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Posted by Rockitglider | Today @ 07:23 PM | 51 Views
Hi People,

I finally made it up to the hill for some flying and to my surprise DJ was there! We had a good time flying and catching up. Here's a few shots of his awesome plane, this plane just loves to have it's picture taken. It's one of the easiest planes to photograph IMO I also attached a few Eagle pics I took before I got to the hill at the eagles nest, the mom took off shortly after I arrived and hit a thermal almost instantly and started soaring and the baby was watching her from the nest, I could see it looking up at her with the binoculars, great stuff, Life is Good!

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Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 07:08 PM | 60 Views
Yep Les Amis,

Quand ça veut pas ... Lol ! GPS en panne, Axe cassé, pluie etc ... Voici aujourd'hui la BISON V2 (nouvelle édition) de chez VKAR RACING . Un bolide interressant, puissant et collé à la route ! Son empatement énorme pour une 1/10, lui confère une tenue de route impeccable et ses amortisseurs bain d'huile font un super travail sur tous types de revêtements . Off road, Sauts, Bitume, ce truggy passe vraiment partout ! Si vous cherchez un engin de ouf à pas trop cher, voilà ce qu'il vous faut. Les pièces détachées sont faciles à trouver et très peu chères. En bref, un très bon investissement mais rapelez-vous, c'est du modélisme et vous devrez forcément mettre le nez dedans, que ce soit pour l'entretien l'upgrade ou les réparations .

N' hésitez pas à laisser en commentaires, vos remarques sur la VIDÉO ou le sujet ... et si vous avez apprécié le montage, le contenu ou le Crash Test (involontaire) ! LOL... LIKEZ svp.

VKAR RACING BISON V2 Nouvelle série, Review Test Démo Crash et Réparation / Partie 1 (31 min 44 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Moins bien que DHK mais Mieux que JLB !!!

Les + : Stable, Maniable, Bonne tenue de route, Puissante et Waterproof !
Les - : A voir après plusieurs Runs ...

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici :

- VKAR RACING BISON V2 (Nouvelle édition) : https://goo.gl/wJmJA6
- VKAR RACING BISON V2 Vente FLASH (Ancienne édition) : https://...Continue Reading
Posted by Absaroka | Today @ 03:51 PM | 197 Views
Got the new prop for the Leopard .15 Tundra. Also, put the rear struts on the stabilizer as I noticed flutter when you romp on it!
Posted by rcduder | Today @ 03:37 PM | 202 Views
Hi guys! Has been awhile since I posted but im going to make it a goal too start posting weekly for you. It has not been from lack of fpv but more so putting more time into my builds and tuning them. I had been flying a build that had nothing too be desired and it was time for a change. I decided too build up a couple new 5 inch quads for my 2018 flying season and add a new gopro as well for much higher quality footage. The build list here:

-Martian 2 5 inch frame
-Raceday Quads/Josh Bardwell f4 flight controller
-Spedix 25a d shot escs
-Raceday Quads 2205 2450kv motors
-Racekraft 5040 tri blades
-xm+ receiver
-akk x1 vtx with aomway cloverleaf
-Rotor Riot Swift 2 camera
-Gopro session with 3d printed mount

Overall flying this new build really opened my eyes too what a good build should feel like vs a low quality build. Even with a good tune sometimes a bad build is just gonna fly bad, although I know some people have good luck with cheaper products, its just not for me so I went with quality.

I also made sure to post a raw clip for you guys on the channel so you can truly see what I see here:

New Build+New gopro Raw clip #1 (2 min 56 sec)

The stick feel is amazing and it made my skill level feel as if everything I was doing was easy compared too before. Let me know what you think!!

-Big thanks too Tattu for helping me stay in the air!!!


-Michael Anderson/Downtown FPV
Posted by Grzegorz POL | Today @ 03:26 PM | 198 Views
Hi folks!
In the last few weeks I was trying to make my idea become real. The idea was a small glass fuse, geodetic wing DLG glider. I was just curious about those gypsum moulds. Would it work? There was only one way to see it. After I decided to go this way things happened quickly. I made an MDF plug, separated the halves, and with a help from my dad we casted both moulds and it worked (almost). Gypsium have this awful shrink characeristic. It helps with pulling the plugs out of form but it also changes the overall shape of the fuselage (halves are more less the same because of similar shrinkage on identical shapes).
Will keep you up to date!
Posted by vic_man_fpv | Today @ 02:02 PM | 252 Views
Se acerca el verano FPV - vicmanfpv freestyle (4 min 19 sec)

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel! This time, taking advantage of the fact that beaches are deserted and the weather is right, I have flown and recorded some shots for a small video, without pretensions, just enjoy and flight on the beach and over the water.

I hope you like it, please share and subscribe!!!

