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The leading industrial drone manufacturer for commercial drone solutions of China- MMC. recently launched Griflion H, a groundbreaking modular hydrogen fuel cell drone platform that uses proven, stable hydrogen fuel cells. Greatly improve the endurance of the drone. The high protection standards and long battery life make it suitable for use in extremely harsh environments (such as rain and snow, alpine regions, high-temperature fires, etc.), and will make a difference in many fields such as rescue and field exploration.
1, modular design to meet a wider range of needs
Designed for a range of applications in surveying, inspection and monitoring, Griflion H is the first of its kind to offer an adaptable, modular hydrogen fuel drone platform with a maximum load of 5.1kg. A variety of payloads can be replaced at any time according to the needs of the operation. The load is quickly integrated with the task compartment and quickly taken off. A multi-purpose machine is available to meet a wide range of operational needs.
2, 15 hours long battery life, improve work efficiency
The voyage is a prerequisite for industrial-grade drones to solve all operational problems, and Copte has maintained the history of drones. It is reported that the Griflion H drone released this time is equipped with a 9L size gas cylinder, the maximum gas storage capacity is 27L. When using this capacity hydrogen fuel gas cylinder, the drone is fully loaded for 15 hours, and the drone is refreshed again....Continue Reading
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"One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero." The Great Wall is known as one of China's symbols. But this majestic ancient building that has stood in China for nearly two thousand years has long lost its original majesty due to the erosion of the years.

The Great Wall, the "Great Wall" in our mouth, is the greatest and most majestic military defense project in ancient China. The oldest Great Wall in history dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period, the Great Wall built the first climax, and the various vassal states built the Great Wall fortifications on their respective borders. However, the Great Wall during this period was relatively short and relatively low. After Qin and the Six Kingdoms joined together with China, they repaired the Great Wall links of the various vassal states and they were known as the Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty was the last era to overhaul the Great Wall. The Great Wall that we can see this year is mostly the buildings of this period.

The Great Wall resources are mainly distributed in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Ningxia and Xinjiang. According to the National Great Wall Resources Survey conducted by the Chinese Cultural Relics and Surveying and Mapping Department, the total length of the Ming Great Wall is 8851.8 kilometers. According to...Continue Reading
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Recently, in order to make rational use of the Yangtze River coastline and strengthen the maintenance of the Yangtze River ecology and river safety, the Zhenjiang Municipal Government urgently needs high-resolution orthophotos within 500 meters of the Yangtze River, and superimposes it as an image base map and water conservancy thematic information... The project area starts from Jurong City Avenue in the west and west to Xilaiqiao Town in Yangzhong City. The ground resolution requirement is 8 cm.

A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters rises slowly on the beach on the banks of the Yangtze River. This is a vertical takeoff and landing drone built for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing.

Before taking off, the flying hand has uploaded the carefully planned route to the drone. According to the 8 cm resolution requested by the customer, the aerial overlap ratio is set to 75% of the heading, 70% of the sideways, and a total of 41 flying frames. After about an hour, thanks to the RTK centimeter positioning, the plane finally landed at the takeoff point. After a simple equipment inspection and disassembly work, the flying hand drove to the next takeoff point.

During the flight operation of the drone, there are often 6-7 winds and heavy rains. The Corbett mapping team completed the 400-square-kilometer flight in just 15 days, acquiring more than 21,000 high-quality drone images with an image resolution of 42 million pixels. Finally, the staff imported the data into the Pix4Dmapper for processing, and stitched all the scattered drone data into a continuous, standardized, measurable image map. It provides reliable information for the government to fully understand the development and utilization of the Yangtze River coastline.

