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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 06, 2017 @ 08:47 AM | 7,849 Views
Bought this camera / vtx combo for putting on a RC glider at some point along with head tracking should be good range and fun!
The extra weight compared to the micro cameras I've been using won't be a problem for my gliders to carry and the extra vtx power will be good, lack of a wide angle lens will actually be a bonus when used with head tracking because there won't be any fish eye effect and focus should be better.

Shows size compared with tx03
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 05, 2017 @ 12:02 PM | 11,357 Views
Just got this this very light 25mw camera vtx combo from akk technology.
Aliexpress shop
They do a good range of fpv gear and i also got 600mw vtx and camera too.( Will review that soon )

Arrived very fast, great service!

This review will concentrate on the s2 but I tested the bs2 later which saves 0.7 grams by using dipole antenna and found it performed just as good!

Initial impressions are very good.
It arrived well boxed and i hooked it up right away to a single cell lipo and got a very nice picture, really clear , nice colours, focus was better then other cameras i have of similar size.
Viewing angle is very wide but not distorted too much but slight fish eye effect is there, perfect for indoor and proximity quad flying.
Light handling is excellent, copes really well with changing light conditions and colours are perfect, i tested it indoors at dusk with lights off and the camera picture was much brighter then reality but with only slight grainy effect, very impressive!
Weight with connector is 4.2 grams but it has circular polarised antenna fitted , there was a dipole antenna included in the box ( not included in box anymore ) so fitting this would no doubt bring the weight down closer to the advertised 2.8 grams( instructions say 2.8g with without antenna and lead )
Built quality looks to me to be of very good quality , solder joints look cleanly soldered , everything is neat and no flux residue.

Some pictures
Side by side with eachine tx03, as you can see akk s2 is much smaller
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Edit here is bs02 which weighs 3.5 grams. Performance is as far as I can tell identical to the s2. It's the same camera but with dipole antenna to save weight.
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Video bellow.