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Posted by **neons** | May 14, 2019 @ 02:01 PM | 1,496 Views
I built this model in the mid 80's when I was in a Fall River, Mass. Model Boat club. It was a beautiful kit that may still show up for sale on occasion in eBay or even here in RC Groups. I have a very large amount of postings of my model Aircraft, Boats, and club activities in the Bristol County Radio Control Club of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. I could get more exposure here in RC Groups. I took it upon myself to support my club website. So here is a link to the Emma C. Berry model schooner with loads of supporting info and plans. I will post a few of the pictures here also to see what this famous vessel of an era of fishing and private sail. The vessel is now fully restored to it's original look from the year 1866 as a Noank fishing smack. It was a gaff rigged sloop those days. In 1933 it became a schooner until about 1947. Then it went back to it's origins as a gaff sloop again.

Note that if you look also into the index of BCRCC website under - Electric Planes you will find many more posts of my aircraft along with other subjects in all parts of the hobby.

Here is a Build Log by Skipper on theEmma C. Berry

Visit the Emma C. Berry. So much more here:
http://forum.bristolcountyrc.org/vie...7&p=1072#p1072...Continue Reading