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CUAV in in the Drone exhibition
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Check out this Flight Demo of the ONLY Spitfire model on floats available that I know of After a bit of Tweaking, this model is a really unique model of a rare Spitfire variant... only five full scale Spits on floats were built to test the viability of a fighter on floats!

Full model Specifications available at:

DYNAM SPITFIRE MK.VB Float Plane at SEFF 2018 By: RCINFORMER (6 min 13 sec)

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Check out this unboxing of the ONLY Spitfire model on floats available that I know of After a bit of Tweaking, this model is a really unique model of a rare Spitfire variant... only five full scale Spits on floats were built to test the viability of a fighter on floats!

Full model Specifications available at:


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Back by popular demand is the Freewing 90mm F/A-18E Super Hornet V2! This is a re-upload of the Epic video Pete and I made many years ago. I have had many requests re-upload this review and flight demo as it has been revered by many as the best video to represent this aircraft Thanks to ALL my viewers for all the positive feedback regarding this video! Enjoy! Rich

FREEWING F/A-18E Super Hornet Review & Flight Demo By: RCINFORMER (16 min 50 sec)

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Just a quick peak and system test of the Virhuck T905F. This looks like it should be a decent low cost fpv drone that uses 5.8ghz fpv!Full field test coming soon,stay tuned!

Virrhuck T905F 5.8ghz FPV DRONE QUICK PEAK (2 min 13 sec)

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Back in 1987 or so I built my first Scorpio Falco 180, a very nice high quality ARF slope soaring glider, the company now out of business apparently. In 1996 I sold many of my rc gliders after getting into full scale soaring. My love of rc soaring has never left me and I kept a few slope and thermal gliders and flew them occasionally but I always missed some of the ones I had sold, one being the Falco 180. Fast forward to about five years ago. I placed a wanted ad in the RCG classifieds for a Falco 180 and by a miracle I got a response a few days later, an already built Falco. The price was good along with its condition so I bought it immediately. The glider arrived shortly after. The previous owner did a great job building her but did make two mods, one was to remove the small amount of wing dihedral creating a flat wing and the other was to drill large holes in the elevator and rudder to lighten the tail. I did re modify the wing to return it to the original dihedral but left the tail surfaces alone, no need to change that. I like a small bit of dihedral, it helps the plane track or groove a bit better IMO. Not long after getting the Falco flying again she gets mid aired, the collision destroying the canopy and tray, the upper section of the forward wing/fuselage bulkhead and put a not so severe dent in the leading edge of one wing. I was really lucky, no major damage to fuselage or wing. The Falco then went into mothballs for a few years unfortunately, cannibalized for...Continue Reading
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Eachine ProDVR Pro DVR Mini Video Audio Recorder for FPV and how to wired it on Fatshark Predator V2

Eachine ProDVR Pro from - 17,99$


Brand name: Eachine
Item name: ProDVR Video Audio Recorder
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Video Output Size: VGA(640*480px)D1(720*480)HD(1280*480)
Light Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Compress Format: MJPEG
Records Frame Rate: 30 Frames
Max Support: 32G TF Card
Size: 41mm*32.9mm*9mm
Weight: only 9.5g

Package Included:

1 X DVR recorder
1 X Power supply, CAM cable
1 X Video cable
1 X Key lead wire
1 X DIY powersupply, CAM cable
1 X DIY video cable
2 X 3M adhesive
1 X Manual

First of all this little DVR from Eachine has great specification. It is very light weight (only 9.5g) and small dimensions which provides easy installation on your googles. It can record in VGA(640*480px) D1 (720*480) HD (1280*480). and it records 30 FPS.

First version of this DVR has issue with cropping video but with new firmware issue was resolved ( Update instructions on bottom of the page ). Some people reported issues with black screen on new 1.6 version.

Update instructions:

Unplug power from ProDVR. Put micro SD card into card reader and connect it to the computer. Extract CRESFW.BIN file into root folder of the SD card. Put micro SD card into ProDVR. Plug in the power. ProDVR led will start to flash. First slower then faster then slower. Wait about 1 min until the LED will turn off. Don't hurry and don't unplug power too early! After LED will turn off you can disconnect and reconnect power to the PRODVR. Don't forget that you will need to set PAL/NTSC and other settings again as defaults have been loaded.

Warning: Flashing ProDVR sometimes ends in bricking the device.
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MJX BUGS 5W 5G WIFI GPS drone FULL REVIEW (15 min 23 sec)

The MJX BUGS 5W is the latest addition to the MJX RC: the Bugs 5w is a very interesting and complete drone, brushless motors, GPS, compass, gyroscope, 1080p camera and 5g wifi, making it an entry level semi professional gps drone.

Thanks to the GPS and the 1080p camera the Bugs 5W enters the right in the ranking of the best echeap drones: thanks to WD10203 coupon you can buy it from TOMTOP by clicking this link for about 130 €, the lowest market price. The coupon is also valid for other versions with more batteries.

The 1080p camera produces really excellent videos and photos saved in the sd card installed on the drone or alternatively on the smartphone.