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On September 4th, the first “Sanhe Digital Cup” Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Industry's UAV mapping skills competition was held at Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College. Hu Songtao, committee party member, deputy director of the Gansu Province Natural Resource department, announced the opening ceremony. Gao Yunfeng, secretary of the Party Committee of Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, presided over the opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, dean of Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, and the executive of Gansu Province Surveying and Mapping geographic information technology collaborative innovation center, Mr. Chen Yiping delivered a speech.
It is said that this is the 1st UAV searching and mapping skill competition, jointly held by Gansu Provincial Geographic Information Industry Association, Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Community, Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, and Tianshui Sanhe Digital Surveying and Mapping Institute, and it is also the most comprehensive competition in the province's surveying and mapping geographic information industry, colleges and universities, and the competition in which the new technologies are comprehensively systematically applied in. The totally 43 participating teams from 14 enterprises and institutions across the province, and 11 colleges and universities, had a very fierce compeition.

In the end, the MMC Skylle 1550 equipped with Ruibo D2 oblique camera stood out among more than 20 companies in this competition and won the special prize of the competition.
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Speaking of surveying and mapping, I think everyone will not be unfamiliar.
From engineering construction to land management, people are often inseparable from the help and assistance of surveying and mapping. In the past, traditional surveying and mapping relied mainly on manpower, not only to face a broad and complex geographical environment, but also to worry about the danger of disasters at any time. The mapping can be described as being intimidating, inefficient, and safe. However, with the development of the times and the emergence and application of various intelligent technologies, today's surveying and mapping has changed a lot.

UAV became the "new favorite" of surveying and mapping

One of the most obvious changes is the application of drones.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as flight control, navigation and communication, drones have gradually become the "new vents" for people's attention and application, from agricultural plant protection to power inspection, from film and television shooting to fire rescue, from emergency Communication to traffic inspections, we can see the drone's healthy posture.

With the gradual opening of the consumer market, its industrial-grade applications have continued to land, and the field of surveying and mapping has become a new airspace for its soaring. The UAV, which incorporates remote sensing technology, has been widely praised by people in the surveying and...Continue Reading
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Using drones to transport medical samples such as tissue sections, blood, serum, vaccines, organs, etc., at the signing ceremony of the medical logistics drone project and the cooperation of industry, university and research institute held at the Second Hospital of Nanhua University, this scene made the witness praise.

During the operation of the medical logistics drone, the eye-opening, well-trained staff independently loaded the safety box (packages, blood, and other medical samples) into the drone and passed the artificial intelligence application. Start the drone. Then, the drone was autonomously flew to the pathology department on the 5th floor of the destination outpatient hall on the 9th floor of the second inpatient department of Nanhua Second Hospital along the scheduled route, and the safety box was received by another staff member.

The medical logistics drone has a load capacity of up to 2.5 kg, an infrared sensor is used to guide its take-off and landing, and in an emergency, the drone has a built-in parachute to ensure it falls safely on the ground.

It is understood that the hospital is the first hospital in the country to use the UAV logistics transmission system. After using the drone logistics, the inspection efficiency can be improved, and the position of the inspection center can be flexibly arranged to reduce the repeated investment of large-scale inspection equipment.

However, limited by the drone load and endurance, the application of medical
...Continue Reading
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Standing in the field, Lu Jiyu raised the Notuzi X85 drone to a height of 100 meters by manipulating the remote control in his hand, taking a picture of the whole watermelon field, and then using the big data formula to calculate the number of watermelons, quickly completing the past and causing headaches for farmers. The "number of watermelons" puzzle.

Lu Ji’s Hualien is an important watermelon producing area in Taiwan, with an annual output of more than 30,000 tons, ranking first in Taiwan. Lu Jiyu’s Shoufeng Township in Hualien County, the watermelon produced, feels the market with a full, sweet mouth. Because of the large number and difficulty in calculating, the farmers usually only have to "guess" the quantity and then negotiate the price with the middle, which is often suppressed.
Recalling the experience of watermelons in the past, Lu Jiyan said frankly, how to calculate is not good. He cooperated with friends who love to play drones and developed the use of MMC drone high-altitude image inventory technology to finally solve this problem. It was later proved that the amount estimated by the aerial shot was quite accurate. With reference data, farmers have the bargaining power of bargaining with middlemen, and they can choose favorable timings for shipments based on market conditions to obtain greater returns. Later, this technology was also used to monitor crop growth and assess a wide range of areas such as damage.

