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Posted by flyboyjimi | Feb 11, 2011 @ 07:31 PM | 10,401 Views
This Is Jimmi Eich wife, Kathy. It's taken these last two weeks just for me to believe that my big lovable guy is gone!! I haven"t even received Jims ashes yet. They kept him at Coroner Office untill today, Friday the 11th. He passed away in his sleep Sun. night Jan.30th. Found out cause was complication from Diabetes, and Sepsis infection, from his leg. I just wanted to let his friends know (how many. I don't even know) How much he enjoyed life, flying and his grandkids!! He was full of love!! I will always miss him, together for 27years. As soon as I do receive his ashes, we will have some kind of celebration of Jims life. Not his death. I will be posting that when it happens. Thank you, Kathy Eich
Posted by flyboyjimi | Aug 07, 2010 @ 07:02 PM | 10,956 Views
On 8-6-10 (friday) Dave Brown ( Slopepilot) calls me and wants to go fly. Problem was it was Friday and he wanted to go sat or Sunday! I called Rene(RCChef) and he was going just the opposite days! So we decided on Friday at Vincent. Little known DS spot that hardly gets the Kudos it deserves!! Now I get a call back from Dave Brown ( Slopepilot) and he says he will drive from Banning thru Cajon and I go the 405 across the 14!! I then call Billy Cox and see if him and Chris ( Daboz) want to join us . He is Racing right now as I type ( Bill) so he was getting ready over at Chris B. S house so I call Rene John and Mike and they are at Johns house getting ready to pack up and head for Vincent! When I get to the 14 and the Angeles Crest Highway ( right at bottom of hill at Vincent) ten minute wait and Dave shows up. Then John drives up with Mike and Rene in his Suv. After saying hi and exchanging secret handshakes Tim ( Hidesertfun) pulls up and follows us all up the Hill through the Powerlines. Got to fly My 98 oz. JW and my Sillouette and Dave brown got a PB with his Mini Blade to 151!! Great first trip to a great day with 30 to 35 SW winds and 85 degrees for a good day of flying with Dave , Mike , Rene , and John Bruce T. Showed up just as me and Dave were leaving but got to fly with those guys for a hour or two till the sun went down! What a GREAT Hobby this is and especially DYNAMIC SOARING with a great bunch ofguys to fly with
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jul 24, 2010 @ 10:33 PM | 10,964 Views
Just a few words to keep my Blog sorta up to date. It's been several weeks since I crashed my D80 but I have been to Parker with a Moth60 I got ahold of and I Had Rene, John, and Mike redo the elevator on the tail of my Sillouhette. I have been to Fermin a couple times in the last month to fly my NYX and Grass Mountain where I flew my moth, Sillouhette (60 inch) and Bill Isles let me fly his carbon Storm! Got my JW back on line with a Beautiful recover job with ten mil Film!! Basic wing was what those guys ended up with and by the time the new bagged tail , new bagged elevons, Fuse, battery , and spar repair, it is now at 95+ ounces and is ready for it's maiden at Weldon real soon!!I can't wait as I should have my second D80 ready to fly also! I completed the fuse on the D80 on Thursday night after a five hour build period which is about all I can stand before my legs start hurting.