Remember that the drone transmits FPV video via 5G wifi so if you have an incompatible smartphone, you have to get one that supports this frequency: thanks to the 5G wifi, the video transmission reaches up to about 200 meters while the drone control via radio control, arrives well over 400 meters.

Also thanks to the GPS, there are several interesting functions available such as the ORBIT MODE, the FOLLOW ME and the possibility to carry out autonomous missions using a map and POI.

In short, a very interesting gps drone to be considered for future purchases.

Brand: MJX
Model: Bugs 5W
Item name: RC Quadcopter
Color: Black
Wheelbase: 250mm
Motor: 1806 1500KV brushless motor
Camera: 1080P 5G WIFI Camera
Functions: Up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward, sideward flight, headless mode, altitude hold, GPS, Wifi FPV, one key return, one key takeoff/landing, Follow Me
Built-in gyro: 6 Axis gyro
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Mode 2
Channel: 4 channels
Remote control distance: 300m
Max. Speed: 60km/h
Camera Wifi transmission distance: 200-300m
Transmitter power: 4 * AA battery (not included)
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 1800mAh Li-po battery
Maximum flying time: About 15mins
Charging time: About 180mins
Weight: 397g
Dimension: 300 * 275 * 95mm
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Warlark Pro 85 is some time old, but you can get it on offer for about 80 € with a Frsky, Flysky or DSMX receiver. The Tiny Whoop is with 2S Lipo what makes it so interesting. With 2S power it's much faster and more aggressive when flying than a 1S Tina Whoop. Ok, the weight of 50g is of course more than a micro Tiny Whoop with 20g.

Warlark Pro 85 BNF FrSky - $91 - Gearbest
...Continue Reading
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A quick note that it is possible to use 14500 batteries which can give you more options when there is limited availability of 18500s

Better yet for my fellow Kiwis and Australians I've found an option at Bunnings for less than US$7 to get you started. I've done something of a writeup here plus a budget option for charging with your standard lipo charger.

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Yep Les Amis, (Cette vido est un r-Upload car j'ai eu des soucis de montage et d'Upload sur la premire, son coup, images qui sautent etc ... )
Tests, Crashs, Fun et mode survie (de luxe, lol) ! Une Excellente journe en compagnie de mon compre Yannoch Fpv. On avait tout prvu, sauf les crashs bien sur, a c'tait de l'impro totale ! Racers, circuit FPV, mto, Pic-nique et bonne ambiance ... Le tout agrment de quelques tests importants comme la batterie nomade, la machine expresso de voyage et bien sur, les 3 nouvelles petites camras de chez FXT. Tout parfaitement fonctionn, mieux que certains de nos racers d'ailleurs, MDR, mais au final .. QUE DU BONHEUR ! Merci mon pote Yacine d'tre pass nous voir vite fait et qui nous a fait quelques petites prises de vue sympas .

CISNO Expresso, XTENERGIE ... La survie 4 étoiles !!! Tests Caméras et Crashs à GOGO ! (RE-UPLOAD) (21 min 56 sec)

La Chane de Yannoch Fpv :

Les produits vus et tests dans la vido sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chane) Merci vous :

- XTENERGIE x510 : (COUPON REMISE : Tazkiller10 )
- Camras FXTTechnologie ( sur Amazon ) :
- VENUS PRO 800 TVL (taille miro) :
- MARS S 1000 TVL (taille micro):
- MARS PRO 1000 TVL (taille mini) : ...Continue Reading
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Ok, I tortured the Hyperion HV Graphene batteries and I can say the ones I got are good and I can recommend them.

Tmotor 5143 Hyperion G7 HV Graphene Batteries (9 min 55 sec)

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September 3rd, 201811:45 AM 4:30 PM - The Omahawks Annual Labor Day Airshow where we get to display and fly all sorts of aircraft for the public to see. All sorts of aircraft will be available for viewing and flying and this event is also our annual Fund-Raiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Air show is at Standing Bear Lake Park at 138th & Fort Streets in Omaha, NE
 See flying exhibitions from many of the best Radio Control pilots in the whole region
 Come hungry! Hot dogs, chips, soda, and bottled water will all be available
 Door prize tickets available for purchase and hundreds of dollars in prizes will be awarded....

Net proceeds from the sale of door prize tickets, food, and drinks will benefit Make-A-Wish of Nebraska.

Call Ed Paasch at (402) 321-3781 or e-mail for more information..

Hope to see you all there!

Best Wishes,

Joe Hunt
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Enjoy the video. This plane is sooooooooooooooooo solid.

The 39 Flash Reloaded NEW 3D Plane from Twisted and RCF (3 min 57 sec)

Official Thread


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Haven't flew the Cub in awhile--so got it out this morning. It never disappoints!
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Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Banggood Giveaway - Two 2-4S Li-poly/Li-ion Aluminium Battery chargers up for grabs. Details on how to enter are in this video and in the description on this youtube video. Good Luck to all participants.

Banggood RC Giveaway - Two Aluminium Battery chargers up for grabs (2 min 0 sec)

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