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When the engine on the left wing broke in mid-flight, the pilots of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 had to deal with a 737 that suddenly banked left on its own, well past any angle they would use. The plane was pitched at an angle of more than 40 degrees for a few unnerving seconds before it leveled out and began an emergency descent, National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt told reporters Wednesday in Philadelphia.
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Greetings my friends; survived tax season...so not a lot of progress on the build. Have been keeping the 3D printer running practically nonstop. Printed a significant number of deck equipment parts. Ive printed the base and wedge for the rocket launchers and four roll-off rack frames (each took 13 hours and 20 minutes). Currently printing the engine room hatch frame. (24+ hour print).
Posted by Suko | Today @ 12:01 PM | 73 Views
This guide will go through the process of combining flaps with flight modes. I can confirm that this works with the new (black) Dx6 and Dx7 and I assume it can work with any of the new "black" transmitters that have Spektrum's newer UI. However, I know that this trick is NOT POSSIBLE using a Spektrum Dx6e and I suspect it might not be possible on the Dx8e, but I haven't confirmed this yet.

So, what's the point of linking flaps with flight modes? Good question.
Have you ever had a plane where you deploy the flaps and the plane dives or climbs dramatically? Have you ever deployed flaps (or flaperons) and noticed your plane rolls a bit left or right, but flies fine with flaps up? Having flight modes linked to flaps can help you take care of these issues in-flight in real time without the need to land and go through your Tx settings.

How does it work?
By combining the FLAPS and FLIGHT MODE (which I will abbreviate as FM) onto a single switch, you can set independent trims for each flight mode and flap setting. This means that each flap condition (Flaps Up/Half Flaps/Full Down) will have independent trim from the other flap conditions.

How do we set this up?
I made a video and you can watch it as I go step-by-step through the process. There was no script and I had to hold the phone myself while navigating the menus, so it's not the best, but it will tell you what you need to know.
Setting up flaps with flight modes on Spektrum transmitter (4 min 1 sec)
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Posted by Portland_Pilot | Today @ 09:24 AM | 186 Views
Hello, fellow RC enthusiasts! I come to you with a review of the GoFly RC CP-90 Falcon! I have really enjoyed flying this little beast please enjoy the review!

CP90 Review (13 min 58 sec)

UPDATE: I ordered everything to upgrade this to the pro version and will do a review in the format shortly!
Posted by DutchRC | Today @ 09:23 AM | 167 Views
Haloa guys

so yeah.. that Tiny Whoop craze huh? I'm really not into that.. Them motors just don't last.. And.. I can only fly acro :P
So.. Time to try something different then! A flying tank? Pretty close to it actually

Link to the ET-115: KingKong LDARC ET 115 bnf

You'll allso want: Extra Gaoneng 2S lipo

Sooooo what's my take on it??

DutchRC - KingKong Brushless Indoors / Proximity FPV Quad? :) (LDARC ET115) Show & Tell (18 min 44 sec)

Wheelbase: 115mm
Weight: 89.1g (without receiver or battery)
Package weight: 669.7g
Propeller: 2345 3-blade
Brushless motor: XT1104 7500KV
Flight controller & ESC: PIKO BLX FC + BLHeli_S 10A 2-3S, 20*20mm
Video transmitter: Q100 25mW/100mW 16CH
Camera: OV231 800TVL 150
Receiver: optional compatible Frsky XM, compatible Flysky FS-RX2A, compatible Spektrum DSM2
Battery: 2S 7.4V 550mAh 80C
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A few new boats to add to my collection
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1/3" 222Degree Fisheye Lens 0.76mm 8MP M12 Mount Wide Angle Lens for Panoramic 360 VR Action Camera Sport DV Lens Replacement

Model: lyx0.76

Sensor: 1/3" φ 2.8mm
Focal Length: 0.76mm
Optical BFL(BFL): 20.2
Mechanical BFL(MBFL): 1.50.2
F/NO.: 2.1mm
Optical BFL(AIR): 1.90.2
Mechanical BFL(AIR): 1.40.2
FOV(D/H/V): 222
Distortion: 〈-97.2%
Relative Illumination: 〉50%
Construction: 2G4P+1IR
Cut Frequency At 50%: Tabs〉90%at 420-630nm,T=50% at 65010nm,T〈5% at 680-1100nm
Thread: M12*P0.5
Chief Ray Angle: 〈11.4

Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-3-...862771467.html
Posted by Boone 870 | Yesterday @ 11:31 PM | 442 Views

Priority number one for modifying the transmitter would be to place the gimbal assemblies far enough apart to prevent my hands and stylus from contacting one another while flying. Second priority was to place the various switches on the transmitter into positions that would allow me to either bump them or hook them with my fingers to select different flight modes and channels.

The first serious idea that I considered was to strip all of the electronics out of the case of my new Spektrum DX6 and cut out holes for the gimbals, display screen and all the various scrolls and switches in a wide, thin piece of Lexan in a configuration similar to a Jeti DC-24 transmitter but spread out wider and longer. I ran the idea by my cousin, who has professional experience designing and building electronic panels, and he thought it would be something that could be done and was willing to tackle the job.

While I was thinking about what I thought would be the best layout for the gimbals and switches on the planned Lexan board, I asked my cousin to modify the case on my DX6 as it was currently configured by cutting off the plastic horizontal antenna housing/carrying handle so that my transmitter could lay flat on the current Lexan board I'm using. When we opened up the transmitter and got a look at just how complicated the transmitter was and how much work it would take to place all the individual electronics onto a Lexan board, I decided it would be a good idea to go...Continue Reading
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Posted by Les Walter | Yesterday @ 09:05 PM | 481 Views
I building a hexacopter RD 290, but Id like to change the flight controller for a Matek F722-STD, but I could not find any article yet how to wiring up for the Matek for 6 motors. Do I need an other PDBord for it or not? Or need any other card yet? Im a bit confused...... Sorry. Could you help me to show the end of the tunnel????? Pleeeeeeeeezz.......Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Les ( leslesles999@hotmail.com )
Posted by BDOG1 | Yesterday @ 08:16 PM | 523 Views
I got out for some "spring flying" on our hill after work today, 37 degrees 18 mph wind and snow...Yup I Love New York

Had one to maiden,cant say it went well.
Acted very tail heavy added a bunch of nose weight,barely flying ,conditions were not fun and tired after a full work day...I will get back to it

Then I put The Knife Edge up
This Plane just kicks Butt !
spent the next hour or so ripping with it,gusts that rocked me on my heels ,crossed and bumpy ,sink, snow ,grovel you name it the KE just does it .

Flying it in close on the top of the hill and standing it on a wing tip , pulling elevator to do a paper clip turn ,it seems to accelerate thru the turn like it was shot out of a canon,I think it is the flex in the wing loading up and then unloading like a slalom ski.....
Great way to end the day
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Yesterday @ 07:09 PM | 550 Views
It's been a good while since Gearbest have had any good quad specials on, I noticed their website has improved so maybe that is where the focus has been. Anyway I've posted my pick of specials below at http://quadifyrc.weebly.com/coupons-and-discounts.html

I like the fact that both the TX200 and an OEM CCD micro camera are both on special meaning you can upgrade your AIO camera in your brushless micro to a CCD cam with variable power vtx for less than $30. More details on this here for the leader.

Emax BabyHawk R for $122

Tattu 3s 450mah battery for $9

Tattu 3s 850mah battery for $12

Tattu 3s 850mah battery for $16

Leader 120 PNF 2.5" brushless quad for $110

Full Speed TX200 25/200mW VTX $10

Furibee MS Micro CCD Camera $18

HAKRC 20A 4in1 2-4s 20mm ESC $17

Whoop pro f3 light controller with OSD $18

Emax LHCP pagoda antennas (pair) $5

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Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 12:23 PM | 856 Views
Hi fellow pilots

Here is a short video to see a basic teardown and how to repair the gimbal on the Dragonfly Pro should you need to:

Simtoo Dragonfly Pro Gimbal Repair (7 min 2 sec)

Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 10:10 AM | 911 Views
HK Swamp dog on SNOW!

