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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Feb 07, 2012 @ 03:14 PM | 3,610 Views
Got my new flyjet x-83 from hobbyking in the air. Using the turnigy 2836-2350kv motor on a apc 6X4 speed prop. Using 3S 2200 mah batteries currently. Motor can take a 4S battery but my 40a esc wouldn't be enough to handle the 4S. Very happy with the performance of the plane with that motor/battery/prop combo. Hand launches are simple and i get about 4.5 minutes of full throttle flight. Pictures below.
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Sep 17, 2011 @ 03:30 PM | 4,175 Views
Got my Parkzone Extra 300 PNP yesterday Friday September 16, 2011. Hopefully I will get to maiden it this weekend although the weather is pretty foul today.

I bought the PNP version from Hobbyzone and will be using a Futaba R617FS rx for the plane. Everything else is stock except for a combo of turnigy and rhino 3s batteries.

This is my first true aerobatic plane. My buddy got one a couple of weeks ago and I was able to watch him fly it and I liked it so much I decided to try one for myself. I'm a little late on this one as it has been out for quite awhile but it seems to be liked by many owners. I'll have to update once I get her airborne.

Was able to maiden it today 9/18/11 during a quick break in the weather. She flies great. A lot of fun. Knife edges were very easy to do and hold them. Snap rolls are very quick. The most aerobatic plane in my hangar and puts a huge smile on my face. Very pleased with this one.
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Jul 06, 2011 @ 06:27 PM | 5,763 Views
This is my new Multiplex Funjet Ultra. Just finished it on 7/5/11 and once the turnigy 3s 40c 3000mah batteries get here I can maiden the new plane. My setup is the stock or recommended power pack, futaba 2.4ghz tx and rx, hitec 65hb servos and the battery mentioned above. Hopefully it will last a long time as I am excited about this plane. The stiffness of the foam is considerably different than the original funjet. It has a much more rigid airframe sure to withstand anything I can throw at it. I threw some ultra flat black on the turtle deck, vertical stabs, canopy and nose and some glossy pumpkin orange on the wing tips.

Wish me luck. I'll update once I maiden the plane.
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Jul 04, 2011 @ 04:19 PM | 4,480 Views
Had a case of the dumb thumbs and totaled my Rafale. I've had this for 3 years now and have logged hundreds of flights with it. All of the electric components survived but I believe the airframe is toast. Better luck next time I guess.

Happy flying,
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Apr 08, 2011 @ 08:18 AM | 4,196 Views
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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Jan 03, 2011 @ 01:00 AM | 7,795 Views
Purchased a new TWM J-10B from Hobbyzone. I purchased the ARF model which comes with motor/edf unit, 3 servos, plane and full hardware. I thought it was a decent deal at $125 delivered. I am very impressed with the quality of the model. The kit reminds me of a multiplex model by the EPO foam the plane is made out of to the detailed instruction manual which aids in construction.

The fuselage comes in two halves which must be glued together after the canards and wings are glued to each fuselage side accordingly. The included carbon wing spar and plywood battery tray must be installed during the step of gluing the two fuselage sides together.

The elevon servo bays include a cover that the servo is attached to which allows easy access to the servo and helps to create a clean look. The clevis hardware is top notch.

The wings have molded in hinges much like the ones seen on the funjet. There are two strips of clear thin tape that is applied to the underside hinge area of the ailerons/elevons for added strength and security.

The kit comes with a small box with the "power supply". In the box is the edf unit and fan, motor, 3 servos, motor wire extensions, hardware and bullet connectors. I used the bullet connectors to extend the motor wire so that it would reach the esc. The instructions suggested soldering that joint only but I don't trust my soldering skills. Plus it will be easy to remove the motor/fan unit easily with the bullet connectors.
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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Dec 30, 2010 @ 11:18 AM | 14,318 Views
Just received my first Orange RX FASST receiver for my Futaba 6EX 2.4ghz system. I purchased it from for under $40 delivered which is a great bargain considering the 5 Futaba R617FS receivers I currently have cost me $100 each. My new TWM J-10B arrives today and I hope to install this receiver in that airplane this weekend. If it works as flawlessly as my Futaba branded receivers, these will be a welcomed replacement for them. The actual size of the receiver is larger than the Futaba but I like that the servos plug into the side of the receiver instead of on top of it like the Futaba receiver.

My only complaint so far is that there were no instructions included with the receiver. There is one button accessible by pushing it with a paper clip or similar small pointy object that I assume is the binding button.

