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Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 27, 2019 @ 03:22 PM | 10,150 Views
This is a whoop with difference , it's got full HD 1080p on board recording in the same camera as fpv feed.
It takes 2s or 3s ( 4s is not recommended due to possible ESC damage but is possible with care , betafpv will not cover you under warranty if you try this. )
It weighs around 70g without battery so no light weight but this is a cinewhoop and not for racing , it is for making cool video doing very close proximity and flying through areas a normal hd drone simply cannot.
Having said that it does acro quite well, loops and rolls and split s etc are all possible.
Bench review for those who'd rather watch than read.
Betwfpv Beta85x hd review / thoughts 1080p recording whoop - cinewhoop (13 min 3 sec)

The video quality is beautiful, the quad itself is very robust and can crash like any whoop without damage so no worry about hitting things as it will simply bounce off with the ducts acting like bumpers.

Here are a few videos to show the picture and capabilities, more video will defo follow as I get better batteries and set the thing up some more.
Bellow the videos I will also do more review as I get more experience of it, I've already flown about 40 packs through with no ESC troubles ( one video shows a simple mod to avoid battery possibly shorting out ).
Some early units suffered ESC failure too and betafpv will replace these damaged ones free of charge offering a lifetime warranty on the ESC and FC .
Beta85x hd freestyle on 3s 450mah around the garden overcast
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 25, 2019 @ 12:56 PM | 9,139 Views
Ive been using the frsky x9d happily since it was first released but decided I wanted to try the x-lite for easier transportation, also the x9d always felt a bit big and awkward in my hands and the reaching the corners difficult at times ..

It took me awhile to get used to the x-lite after flying RC for over 30 years with normal big txs.
But now I've got used to it I love it and don't want to use the x9d anymore lol.( Those of you who know me from old will know just how much this means )

I'll be going through some of the features here and some thoughts as to what might be improved but for now I'll give a link to my affiliate tracking link which will cost you no extra and please use it to help convince banggood to use me for future reviews .

Frsky x-lite banggood.

The open source firmware is always being updated with new features so will never go out of date.
It has hall sensor gimbals which will not wear out like normal gimbals and are nice and precise .
It's small and light and comes in a nice little case which can easily be thrown into a rucksack or small bag etc.
Batteries are removable so a spare set can be carried just in case.

Not so good is the batteries are not supplied and are 2* 18500 size so need to buy those seperately.( AliExpress is cheap I got 4* 1300mah cells for 6 )

To be continued ..
Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 21, 2019 @ 06:32 AM | 12,033 Views
Work in progress.
This by far the best 2s whoop there is out there, it's power and speed and handling are amazing and the price is ridiculously cheap.
Mobula7 V2 2s whoop crazy and smooth acro garden (back yard) flight calm conditions. (3 min 7 sec)

Mobula7 V2 2s whoop windy garden flight but it handles it fine. (3 min 14 sec)
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