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Posted by Ace12GA | May 16, 2014 @ 08:08 AM | 9,119 Views
I have scratch built a couple of quads, as well as a tricopter. I never really saw the point of a hex. Sure you have redundancy in the motors, but it just seemed like more than I needed. To be honest, I don't like the look of symmetrical hex designs. I'm not trying to be an aerial photographer; I just want something to sport fly at most.

Then I saw the Blackout mini Spyder Hex and just loved the look of it. I even tossed around buying a kit, but it is just too much money. I looked at the on the market Spyder Hex designs; the Bluesky RC one is probably the best, both in design and value. I realized while looking at those designs I had 6 good working motors just kicking around on foam planes I keep meaning to fix up and get flying again. They will have to wait.

From my scratch foamies days I rapidly learned that the Bluewonder was a fantastic motor. Small, cheap, and powerful. I leaned towards the 1700kv version, and as a result probably have owned 12 or 15 of them in 6 years. I love this motor, and I know the prop range, and the battery range it likes.

So this design is around the 1700kv Bluewonder, and 7" props. Ideally 7x3.5 props, but I can't find the CCW version of that prop. They do make 7x3.5x3 props in CW and CCW, but I have not been able to get any. I settled on some Turnigy 7x3.8 props I had kicking around already; because I already had them. I am pretty sure you would get good performance on 6x4.5x3 props as well, for something with some better...Continue Reading