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Posted by **neons** | Jul 12, 2019 @ 08:53 PM | 3,938 Views
During the peak winter month of February I decided to put a boat model together. I wanted to build it on a counter in my living room to take a break from the daily garage shop routine of repairing and retro fitting RC planes for awhile. Being a small model I could keep my work isolated to a small area. This thread here was just going to be a short time build originally just to make a display example of a general post war tugboat example. I am not concerned about making the exact tugboat Despatch N.S.

So a bell went off while I was priming the parts and looking over the instructions, The house structure ends up in one piece and fits to the deck snug over a coaming. Hmmn!! I think I can actually find room in here to make a display model and a second life as an RC watercraft. Today's electronics are so advanced. They are small and used in cars and toys along with indoor aircraft that we fly in schools and halls during the winter. I always had interest in boats. I built my first wood Comet kit sloop in 1954 at 10yoa. I have experienced 22 years of service on tugboat and other commercial oil movement vessels. I also gained an extensive USCG license some years ago before I left.. I spent 25 years on my own sail vessels and power operation also with my family. The experience also helps my modeling abilities. I still have my Exxon Empire State hat and Manager jacket here in this recent photo. 32 plus years later.

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