And I forgot to include I got my D40 fuse glued back together after it
snapped in two! I also had to redo the elevator servo three times after Gorilla CA seeped in between the caseing and froze up the gears! Total nightmare but
last night I poured nose weight in the fuse ( shot and epoxy) and it should come out about 24 ounces! That plane is ready to fly. So after thinking and reading about all the little things Ive fixed or repaired or built these last three
or four weeks I guess I have done something!!! If I get a hair Ill take pictures
then edit them into this blog session to have a reminder that with it being 100
plus degrees almost all the time at all my usual flying sites I haven't been
wasting my time selling pencils ( see bio) and I might just have enough to get
a 60 this next batch. Hope to fly soon and hope to see you guys on any hill LOL. Jimmi
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jun 12, 2010 @ 05:41 PM | 10,917 Views
Me and Bill Cox went up to Weldon on Thursday June 10th and got there at noontime. Started fly my D80 and Billy his beautiful Opus MCV wind was 25 gusts to 30-35. had a nice relaxed kick back day just enjoying the awesome panoramic view of one of the best Dynamic Soaring spots that we have.!!! At @ 245 pm Bruce showed up and the wind started building to 30 with gusts to 40! Having a great time with me and Bill flying 200+ and Bruce in the high 200s about 400 pm John and Marlan showed up with the wind picking up to 40 with gusts higher! Everyone had a great time and I got a new PB of 233 which is almost to my goal of 250 by summer. I did have one mishap that sorta made it easier to leave and that was on my last flight I was flying in the 220 s and I came up to turn over the road and the wind took my plane at 200 and flipped it over and in about fifty feet down from the tire marks right at the edge of the burn that left the ground empty and black but it wasn't good enough to find two of my 955 titanium servos, a control rod from elevator to servo, and a wing weight! Other than that Bruce, Billy, and I came back with most all of the pieces! It's been almost a year since I crashed and lost my MC3 at Weldon,except for a cutdown Electron I lost in a big foam furball( which included 8 planes) but I was open to an accident if it came up and it did!!! A 120 ounce JW centerpunched my foamy and it rained down confetti bits of the plane!! But all in all with it being a year in between fatalaties it wasn't too bad!!! And it does help knowing I have a brand new shiny Yellow D80 sitting on my shelf! So it's off to build I go happy flying. jimmi
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 29, 2010 @ 07:44 PM | 11,278 Views
Went to Weldon this last Tuesday and Wednesday and there was enough people there to start war on a small country. Got there about 200pm on tues and threw or I should say someone threw my plane off and I started doing some laps. It was big air but we had done big air a couple of weeks earlier so I thought my aielerons were set low enough for this days action So here I am doing laps with Ian behind me helping me find a groove that wouldnt rock my 130 oz. D80. Of course I dont want to go too low but tuesday and last week the air made it seem like you had to hug the hill especially on top right at the shear. Last week it flipped over four or five planes valued at approx. 10000 dollars so I had that in the back of my mind. Now getting back to the throws John Buxton was telling me (jimmi you should have triple rates if you can do it) and last month Jason Lilly told me on the phone on the way up there to turn down the elevator rates over 200. Okay getting back to reaching two hundred and Ian goes jimmi you got way hot throws on aielerons but the elevator was not as critical. BUT, they were good enough to get me to 225 the week before so I thought I would just leave them alone as I was used to the high and low (2 rate system) that I had been flying.I punched out about 175 and did five or six rolls in the blink of an eye so I thought Okay Ill land this thing and adjust the rates lower for the higher speeds I thought I was gonna fly!!! LOL I bring it over to land and was goin too...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | Feb 22, 2010 @ 12:34 AM | 12,084 Views
Went to Fermin and met Spenser Lisenby, Chis Bosley and Billy Cox at about two this afternoon for some great flying!! Chris and Spencer had just pulled up after getting rousted by the fuzz at a secret new spot. The Fuzz tried every excuse in the book to get the boys to move along!! Not wanting to cause any static with the heat they came back down the hill and flew fermin !! Billy was flying his Crossover extremely fast ( for a foamy) and then Chris threw the Atomic NYX off the cliff while Spenser had a minor glitch with a wing incidence pin and I had to put a quick top off on my Nyx!
There was Dan and a couple guys with nightwings and several planes all wired for dark!! Ends up we stayed till the boys got to lite up the skies with some great wing action!!
Plus there were four or five PSS warbirds there ( couple of them over 90 oz.) and they were pulling some spectacular pumps almost out of sight!
