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Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 29, 2009 @ 11:50 PM | 6,626 Views
I had made this wing set kind of on a whim while I was making wings for more Smarty Pants. This particular wing assembly doesn't have the amount of sweep found on the Simple Sister, but also doesn't lean forward like the Smarty Pants. So, I figured I'd waste it on a mid pusher kinda like the Firefly or something.


The fuselage extension in the front is an attempt to get the battery far enough forward that the dumb thing will at least fly. It's horrible. This is the same mid pusher I took out to the Scenic Overlook on Sunday to get some gliding in. I don't know, it still seems tail heavy to me.

Tomorrow I'll fly this thing again out at the Lake Barrington Field House. I carved it out to house a bigger battery, so we'll see if it acts any better. If not I still have my ever-expanding collection of Smart Darts. Heh.


So, I fixed up the front end a little better with some tape and carving. I also moved the motor forward about 15 mm and re-mounted it. The Pinkoid flies a lot better now. It was too windy today to see how well the low speed handling will go, but I'll have it out at the White Pines dome for the opening day festivities and again at the Lake Barrington Field House for the Friday morning jaunt.

The prop will breath a little better now that I've opened up the prop slot some. It makes the plane quieter, too. We'll see.

Later still:

I had to do some repairs after flat-slamming the ground during a combat session. It flies just fine now. I have been out to the golf dome and even to the field house with this plane and it behaves fairly well, even at low speed and inverted. Overall I'm happy with the results versus the effort.

Some later pics added to show the overall shape and some of the motor and servo mount details.
Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 17, 2009 @ 08:10 PM | 7,536 Views
456MB Delta Twin

Delta Twin at 456MB

[NOTE: I can't get an off-site image to work right. Hmph.]

Okay. Gots me one, flew 1st flight today. I got tired of waiting for the rain and wind to stop simultaneously, so I flew it in a bunch of wind. Totally stock, out of the box, first charge on the LiPo, no modifications whatsoever. The stickers aren't applied yet, but that's the only difference between mine and what is supposedly in that promotional video piece.

Hardware, Assembly, and Infrastructure
The fans aren't really great, but they work fine. The little inrunners are probably Feigao; I haven't taken it apart to find out yet. The assembly of the "engine" nacelles on mine was a bit sloppy, so I'll probably take it all apart just to clean up the molding flash and get everything aligned just so.

The motors have low profile heat sinks on them that are right in the airstream of the fan. The speed controls are unmarked units but look very similar to the Tower Pro Mega-8. The LiPo is a 3S, 1000 mAH, 20C unit which is marked for ratings but not for OEM. The V-tail mixer and receiver appear to be unmarked as well. The servos are under plastic covers that I have yet to remove.

The plane comes with a fixed 1000 mA 2S or 3S charger. The charger has indicators for the state of charge and even has its own cooling fan. The transmitter is a run-of-the-mill four channel 72 MHz FM radio. It's about the same as the ones from E-sky and other Asian outfits.

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Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 15, 2009 @ 04:39 PM | 6,560 Views
I wanted to reuse the tail section off of the Whitewash, since it was made mostly out of Depron and represented several minutes of very valuable time. Also, I still need to scratch build a twin motor plane. Also, I wants to use a solid piece of Pink as an airframe so I can shape it any way I desire. Hmm...

Enter the Resuscitator. I'll look around to see whatever other bits and pieces I can scratch up off of older projects. You know, if you're gonna keep all that scrap then you should at least put it to use eventually. This bird will give me the opportunity to do exactly that.

Seen here is a mockup. The tail section is glued to the Pink with Goof-Off, but the wings are just lying on the floor.
Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 11, 2009 @ 10:26 AM | 6,137 Views
So, I got one of those Tech-One Quick Vs last year. The main wing took some slight damage in shipping, but that wasn't why I didn't want to build the durn thing. It was just too wimpy. 2 mm, thin skinned Depron all over the place, with lots and lots and LOTS of carbon fiber spars and strips to support it. Way too much effort for a mediocre performance sport park flyer. It was never going to be fast, nor super light, nor acrobatic, nor anything else -- just a general sport flyer for knocking around the park.

Therefore I scrapped the original plans and built what you see here. It's not hard to figure out where to put the wings and booms and tails and elevator and everything else to build up a park cat. Pretty easy, actually. I kept the original fuselage (modified). Everything else I built from scratch.

Not knowing where to put the CG I had it way far forward for glide testing. More like brick testing; it went right into the dirt with a nose-destroying crunch. Now I gotta build up an EPP nose for the thing. At least it has some airflow through it for flight testing. Heh. I'll finish it off after I pass a couple of batteries through it.

The booms are supported by triangular balsa trailing edge material. It worked out pretty well, since there is a right angle exactly where I needed it. The winglets are 3mm EPP for crash damage prevention.

Span: 895 mm
O/A length: 655 mm (post-crash, pre-fix)
AUW: 275 grams
Motor: Grayson/Welgard 2208-08 (2600KV, 15A)
ESC: SS 18A, modified with additional heat sink
Rx: Spektrum AR6100
Battery: Zippy 2S 1P 1000mAH 20C
Servos: HXT 500 (x3)


I took this beater to Tom's Field to fly it on a 3S and the appropriate prop. It's plenty fast, all right, but the wings wiggle and shimmy like a flag in the breeze. I'll have to stiffen it up considerably before it can be flown like that For Real.