Lu Jiu, 39, originally...Continue Reading
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On September 4th, the Nanning City Water Search and Rescue Center did a 2019 water emergency new equipment demonstration and drill, used drones to locate the position of the "drowning victims", then the rescue team implemented the rescue process.
The drill simulated a collision between two ships, causing four people to fall into the water and a ship to sink. The water search and rescue center duty room immediately started the emergency action after receiving the alarm, and coordinated the rescue personnel in the search and rescue base, to carry new equipment for the rescue. The rescue team controlled the firefighting drone to quickly locate the rescue target on the water surface. The water rescue robot dragged the drowning victims back to the shore, rescued the three drowning victims with the help of the multi-function life-saving rod. After that, the rescue team continued to use the sweeping sonar and underwater robots to conduct underwater searches for wrecks and a missing person.

It is reported that the equipment used in the drill is the most advanced water search and rescue equipment in Nanning, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom camera developed by MMC, which can let you see a clear face of a person in nearly 1 km, and Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera which can fast and efficiently locate the target. Besides water rescue, the MMC UAV has been used in the primeval forest for emergency rescue.

A total of 2 sea patrol ships, 3 rubber boats, and 2 MMC X85...Continue Reading
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Recently, the Wuzhou Bureau´s UHV power transmission management department successfully completed the one-and-a-half-month period extensive drone inspection of Guishan’s double power line. A total of 767 bases of Guishan Jia-yi Lines were inspected. The completion ratio was 100%. The inspection revealed 1129 more major and even way more serious defects, 420 more minor defects. These newly revealed defects were all omitted by previous manual and helicopter inspections. The results of the inspection were very significant. The high-level defects which seriously affected the safety of the power lines had been thoroughly discovered at this time, were compiled into a completely new defect booklet, it would provide a reliable reference for subsequent accurate defect elimination. MMC’s drones have also played an increasingly important role in power line inspections with features of long flight time and 3 proofings.

During the hosttest summertime in July and August, The UAV pilots were using drones to implement the power line inspection orderly against the scorching heat waves.

It is said that the terrain of the Guishan double line is of complexity. They often carry dozens of kilograms of equipment such as drones, battery boxes, infrared thermometers, and emergency medicine kits. This inspection project requires clear pictures of each hanging point of the tower body. A single-circuit tension power tower needs 100 photos taken, and it takes an hour to inspect in average. The
...Continue Reading
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The West-East Electricity Transfer Project is one of the landmark projects in the development of western China. In this project, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission project is one of the landmark projects. It is also the UHV transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology level in China. This project has set a new height in the world's power grid technology and started a new era in the development of UHV DC power transmission technology.

According to reports, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission project is the "Power Silk Road" connecting Xinjiang and East China. It can transmit 66 billion kWh of electricity to East China every year, and that can light up 400 million 30-watt lamps at the same time. It can same time.electricity demand of 50 million households in East China. At the same time, it can reduce coal transportation by 30.24 million tons. If it is calculated by train capacity, it needs 25,000 20-compartment trains.

How to ensure the constant and safe electricity supply of the "Power Silk Road"? On September 1st, the reporter took this question into the hinterland of the Gurbantunggut Desert in Jimsar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and closely watched the circuit inspection of the Xinjiang Power Grid. From afar, the insulators used in ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission...Continue Reading
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A large part of the debugging work of the drone is the debugging of flight control parameters. The generalized flight control parameters include guidance, navigation, control law and adjustable parameters in various control strategies. The general flight control has hundreds of parameters that require human debugging, and some even hundreds of thousands. As the basis of drone control, attitude control is the first to be the first to debug the UAV flight test. Of course, the navigation parameters and the vibration analysis of our previous PX4 combat are definitely before the debugging posture. Better state.

