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This plane is nuts. Blinding fast rolls and thick wing makes very slow flying easy. Can't remember where it came from but it was a pre-covered sorta ARF.
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This is a Great Planes PT-Electric from an old kit (egad, it was die-cut!!). Ailerons and flaps added along with reduced dihedral. Just about ready to fly!
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The picture accompanying this entry represents a long story but briefly it shows my Dad and I and K Leroy Irvis (ARCS) standing with one of the 2 modified Yankee Soars my Dad and I built. I was 10 or so but had been a shop hand for several years. The bottom picture is me with that very same Yankee Soar just before successfully slope soaring it at Los Banos Reservoir. The Yankee Soar by Neil Liptak was introduced in 1971. The top image is around 1972 and the bottom image 2006.
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I flew each plane 3 times.... The LT-25, AT-6 Texan Trainer andthe Extra-300sp. The grass was long. The warbird struggled with nose overs. The Extra had a couple problems too, the spinner nose cone, prop and all spun right of the motor shaft. Tightening down on the prop is very difficult with these collett type prop adapters. They are a problem. I learned this lesson long ago. Now I've made the mistake again on 2 motors on 2 planes. Never again. In the meantime I've got to get back to rotor end prop adapters.


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no name plank. pw51. 48" wingspan.

To start, need to glue up the MDF for the molds/plugs.
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Formerly I had just taped some green LEDs onto my wing and that worked ok but you could hear the increased drag as the plane flew by and it cut down on flight time so I decided to cut some forward facing slots and insert the LED strings into the BOTTOM of the wing. Here are a couple of photos. I cut the slot, then push the wing apart and insert the string into the slot and then used a little hot glue in few places and just spread it over the slot to give it a little more strength. The LED string is flush with the wing so no increased drag.
Still have to do the other wing but this should be loads better than taping on the wing. Here is an awesome writeup by about how to do it.

Also an acrylic painting I did of one of my students.
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To keep things moving along, I might get side tracked from time to time but only with the bigger picture in mind.
I worked a little more on completing the Instrument panel ,the floor boards and the seating and control stick.
I designed a simple frame conversion from the original cockpit seat magnetic attachment to give the rear seat a little more scale effect.
In addition to both seat frames finished, I created a seat belt hold down attach fittings. Shown on the rear seat temporarily taped in place.
On my trip to Jo Ann fabrics the other day, I spotted these spacer bars and thought I could use these for a few things planned in the cockpit. Sure enough , seat belt holders! More to come for their use.
While situating the seats I felt it was time to start on the simulated control yoke for aileron and elevator.
Using aluminum tubing and sheet aluminum , the end result is a start of the Super Cub control stick.
Started the control sticks shroud, used to attach the control sticks movement to the to lower horizontal tube. Using the full scale drawings and a post -it note pad I made a small paper template. Then traced the finish shape to the flat sheet goods and crudely cut it out. anything I could find to cut shape or file. Using an extra piece of 5/32" tubing used for the lower connecting control tube I burnished the shape with polishing the shape using an e-xacto blade holder handle. It was the smoothest hard tool I had at the moment.
Given what I am posting tonight, this control actually took the least amount of time to create, because I had lots of pictures and original full size plans to follow. I am looking forward to see it come together in the cockpit.
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Have you ever considered a smoke system for your plane, but been hesitant because of seeing the mess from an oil covered air frame at the field, or complicated plumbing or pre-heaters needed? How about the myth that smoke systems are just for giant scale gassers? Bad Dog Smokes atomizing smoke oil injection nozzles produce a fan shaped ultra fine fan shaped mist of oil that will make smoke on 2 strokes, 4 strokes, gassers, or glow fuel, with considerably less mess than traditional "pinched tubing" nozzles, and because of the reduced oil consumption give you longer smoke ON time per tank from DIY "home made" nozzles.

Features include:
10-32 threads for most common pre-tapped smoke tap holes on mufflers. (although best smoke may require relocating or re-tapping a new hole in your muffler)
Adjustable positioning for length, and rotational direction.
One piece Full Stainless Steel construction. Grade 2 Titanium nozzles also available.
Consistent flow volume and spray pattern for multi-cylinder applications.

Want to smoke with your gasser but your running headers and tuned pipes? No-Weld header installation kits allow nozzles to be mounted without the need for welding, brazing or silver soldering. Available in 2 sizes for your 1"( 24mm-28mm) header pipe or 20mm header pipe. Works with both thin wall headers as well as heaver gage tubing. Simply mark the location drill a hole in your header and bolt on the adapter & nozzle.

...Continue Reading
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looking at batteries online...original or non original,the price difference..problems with non
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Old Warden, if you are not someone who lives in Britain, but you are visiting Britain and you like old aircraft, I recommend Old Warden, hangers full of pre 1950s aircraft, most of which fly.
I go on their Model days, more relaxing than most model shows, but you do see Control line and free flight. I like the free flight.
I walked away with a Micro aces SE5A to build (something to do at work at lunchtimes rather than argueing on LTUP).
And some Rapier motors....Continue Reading
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The lunchbox worked quite well for 21 miles in the city. The 1 downside was it was harder to get around people. The many upsides were it had a much easier time navigating curbs & uneven pavement. It could carry useful cargo. The tires would last much longer than the smaller vehicles. The tires are the biggest consumables, after the steering servo & differential have been sized up enough.