Pics of receiver below. I will update this (even though I'm usually the only one reading my posts ) when i have a chance to test it out.

Installed this receiver in my new J-10B. Was able to find the instructions online for this receiver....simple setup. Just press the binding button on the receiver when plugging a battery into it (with transmitter already turned on of course). As soon as the battery is plugged in, release the binding button, the light quickly changes from red to green indicating it is binded. In order to switch between HS mode (for digital servos) and FS mode (for analog servos), simply turn transmitter off...Continue Reading
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Nov 15, 2010 @ 03:26 AM | 5,873 Views
Stationary Videos of Sunday 11/14/10 flights. Had 15 successful flights between 5 planes. I took a video of one flight from each plane. Nothing exciting. I tried to keep the planes in frame but that was more challenging than I thought.

F-18 (4 min 32 sec)

F-35 (4 min 37 sec)
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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Sep 22, 2010 @ 09:40 PM | 7,873 Views
Just received the 64 mm F-18 in the tiger meet scheme from Banana Hobby. Haven't maidened it yet...hopefully will this weekend. So far I am very impressed with how well it was packaged. Came in a fairly small box but that is because the fuselage is in two pieces. No shipping damage at dings or dents. I believe the foam may be epo. It seems a little more dense than my f-35...but some of that may be the semi glossy paint. The tiger meet scheme seems to be some sort of super thin applied decal or water slide decal. The grey is paint and some of the black fuselage is paint but the majority of the design is some kind of decal....which is looks great and was applied very well.

I purchased the receiver ready version as I am using my futaba fasst 2.4ghz receiver and transmitter. Upon an initial test all of the included servos, esc, motor and edf unit seem to be in good working order. I didn't run the fan all the way to full throttle but I think it may need to be balanced because I believe I heard a little bit of vibration noise.

It glued together very easily using some 6 minute two part epoxy. It would be difficult for a person to have any alignment issues when gluing the parts together as they fit together very nicely and stay in place while the glue dries.

The only modifications I have made to the plane include:
1. Removing the stock deans like connector on the esc and installing an EC3 connector.
2. Installing a Toys R Us pilot......Continue Reading
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Sep 19, 2010 @ 12:53 PM | 6,301 Views
Sunday September 19, 2010.

Met up with fellow RcGroup-er and took the contents of my hangar out for a few sorties. Was flying my 64mm AMX edf plane and got a little disoriented. I love the paint scheme but it makes it very difficult to determine which way the plane is oriented. Haven't crashed this one until what a crash. Pretty much nose first at full throttle from about 40 feet up. A massive explosion of foam upon impact...pretty cool sight. I am happy to report that the pilot was able to eject and walked away unscathed.

I little time and a whole lot of epoxy and this baby will fly again....I think.

Enjoy the pic below. I will post the "after" photo once I tackle the glue job. Can anybody say "jigsaw puzzle"?

Happy Flying,

Just finished putting the "puzzle" back together. Not bad actually. A whole lot of glue and little bit of love and she went back together pretty quickly. Pictures below of the the AMX back together.

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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Jun 19, 2010 @ 06:35 PM | 7,890 Views
Today...Saturday June 19, 2010. Purchased the Banana Hobby 64mm F-35 in the Blue Angel Paint Scheme for $114 and change delivered. I purchased the kit that came with brushless motor, ducted fan unit and basically everything but transmitter, receiver and battery. I know some people are leary of Banana Hobby's service but I thought I would give them a try. This plane is the fifth in my hangar but the first purchase from them. I had no problems with ordering or delivery of plane.

I purchased some Great Planes 6 minute epoxy for the build. The plane comes with landing gear, push rods, clevises, nose cone, exhaust cone, glue, five servos...two each for elevators, ailerons, and one for nose rudder. Instructions are very vague and the included color pictures are very small. Luckily I have built balsa planes and several foam kits so the instructions were not needed but a true beginner may have a little difficulty if this was their first build.

I was not planning on using the landing gear...bought it for hand launch and belly landing and therefore tried to remove the servo located in the canopy area floor. It was glued in extremely well and could not be removed without the risk of tearing the plane up to get it out. I opted to leave it in but removed the wire from the servo.

The wings, vertical stabs, elevators, nose cone, exhaust cone and canopy all glued on extremely quickly and painlessly with the 6 minute expoxy. I suggest...Continue Reading
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Apr 21, 2009 @ 02:27 PM | 6,322 Views a day of vacation on 4/20/09 to burn up some vacation time and get in a few flights with the funjet and maiden my yellow nitroplanes ultimate Bipe.