Finally one by one we left the last three winged light machines to fly into the darkness! Not bad for a Sunday as I called Saturday wrong at Weldon ( ended up not going) so at least we got our thumbs warmed up for next week at Parker or Weldon hope the wind blows by then as I should have my D80 completely ready to DS by then!! See you all on the slopes. Jimmi
Posted by flyboyjimi | Oct 16, 2009 @ 10:07 PM | 12,191 Views
Hit the two hundred mark after my seventh time DSing at Weldon on sept, 3rd 2009 Yeah buddy As soon as i get something bigger and faster I plan to hit 250 or hit the dirt!!!! Actually I am getting help from some wonderful guys and should not have any problem inching my way up to higher speeds!! Plus 202 is nothing to sneeze at for a regular guy like me keep flying and go faster and faster and faster till you crash or go home jimmi
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jun 23, 2009 @ 01:48 AM | 12,173 Views
Went to weldon to try and break my 200 mark but the wind wasnt blowin hard enough so me, Chris , Matt Desantis Scott ashforth and Aaron foster flew the snot out of four or five opii and a hand full of foam!!! Matt had a Skorpion there he had just purchased but after just tearing it up on the frontside he goes Who wants to buy this thing!! I got a new F3F plane and sunday when I woke up my wife Kathy had gone out and bout me an 1800 dollar Nikon D90 camera So this Father made out like a bandit And that waqs after I just bout another MC3 with a MCT fuse the week before so this kid is stylin it!!!!! Skorpion is in pristine condition and the Opus is brand new Now I got something to take pictures of with my new camera Hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day and good flying to all I know Im gonna have fun next weekend!!!! Jimmi
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jun 15, 2009 @ 12:13 AM | 12,403 Views
Well , its been a long time since I have presented an opinion of the slope world as seen from my eyes and I think there are guys all over the world that enjoy the same hobby as I do!! I bought a OPUS MCV tail about a year ago and then I ran into some health problems which made it tough for me to carry on a normal flying routine. But in May 2 nd of this year I was talked into going to the premier Dynamic soaring spot on this planet to fly with my friends Jim Berg, Bill Isles, and Chris Bosley who has been instumental in pushing me or should I say nudgeing me into Dynamic Soaring. So on May 2 09 I get my double carbon Cappucinno up and try my first time at this new way to fly After a little coaching and a lot of watching I go for it and get a 142 as my first recorded DS speed! Great Jesus now I know why all these guys think going around in a circle is so awesome because it just makes you want to try harder and harder and go faster. Well, seeing the fact that I could actually do it and not embarass myself I proceeded to run right home and finish my Opus that I had put on hold for the previous year. got it done in a week and June 6th 09 I went back to Weldon to fly it and increase my speed. It is more to me than just a build when the speeds and the stakes (safety) are higher and I wanted to build and fly an airplane at high speeds!!Well I walked away with another personal best of 160 and had to go back on june 10th for another Personal best of 172!! Then last saturday I made another trip up to Weldon and got another PB of 182!!!!! I am thinking I am getting the hang of this and it is such a rush to fly at speeds near 200 (18 mph away) for me that I figured I would write this down and maybe it will get someone to get a JW 60 or it doesnt have to be an exotic high price plane but just go try it once or twice or in my case several times and I am just getting warmed up!!! good flying to all Jimmi Eich
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jul 13, 2008 @ 03:10 PM | 12,838 Views
Started out bad at nine thirty Had been argueing all night with the misses. So I got an early start and thought I could clear my head with some great flyin!!! The previous day the wind had been perfect at 25 to 30 straight in south so Off i went!! got there to 5 MPH out of the East!! No worries i broke out the Fling i reluctantly took as a raffle prize from last years offficiating of a MOM race at said mountain Speced out in 2 minutes and then let everyone fly it as we thought that was gonna be it!! An hour later the wind turned favorable and started up at 10 and climbing A friend Daniel broke out his Sting and he flew it well in light winds About then two guys (we later named them the brokeback cowboys) showed up and Daniel said he knew them so okay great New guys to fly with is always interesting to watch and see if I am better or worse than they are The only problem is EVERYONE is usually better than I am!!!So they"re settin up and i decide to fly my electric Slayer wing warrior with a 3 cell 4200 Mah battery and a 3 turn mega motor that goes great but is a little noisy especially when usually sloping you listen to see how loud you can make the whoosh I just love the WHOOOSH sound !!Sounds l8ke speed in the morning So im tearin it up maybe 100 feet above their heads (new guys) parked out in the center of the lot at Grass when a 80 MPH misjudges the tree above my FJ Cruiser and I clip a branch which sends my wing to the ground right at my feet. So as I take five...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jun 30, 2008 @ 01:31 PM | 12,887 Views