P.D. I love my foxeer Box!
Posted by Teeder | Today @ 11:47 AM | 329 Views
Thanks for looking at my mini review thread here on my blog! Let me first start off by saying I'm a fan of the ZD RACING brand. I bought my first models back in 2011 and scooped all three 1:16 models (truggy, buggy and Monster Truck). I still have them all and raced the buggy with my friends in at a private track. What a blast! Now this comes along, a version 2 of the series. I'm a big fan of all the models including the 1:10 and 1:8. There's a lot of quality in these models and the price fits pretty much anyone's budget!

This model is very cool looking, i like the camo body and newer tires versus the chevron style on the original model from 2011. I do a side by side comparison in the video. I like to thank Gearbest for sending me this to review and if you like what you see, check out my channel and search ZD racing to find all the other videos I got about the RCs I own.

ZD RACING MT-16 RAPTOR UNBOXING! (RC courtesy of Gearbest) EP#378 (11 min 51 sec)

Posted by aero nishi | Today @ 08:35 AM | 491 Views
RC Factory Crack Wing Twin Modification
Motors: SunnySky R1106 8000KV Brushless Motor x 2
Props: 3x2" T-Type 3020 Multirotor Propeller x 2
ESCs: TURNIGY Plush 6A with BlHeli firmware x 2
RX:FM800 Pro 2.4G 8CH Receiver
FC: F4 Micro Flight Controller with iNav firmware
Battery: Dualsky 300mAh 30C 7.4V
RC Factory Crack Wing Twin Modification (1 min 8 sec)

Inverted hovering is still highly experimental but I'm trying with a little bit larger ESCs/ Battery and inverted setting:
Inverted Hovering Test - RC Factory Crack Wing Twin Mod. (0 min 22 sec)
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Posted by PeterVRC | Today @ 08:32 AM | 461 Views
Another FlyFly Mig-29 Fulcrum kit?? When the first one is not even completed!!??
Well Hobbyking had some on sale and.....

I decided - at that time - that I would make one as 'full house' - the original No.1 one. And then this second one as a simple Taileron only hand/bungee launcher. Mainly because operating off a grass field makes it much harder to ROG, plus very punishing on landing gear.
So for this one, it is Tailerons only..... but I will add landing gear also(!!), to only be used for LANDING. Take-offs will be bungee or hand-launch, depending on the final AUW. I will use a FRsky S8R Flight-Controller RX to allow TX/hands free launching too, and thus I will be able to do two handed launches to assure it is a good and fast/strong launch!

For the Landing Gear, it will be the Freewing Su-35 nose gear, which has a trailing link suspension action, and some Hobbyking trailing link main gear oleo/wheels.... which are all very useful on grass. It will only need the 'Medium' sized Retract units, with 4mm on all oleos. Mediums are fine for hard runways too, but you really want the Large size retracts, with 5mm pins, if operating from grass. Which will be what the No.1 Mig-29 gets.

I will add a wing spar (of course!).
I MIGHT even WBPU/Glass it. That can be the last thing done... or not done... once I know the AUW region it is headed for. I want to keep it under 3.0Kg.

It will use my Ex-Su-35 HET2W30 (2200kv) driven Wemo Evo's, on 7S as per the Su-35 used. But those are...Continue Reading
Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Today @ 08:26 AM | 448 Views
After destroying 4 boards, I figured, “5th times a charm!” I was now armed with a better, (but still sketch) soldering iron, and some lead solder. It started out ok. THT solder the plugs, and the reciever. Then came the hard part. Soldering the AIO fpv camera and buzzer. My old small buzzer broke, so I used a bigger one I found soldered to an ancient networking card. Turns out this buzzer doesn’t beep it clicks more. (Better then the high pitch screech from the buzzer that annoyed my family) I then tried to fly my quad. But one of the wires on the motor had come loose! So I resoldered it onto the stub of wire sticking out, and covered it with hot glue (along with the other motors) I was sure to use a neeedle to clear the 2 breather holes on each motor with a needle. My fpv camera mount was made by me, and 3D printed by a friend. My measurements were off though. So I just melted the sides off with my soldering iron, and secured the camera with a rubber band that doubles as a battery strap. I will post pictures later.
Posted by Maksimuzz | Today @ 06:11 AM | 515 Views
The functional diagram of the autopilot is shown on a picture. The heart of the autopilot is the LEVEL1 block. This module is a high-priority function and is executed independently of other events every (15.625 ms tested version) 46.875 ms. Its task is to keep the aircraft in the correct flight position.
Name: FunctionalDia.png
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Size: 42.4 KB
The input data for the module is the FSSi structure, which contains the parameters Roll, Pitch and Air Speed. A correct flight position we will name roll = 0 and pitch = 0, when Ref signals are absent. Also this module controls the engine controller of the aircraft and ensures the holding of the speed received from the LEVEL2 unit in accordance with the flight task. The Level2 module disturbs the LEVEL1 module by the Ref signals and thus forces it to hold non-zero roll and pitch values that calculated in accordance with the flight task. The speed parameter is directly transmitted from the flight task. The output of the module is a data structure that contains the current position of ailerons, elevator, rudder and rudder (Throttle). This structure in the program is called FSSo, the Module has the name FltStSys (flight stabilization system). It can be fed into the PWMC (Pulse Wide Modulation Controller) if the autopilot mode is activated. Otherwise, a structure filled with a timer is sent to the PWMC according to the measured values received from the HF receiver. This is a traditional control mode for radio-controlled models. The Level2 module is slower, it generates...Continue Reading
Posted by CCxRC | Today @ 01:08 AM | 755 Views
Feilun FT011 Brushless Race Boat Unboxing (7 min 13 sec)

