at various tracks in my area. I have taken into account the various conditions such as speed, ambient temperature etc with estimating on what I perceive to be a realistic score. In some...Continue Reading
Posted by bill_delong | Oct 04, 2018 @ 01:55 PM | 10,861 Views
Having a battery discharger can be very useful in creating battery discharge graphs if you have a charger that exports discharge data. You can also use a discharger to quickly get your packs into storage mode.

I will be discussing how I made a 30A discharger using mostly random materials around my house.

*** CAUTION ***
There are no safety features with this discharger, you must monitor the voltage yourself, preferably by connecting your charger in parallel and manually disconnect the bulb discharger when you hit your target voltage reading.

First I ordered some "12v 10w halogen bulbs" off eBay, I think I paid around $15 to get about 40 bulbs shipped:

Then used some scrap plastic and drilled some holes to get all the bulbs lined up in a grid pattern:

Then I used some scrap lamp wiring to route all my connections:
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