There are ideas to lower the CG of the lunchbox by making the suspension rigid & lowering the cargo down to the wheels. It might have been a better deal than the H King.
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Hyperlite Floss 4"
Pyrodrone F4 FC
Hyperlite 1407 -3600kv motors
Aikon 30a 4&1
Pyro 600 tvl camera
Lumenier VTX
Pagoda-2 antenna
Spektrum Autobind Diversity rx
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Hyperlite Floss 5"
Hyperlite f4 FC
Aikon 20a ESCs
Hyperlite 2205 2600kv purple tops
Unify VTX
Lumenier 650 tvl camera 1.8 lens
Lumenier axii ant
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In another effort to have the H King functional by Tuesday, it was all about fixing the suspension. It was bottoming out badly & grinding its screws. Tried making hot glue bumpers. Hot glue came off easily & would have been ground away instantly. The final solution was bolting on a plastic sheet using more easily sourced bolts than the stock screws.

Tried raising the suspension, but the shocks couldn't be moved any closer without interfering with the zip ties holdling the cargo on. The only option was stiffening the springs with some home made C rings.

It got a headlight switch to squeeze out the last bit of battery power.
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On my way to the lake house, I stopped by a hobby shop in Springfield to see if they might have the Flyzone Seawind. They did not, but they did have a used Icon for sale pretty cheap so I picked that up to leave at the lake. Now I can get my flying bug satisfied at the lake! I have 5 flights on it so far and am enjoying the water take-offs and landings. The water handling is fairly poor on this plane as there is no water rudder. The plane also torque rolls and dips a wing tip so you have to experiment with getting on power without dipping a wing. In the air the plane is docile. Flies more in a scale fashion but you can do inverted and basic aerobatics. The most fun is just flying low to the water, doing splash and goes, and landing. It does not like the wind much and handles very poorly off power and down wind. While it is not a perfect plane, it is just what I wanted for the lake. A cheap, durable plane for some lake house fun! I think I may do some video projects with this as the canopy is begging for a camera.
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While major redevelopment of the Ontario Place site continues, the waterfront park will be partially open this Victoria Day long weekend to accommodate the Culinary Ontario Festival. Rather than looking up for fireworks, festival goers will be treated to a drone light show. Some 30 drones will dance and glow through the night sky to moves programmed in advance by Toronto startup Arrowonics. Touted as an environmentally-friendly fireworks alternative, the drone show will be one of the first presented to a large public audience in Toronto. While it won’t be as grand as some shows that have been staged elsewhere in the world incorporating hundreds of drones, Arrowonics says it will give a taste of things to come.
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TwistedHobbys Crack Camels in action under the lights at Joe Nall 2017! Enjoy

TwistedHobbys Crack Camel: Joe Nall 2017 (3 min 5 sec)

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I have recently started a new build project and I thought I would post a bit about it on this forum as my first thread. It is Greg Thompson's "Bambina", which was a free plane from RCM&E volume 60, January 2017. The air-plane is a small sport areobat/trainer and it looked like a bit of fun as my first real rc balsa build (I have previously only done free-flight guillows kits).
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This is a new 95mm Micro from Eachine, and I really think it's a good piece of kit. It's the easiest quad I've ever set up, so everyone will love how quickly you can get this in the air. You can find it here for £100.

So here is all the kit in the box, including spare props and tools, and some spare elastic bands for holding the camera in place. There is no Micro USB connection on the FC, however we can connect to BetaFlight using a USB to JST-XH which is provided.

This is stupidly easy to set up, and actually comes with a booklet showing how to set it up for any transmitter, from binding all the way to OSD set up (which is so easy in BetaFlight). Even the channel maps were pre-set when I first bound my transmitter, so this is really user friendly.

The motors do pack a punch, and I would probably say are too fast for flying indoors. They're 1104, so could maybe push a 4S, but I'll have to try that out. It does scream on the provided 3S though. Here are the specs:

Weight: 66g
FC: Betaflight F3 Flight controller built-in OSD
Motors: Eachine 1104 KV6000 brushless motor
Props: 50mm 5-blade
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch
VTX: 5.8GHz 25MW/100MW Switchable 48CH NTSC/PAL
Battery: 11.1V 550mah 40C XT30
OSD: BetaFlight OSD

...Continue Reading
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RotorQuest just stocked up on your favourite micro quads spare parts. Everything from the camera case to the nuts and screws, we have your EMax Babyhawk needs covered. Heres a list of the spare parts now available:

- 2345 tri blade props
- camera shell
- body shell
- camera/vtx
- femto aoi fc
- 6a bullet esc's
- 1104-5250kv motors
- hardware kit
- prop guards
- lipo strap
- babyhawk

Don't be grounded while waiting for spares, stock up now and never stop flying!