I'm excited about this unboxing because it's another brushless RC boat! You know how I was shocked by how much fun I had with the Atomic Barbwire 2. This one is brushless as well, but bigger. It's the FeiLun FT011 brushless and watercooled RC Speedboat. It comes in at a great price. Can't wait to run it and get a speed test for y'all.

Check out the FeiLun FT011 Brushless RC Boat at Gearbest ⇨ http://bit.ly/FeiLun-FT011
Posted by turbinefancy | Today @ 12:10 AM | 848 Views
Before buying the Mavic Pro, I was intrigued by its “Active Track” function, thinking that it can follow my plane around. It turns out the AT function works quite well tracking surface moving targets. It fails quite miserably at tracking airborn targets, with changing of back ground from ground to sky, sudden and fast moves of aircraft, especially changing flight phase, ie. takeoff, landing, maneuvering etc. The only conditions where it works tracking a airborne targets is when the target moves in a very benign manner with little altitude and angular change relative to the drone, essentially mimicking how a surface target moves. So if anyone is considering buying a Mavic Pro to autonomously film aerial footage of planes, don’t!

Here is a successful attempt after dozens of tries following a plane through takeoff. Any closer, the angular change would be too great for AT to follow:

Test RC Plane Chase with Mavic Pro Active Track- Raw (0 min 40 sec)

Posted by Bazzboe | Yesterday @ 11:39 PM | 853 Views
Welcome to my Blog,
I wanted to let everyone know (and especially those with current orders) I have recently donated my pilot figure and R/C products production(Benchmark R/C) to a non profit company called Build-Up Services Inc. It has been a little confusion and delays in shipping while reorganizing and getting the shop equipped and in order for these changes. This company is an employment service company for Disabled Veterans, and other individuals who may be disabled or challenged to work in a standard workplace scenario. I will be assisting them in training for production , painting, and sales. I have found some very capable and talented Disabled Vets...and think they will become a great opportunity to make this company thrive.
Build -Up Services is also involved in "Faith-Based" counseling, food assistance, and whatever other needs we can help, besides just supply a job. For those who risked it all to secure our freedoms here in the USA thank you . This is the least we can do to support such a worthy cause.
As we transition into a stable workforce we will be posting updates on our website[U] https://mhartfab.wixsite.com/benchmark-rc about Build Up Services. There will be links to help support our DAVs and gift offers as well.
We will be implementing some price changes with some of our new listings on the classified site and a complete list will be on our website as well.
Thank you past customers, and hopefully new ones for your support.
Sincerely, Michael Hicks
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 868 Views
This is the unboxing only for the FEI LUN FX176C2 RTF GPS Drone With WiFi FPV. It is a very budget friendly RC Aircraft.

Unboxing Only - FEI LUN FX176C2 RTF GPS Drone With WiFi FPV (9 min 31 sec)

Here are the Pros and Cons:

- Seems like a well thought out budget friendly RC GPS Drone
- The ability to fly with the App with Wifi FPV and GPS is cool
- The price using the link with the coupon code included in the description is pretty impressive
- Because of the battery plug it comes with, it can be charged with a hobby grade charger
- The lights are nice and bright

- Camera does not appear to be terrific
- The direction the FPV antenna was facing so far and that was an easy fix
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 09:58 PM | 899 Views
Wing of choice is the Spirit 600mm from Banggood ..
This will be my 2nd Spirit 600 ..
The first was made more robustly with 9g servos and a larger motor ( 18 something ? )
And a heavy 3ch car Rx
And it needs some weight in the nose to balance things out .. ( Larger battery )

So hopefully the 2nd time around I can do it better :

This time I am going with the 1306 - 4000KV motor ( small - light )
Also a much smaller lighter ESC ( not sure 6A is enough - will see )
Also the servos this time will be 3.7g
And I will be using a Redcon 6ch Rx ( very light )
This will hopefully allow for the use of a small 2s like a 250 -300mAh battery ..
The goal on this build is to go light .. This should allow for much slower flight speed / glide better as well ..
I know , less weight will mean less tolerance to wind ..
But I really want a slow wing ( compact for easy deployment )