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Posted by JPJI | Feb 09, 2014 @ 08:05 AM | 5,692 Views
I began building & flying rc models as a teenager back in 1987. All were scratch built models due to lack of funds at the time.

I then drifted away from the hobby in the late 90's due to University/work/marriage/kids. All my planes & equipment were stored in the loft (attic for those on the other side of the pond) and forgotten about.

I rediscovered my interest for all things flying in 2013 (after my 13 year old daughter happened across all my old models and showed an interest). I then purchased an Apprentice S 15e to teach my daughter to fly. This was my first foray into electric flight. My daughter has ASD and consequently struggles with some tasks, but the SAFE system on the apprentice enabled her to take control and enjoy this great hobby.

My current Hangar

Survivors from the 80's/90's
  • Homebuilt trainer (telemaster 66 clone) .40 glow
  • 68" span all balsa spitfire .61 glow (with non-military sport colour scheme)
  • 64" homebrew balsa sport model (wot 4 clone) .61 glow
  • 48" Ben buckle Hepcat .09 glow (recently recovered in modern film)
  • All above fitted with 35MHz Sanwa radio gear

Recent Models
  • Apprentice S 15e with E-flite power 15, 50A ESC & full night lighting & telemetry
  • E-flite Pulse 15e (x2 - his and hers versions)
  • Blade Nano QX
  • E-flite Spitfire mk. XIV
  • Balsa 'Acro-Wot' clone with eagle tree guardian
  • DX9 Black edition
  • Blade 350QX
  • E-Flite convergence
  • Blade Inductrix FPV
  • E-flite Opterra
  • Volantex ASW28
  • Durafly Excalibur
  • Avios bushmule
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