Well kids after openin my big mouth and whining about a lousy 45 days in the hospital and two major surgerys later I had to put up or shut up so the saturday past 28th of june I, and several other friends ,more commonly known as the Grass Mountain Country Club Boys headed up to Grasss from the lower Orange county and all points in between to have a marathon day at the mountain Not twarted by the 85 degree heat we started tearin up the hill as soon as one by one we arrived till we were all flew out!!! i am really proud of our littlest countryclub boy little Mikey junior while last week he had to have the moral support of Billy this week he rocked! flyin his EZ Glider almost a solid thirty moinutes without any help if he dont get burned out early on it hes gonna be a very good pilot!!! kudos to his dad Mike hammer for raisin such a level headed kid!!! Well ther story dont stop till we all had to fly several planes each so i flew my E Slayer my Electric Scrappy, the jW 60s light and heavy The super Ridge runt and the Falcon and My Storm Carbon saw some wild high speed bury the sticks in the corner antics that put my plane into the dirt around on the DS side of the hill down by the road at grass which I had to drive my FJ to go fetch it !!! Seeing as how all the other guys were DARING me to try and tumble and flatspin a 3.2 metre sailplane and the fact that Im so stupid and gullible that i kept doing it till something catostropic happened (I crashed) but it was simply amazing...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jun 27, 2008 @ 01:31 AM | 13,139 Views
As many of you guys that have seen me hobble around the last year I have just spent through my blue cross insurance mucho dinero to get myself fixed up to the point where i am not in agonizing pain every time I step out on a hill!! I had two skin grafts to repair an ulcer on each of the lower part of both legs and everytrhing turned out just wonderful. I am going to start flying more as I can now enjoy the freedom of slope soaring without having a great deal of pain always in the back of my mind. So once again i am back on track and hope to contribute my trials and tribulations of my flying antics along with long winded ideas of mine you all have come to hate to listen to me ramble on. Well I dont care then and now I dont care even more what you think so get ready for some great trips, videos, and pics from me and my boys (country club boys) and hope to see all you stick in the muds up on the hill real soon!! and may the bluebird of happiness fly up your ***holes and any comments or feedback will be greatly ignored unless I think I can say something constructive then get the easy chair out kick back and get ready to listen to me ramble All you guys for the most part have treated me good and look forward to more of the same jimmy
Posted by flyboyjimi | Jul 15, 2007 @ 04:43 PM | 13,478 Views
Got to Vincent about 1100am or so after stopping at Quiznos for a gut buster and met six friends up on top. After ferrrying down some coolers and equipment I tried to go back up the hill from down below on the lower slab and took me two trys to make it up!! The FJ Cruiser came through again but not after a hairy off camber tire spinning backsliding boulder dodging dirt spewing finger croosed attempt!! (piece of cake) NOT!!!! So after the guys threw out a few planes I decided to head up to Grass which is about a thirty minute drive to the bottom of the fire road to Grass.Got up there and saw Bill De Hagen and Warren (concreteman) flying some F3F turns and were just blazin with I think Warren said he had 161 oz.??AUW Anyways therespeeds were impressive Pulled up under the tree and parked next to Mike who joins us every sat that he can with his son, who likes to watch mike and the gang fly. After setting up the Expresso I threw off in about 20 to 25 mph for a nice flight that lasted about twenty minutes. About an hour later the rest of the gang showed up from Vincent and the fun begin!!! Alan had just finished his Dogan and wanted to fly it at vincent but the lz is something else so he waited for grass ..Chris and Mark and HiLine Rick were in one truck and alan drove his jeep and Raul and Bill pulled up in his truck. We all started flying everything we had and about an hour later Slopin Santa and his Wife showed up to join in the fun!!!Mike wanted to maiden a plane but thats...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | May 14, 2007 @ 12:45 PM | 13,734 Views
Well after takin off last week I had to get to fly this last weekend! I have been looking for a four wheel drive truck to go flying with because I need a park and fly situation due to the fact my legs arent what they used to be. So thursday last week the 10th of May I along with mr golden tongue Chris went to talk to the fleet manager at Elmore T0yota in Westminister. After a test drive and five hours of intense grueling hashing back and forth I drove home in my brand new , with ten miles on it FJ Cruiser!!!!! AWESOME This car is a dream. So, after sitting home and reading the three hundred page manual on friday I get a call from this guy that says How about norco on Sat.!!! Yeah buddy I was rarin to go. So, sat We dragged Bill, Slopejunky, out of town for my first off road experience with my new toy! We got to Norco about two thirty and looked up that hill to the top and stared at it for a minute to get my bearings straight. So off we go, Chris in the front and Bill tucked in the back seat behind me, up to the top of the infamous death march hill!!! That WAS my nickname for it before I bought my car. Seems like when you walked up the hill you did want to die by the time you got to the top of the saddle!!! Now comes the other mystery of the infamous hill Can one fly with a southwest wind OR a Northeast wind or was I just dreaming about the SW direction? Chris chucks off the Stratos and hes off to the races!! Then Bill gives the Acacia a lob and flys for aout 20 or 30...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 30, 2007 @ 11:35 PM | 13,985 Views
Now to the 28th called Alan in the mornin and he was sure Grass was gonna be goin off Well, Raul had figured out the north was the way to go so Saturday we took the Ortega highway to the top of Elsinore to where the HangGliders take offf well here is this one guy suited up ready to go with hang glider in hand helmut on and the wind blowin up hiss a** Straight southwest!!!! Oh well we decided to go back to the spot we had stopped at about a quarter mile back down the road and ended up flying almost everything we had I crashed the Falco ,flew the wing raul flew the falcon the speed and ended up with the sharpy the only trouble was LANDING!!! Bill was rippin it up with his OmeiGod!! and ended up puttin it in the side of the wall across the street from the turnout All in all a good day but I still had a bad taste in my mouth about missin Grass Mountain. So the next day Sunday the 29th The whole crew was gonna meet at Grass. Alan had assured us that it was the same forecast as the day before (which turned out to be good for Grass) So here we are off to the best darn flying spot with the most consistent air I have seen in a long time!!!. It turns South everyday at 1000am at fifteen to twenty with gusts to thirty about everyday of the year Great for massive frontside and DSing off to the south end of the hill Had to contend with three wing guys and the only channel conflict was with me on twenty . So long story short I switched out my Expresso and Tsunami with two forty...Continue Reading
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 30, 2007 @ 10:57 PM | 13,708 Views
This weeks episode starts out with we get there and Alan and Kyle and his friend and his sons praticing their f3f course down below. we get set up and everyone was very nice about sharing the hill Grass mountain is big but it aint THAT big!!!! had a good day of flying with Alan Bill Raul and Chris. and got to talk to Kyle paulson about a little slop in my 5125 aieleron servos oh well flew anyways the Tsunami and the Expresso raul the Sharpwind Bill the Acacia and Blade and Chris the Stratos 5 Alan had a couple of planes that included a scale sailplane that flew well I think at the end of the day Chris was over on the knoll DSing the miniblade and his Stratos I even let him try my Electron 60 but the wind had changed just enough to only allow him just a couple of decent bangs offf the lip went home happy now enough about tjhe 21st everybody for the most part was flew out!! Jimmy
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 16, 2007 @ 09:39 PM | 14,229 Views
here it is monday again and I just got my modem on again after a couple of days of it being down Anyways we got there about 1200 which is a little early for me and Chris but the winds were supposed to be 25 gust 35 and BAM it was smokin avereage 32 all day long Raul Bill Chris and Alan flew the wings off almost all the planes we brought !!! The Stratos was cookin the Sharpwind was smokin the 2M Blade was rippin the Destiny was doing the most amazing tumbles per Chris at the stick the Speed was out of control awesome and my Thorn was pullin 200 foot pumps the highest pumps we got were at least 300 to 400 footers Alan had his little rocketship and I brought ny Electron after clockin 65 MPH at dog Beach /Ca. I opened it up and bang!!! it was trackin so well Chris had to try and DS it it was the last plane he tried and only got 2 or 3 good laps out of it the wind turned funny about 430 not for the hill but just the ds spot that is on the end of the face Raul had the Sharpwind wound up the Destiny pulled some awesome tight laps and the blade I believe did good too the Day was made for Flyin and havin fun I shoulda broke out the Tsunami but I lrft it wrapped up same with the Expresso I gotta fix a leading edge before it flys again There is definitely somethin to this flyin the slope thing when you got a place like Grass Mountain See you guys later Jimmy in H.B.
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 10, 2007 @ 04:33 PM | 14,229 Views
After the skunk last weekend at grass yesterday I was feelin down so I thought I would cruise down to my local flyin spot a few blocks from my house and see if anybody was flyin DOG BEACH I got there as chris povi was flyin his raider and before I knew it I was tryin out my rolls and loops next to the Bowl on the end and the middle of the cliff I had a good time and a couple of people shoewed up and chris let them fly too (friends) so now I sent Alan a pm for this sat and everything is a little bit better here in Hunt. beach! cant wait till sat when I can open up at Grass with the Tsunami and the Expresso Might even try the Thorn after a little tweakin after a no flapperon landind at the SLAB in Riverside last week I guess there are pwo[ple worse off than me as far as no wind or places to fly I guess Ill just keep trying keep buildin and keep crashin It all FUN to me Jimmy
Posted by flyboyjimi | Apr 09, 2007 @ 08:50 PM | 14,050 Views
We watched the weather all week and saw the right numbers and directions but on the seventh we went and got skunked!!! this is my first skunk at that place but then the next day it turned south right on schedule with 15 south and 25 gusts perfect but a day late want to get my newq Tsunami in the air again and fly the expresso too gonna bring my thorn this weekend as last weekend Raul got the sharpwind zingin pretty good my thorn is a good practice plane along with the expresso for some light DSing we;ll have to wait and see what this weekend brings monday at 700 pm