HobbyKing Swamp Dawg Air Boat on SNOW! (5 min 4 sec)

Get one at Hobby King: https://goo.gl/ndd12S
Posted by 14bissar | Yesterday @ 07:47 AM | 999 Views
i have a 450 mm quad with betaflight f4 and simonk esc and 2212 motors.
when i take off my copter starts yawing aniclockwise.the trims do no good and it is so very fast that stick corrections are very difficult for a bigginer like me.
please help.
Posted by mlilasic | Yesterday @ 05:35 AM | 1,074 Views
Review (ip) of Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 3dBi TX/RX FPV Antenna RP-SMA/SMA

Better signal quality and much more durable.
These Dragonfly Booster antennas can be survived from the hardest crashes with the specially designed cover and silver connector.
Three different sizes (5cm, 8cm and 11cm) in SMA and RP-SMA are selectable to meet your special needs for the build.

Frequency Range: 5400 ~ 5900Mhz
Impedance: 50Ω
V.S.W.R: ≦1.5
Gain: 3 ~ 3.5dBi
First Upper Sidelobe Suppression (dB) ≥15
Front to Rear Ratio (dB) ≥25
Cross-polarization Discrimination (dB) ≥15
Port Isolation (dB) ≥28
Polarization: Vertical/Horizontal
Maximum Input Power: 10W
Cable: RG141
Color: Black
Connector: RP-SMA / SMA (Optional)
Length: 5cm / 8cm / 11cm (Optional)
Weight: 10g / 11g / 13g

Grab yours Dragonfly Booster antenna HERE.

DVR flight...Continue Reading
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FPVMODEL Flash Deal!
Save up to 80% OFF.
Unbelievable saving, limited time!
Hurry before they are sold out!

Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw Stackable Video Transmitter

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Size: 11.2 KB

Dragonfly 5.8G Receiver Module for Fatshark Dominator FPV Goggles

Name: 20170116151306-8386.jpg
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Size: 27.3 KB

RaceFlight F4 Flight Controller V2

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Xtend XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box 900mAh 1W for PIXHAWK/PIXHACK Flight Controller

Xtend XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box 900mAh 1W for PIXHAWK/PIXHACK Flight Controller

- Model:Xtend-XTP9B-DPS-001PIX
- Indoor/city distance (with 2.1db antenna): Up to 900m
- Outdoor/wireless visible distance (with 2.1db antenna): 15-22km
- Sending power output: 1mW-1W(0-30dB)
- Seriel transmitting speed: 10-230, 400bps
- Receiving sensitivity: -110dB(@9,600BPS),-100DB@115,200BPS
- Transmitting speed: 9,600 or 115, 200bps
- Wireless RF transmssion speed: 125kbps
- Working temperature: -40~85 degree C
- Working frequency: ISM 902-928MHz
- Spread specrum: FHSS
- Networking topology: Peer to peer,point-to-point,point-to-multip
- Channel: 10 hop sequences share 50 frequencies
- Encryption: 256bit /128 BIT AES
- Voltage: 2.8-5.5VDC
- Receiving : 35mA
- Certificate: FCC,IC, C-TICK
- Size: 7.5*4.6*1.7cm
- Antenna weight : 24g
- Module weight: 29g
- Shell: 47g
- Total weight: 100g

- CNC XTEND shell, high quality
- 57600 baud rate with flight controller, distance over 20km
- Baseboard with USB port and TTL interface
- Working band ISM 900M, 115.2kbps, with a RPSMA antenna interface
- FHSS technology, transmitting power software adjustable 1mW-1W
Transmit power output 1mW 10mW 100mW 500mW 1W
Power voltage 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 3.0-5.5VDC 4.75-5.5VDC
Transmit current (5V) 110mA 140mA 270mA 500mA 730mA
Transmit current (3.5V) 90mA 100mA 250mA 600mA N/A
Size (mm):84*46*17
weight: 39

package weight:300g

Package including:
- 2 x Data Transmission Module with shell
- 2 x Antenna
- 1 x Connection cable
- 1 x USB data cable

more details as below: