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Posted by bill_delong | Jan 13, 2018 @ 09:53 AM | 12,509 Views
If your car comes with cheap plastic bushings, some have asked if it's worth it to upgrade to bearings, and if so, which ones?

For casual bashing where performance isn't important then upgrading to shielded bearings isn't really important, but if you would like slightly faster acceleration, smoother/quiet operation and increased efficiency with slightly longer run times, the consider upgrading to bearings.

There are tons of cheap bearings available on eBay and they will do fine, I agree that rubber sealed bearings are nice and also a huge fan of AVID bearings. They have tons of kits available for most cars on the market, if you don't see your car listed, simply send them an email and chances are they will make a kit available very shortly:

If you want to take performance to the next level, then consider the Revolution series through AVID, they have a non removable metal shield on one side and rubber seal on the opposite side. Metal shields offer less drag/weight which improve performance but are more difficult to clean. If you don't plan to clean your bearings then I would just buy double metal shielded bearings and toss them out when they get crunchy for the best performance. If longevity is more important, then go with Revolution bearings for a good balance. You can also leave the rubber shield permanently removed leaving one side exposed to help reduce drag, simply place the exposed side of the bearing toward the inside of...Continue Reading