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Posted by sfakias | Feb 27, 2012 @ 01:27 AM | 36,216 Views
Below you can see some explanations and some photos regarding the construction and evolution of my scratch build Skywalker clone.

Enjoy - feel free to ask

The first step was to collect information about the actual geometry of the original skywalker. This was done within this thread.

Then, I started working on CAD drawings: the evolution of the plans and the final resuts are documented in this thread. (see attached pdf file for the three views drawing)

The plans were printed as tiled A4, cut and cellotaped together to generate the fuselage (top and side views) and airfoils templates.

Using the paper airfoil templates, airfoil profiles from aluminum sheet were cut.

Based on the airfoil profies,the raw material (EPS sheets of various thicknesses) was hot wired to shape the wing and tail parts.
The main wing is composed from four sections that were joined together with epoxy glue.
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