Here is the setup for the bipe:
Scorpion 3008-28 motor swinging a 10 X 7 e prop.
Emax 40a esc
HS-55's all the way around.
Rhino 3S 1750mh 25C battery
Futaba 2.4 ghz receiver.

I thought I had my CG set up correctly...maybe just a hair tail heavy but nothing major...took off no problem but I could tell the CG was tail heavy. Flew it around for awhile doing some rolls and loops. Surprisingly enough it did not require much trimming...just a bit of left aileron.

Landing....that was another story. The funjet I have floats in. This bipe has to be flown in...meaning bring her it in HOT. With the CG a little more tail heavy than I would like and the fact that I had left the dual rates on while coming in to land did not help the situation. In short, the wheels touched ground and the landing gear (along with the block the gear attaches to) remained where the wheels touched. The plane slid a couple of feet and came to rest. Only damage was both wheel pants were cracked badly and the landing gear block had to be reglued and prop replaced due to chipped ends.

I heard that the landing gear block was a major weak point on the plane but I thought to myself..."hey, you have landed literally hundreds of times without any issue, this will be a breeze"...needless to say, the only breeze was the wind rushing underneath the gearless plane just before it slid to a stop.

To sum things up...I replaced the prop, trashed the wheel pants, and reglued the landing gear block as well as add some light ply to help support the block better. I also added some weight to the nose to help with the CG.

I hope to fly again on 4/22/09. Hopefully I will have better news to report.

Happy flying,
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Apr 09, 2009 @ 06:02 PM | 6,526 Views
***UPDATED 3/16/11***

Thought I would update my hangar pics. Currently flying the Multiplex funjet (V3...had to retire the other two), 64mm Jpower AMX from Hobby Lobby, 64mm Rafale turned into pusher jet from Hobby Lobby, 64mm Starmax F-35 Lightning II from Banana Hobby, 64mm Starmax F-18 from Banana Hobby, 70mm The Wings Maker J-10B.

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Posted by Psycho Synapse | Oct 29, 2008 @ 08:53 PM | 8,294 Views
Hello Again, is Wednesday October 29, 2008 and I was able to take the funjet up for a couple of flights this evening with the brand new ARC 28-37-2.5. I have read several posts by members who own this motor and have been very pleased with its performance on 3S.

I will have to say that I too am very pleased with its performance on 3S. I am running it with a gen2 hextronic 3S 2200mah 20C battery from HobbyCity. I have heard that these packs are overated on their discharge rate so their may be a little more performance I could get out of this motor on a higher rated 3S battery.

I only like running my planes at WOT because I like the speed. I hope this motor can take the full speed runs I throw at it. I am using an APC e 6 X 4 prop and run for 5 minutes to be on the safe side and avoid hitting the LVC.

I am not sure what my top speed is now on my funjet...I just know it is faster than my stock stryker f27c motor I had in it previously. I truly have unlimited vertical with this setup. I never knew it could get so high so quickly.

Happy flying to all,

Here she is!
Posted by Psycho Synapse | Sep 12, 2008 @ 12:30 AM | 10,792 Views

Hi all.... bare with me...I ramble. I just finished my Hobby Lobby Rafale pusher jet. This is the Rafale EDF jet available from Hobby Lobby. I just converted it to a pusher jet like my Multiplex fact I used the motor mount from my funjet that I totaled a month ago. As of 9/11/08 I have not maidened the plane yet. I did fire it up today and cupped my palm over the nose of the plane and gave it full throttle and it would roll axially in a vertical position pushed against the palm of my hand so I know it has greater than a 1:1 thrust ratio. My setup is a brand new f27-c brushless motor (1880 KV), blade cx heat sink for motor, 6 X 4 APC E speed 400 prop, f27c prop adapter, EMAX 40a ESC, two Hitec HS-65B servos, futuaba 2.4 ghz transmitter/reciever combo, various 3S 2200 mah lipos (20 C zippy R and hextronic g2), three 18 inch lightweight servo extensions, and one 12 inch EC3 extension to go from my battery to the ESC.

Now for the mods. In my haste to get this project completed I was forced to source parts for this plane from both Hobby Lobby and SN hobbies. The fuselage came from SN hobbies and the rest from HL. Delfin at SN hobbies was great at replying to questions I had and he did an excellent job packing the fuselage as to avoid damage..thanks Delfin.

The first thing I did was to use an Xacto knife and remove the exhaust nacelles from the fuselage so that I had a nice flush area at the aft end of the...Continue Reading