The attitude parameter debugging method we are going to talk about today is for the most widely used cascade PID controller. In the attitude control, the controller based on the time-scale separation hypothesis is generally divided into inner and outer ring structures, and the inner ring controls the attitude angle. Rate, outer ring controls the attitude angle. The separation of time scales means that the inner loop responds much faster than the outer loop, so the inner loop response can follow the expectations given by the outer loop in a short period of time. The P (outer ring)-PID (inner ring) type structure used in PX4 is designed in this way. The design of the control law for attitude control will be discussed later and will be described separately for the Euler angle and the quaternion. Discussion. Today we will talk about how the parameters of the P-PID inner and
...Continue Reading
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Oil & gas industry is both very familiar and strange to the public, people are consuming oil &gas every day but very few got to know the technologies of oil exploitation, refining, storage, and transportation.

Among the various work items of oil workers, pipeline inspection is the most basic and difficult one. In order to ensure the safety of energy transmission, oil workers must conduct regular inspections of oil and gas pipelines.

The total mileage of oil and gas pipelines in China is nearly 150,000 kilometers. The pressure on the safe maintenance and daily inspection of oil and gas pipelines is increasing. Manual inspections have been unable to meet the needs of the industry. In order to improve inspection efficiency and avoid potential safety hazards, pipeline inspection drones have developed rapidly and have been used widely in recent years. 

UAV for oil&gas inspection solutions:

I-Oilfield geography mapping, pipeline planning

Visualized 3D image data acquisition system for specific mapping of oilfield exploration, mining, and land planning.

II-Petrochemical pipeline inspection, high-altitude equipment inspection

The drone replaces manual work for high-altitude equipment inspections and oil depot monitoring.

III-Accident spot reconnaissance

The UAV can monitor through the smoke and patrol the accident fire source. The gas detection system can detect pipeline leakage in time and take prompt measures.

Compared with manpower,...Continue Reading
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Wildlife is an important part of natural ecosystems, protecting them from global ecological health and safety. Wildlife conservation work should first investigate the population resources, understand the exact distribution of species, population size, habitat changes, etc., and provide a scientific basis for further assessment of species quality of life, determination of protection levels and development of appropriate protection strategies. However, this important basic work is extremely difficult to implement under the conditions of mountain forests.

Recently, the Qinling Golden Monkey Research Team of the College of Life Sciences of Northwest University applied the drone with thermal camera to the wild Sichuan golden monkey distribution and population size survey in the Qinling area. In the survey area, the research team collected thermal imaging videos of the wild populations of the three groups of Rhinopithecus roxellana, and obtained accurate distribution locations and population sizes of these populations.

What is the traditional wildlife survey method?

He Gang, an animal protection expert from the Qinling Rare and Endangered Animal Conservation Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province, said that traditional wildlife surveys are usually conducted by experienced investigators entering the survey area, conducting field surveys along the design line, and passing through manual observation records. The animal entities and traces found to determine the species...Continue Reading
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Utilize drones to carry out investigations on hidden dangers of geological disasters to ensure the safety of people's lives and property during the flood season. With the continuous expansion of the application field, more and more drones are participating in our lives, especially the advancement of industrial drone technology, making investigations safer and more convenient.

Due to the complicated geological conditions in the southwestern part of China, the geological disasters such as various types of landslides and collapses are prone to occur during the flood season, and the geological disaster prevention and control situation are very serious. In mountainous areas, geological disasters are more serious, and many regional roads are also slightly deformed. It is suspected that there are hidden dangers in disasters. In order to further confirm the degree of risk, the Geological Team staff conducted a high-altitude aerial survey of the entire area through the on-the-spot investigation and collected a high-definition image map reflecting the real-time status of the entire hidden danger point for preliminary analysis, combined with the comprehensive judgment of the survey information. The overall decline in the region is unlikely, and the risk of disasters is low.

The drone survey is the Griffion M8 of MMC UAV, the leading industrial drone manufacturer in China. The Griflion M8 is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV with the V-shape tail which is made
...Continue Reading