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Posted by Late99 | Oct 12, 2015 @ 03:00 PM | 9,508 Views
Uuuh, had a bad weekend.

I travelled to Jämi to fly my Pilot Yak-54 (87") before winter hits really bad. Had a nice, but cold day, but then just before landing during the last (sixth) flight I became a passenger on my Yak. Plane was flying at 8-10m height maybe 60m away from me, when the plane snap rolled and continued to rotate... Until it hit the ground head on. I didn't have any control on the plane.

I've setup fail safe to do a positive snap roll - this way you'll take the speed away and basically plane will just drop in it's place, which is kind of safe. And to me it looked like the fail safe just activated.

Well... The motor mount / nose is totally crushed - let's see if Pilot will make wood parts to me, which would mean second life to this plane. To make things worse also the DA-50 motor is broken - haven't disassembled it yet to really see how badly.

But the most frustrating part is that I don't have a clue what really happened. Plane is fitted with Spektrum AR9110 receiver with 3 satellites, all positioned just as Spektrum instructs, Powerbox Sensor is supplying 6v to the receiver from two 2200mAh 2S lipos - which both had plenty of power left. And there was only one other guy flying / preparing his equipment during the incident.

And of course radios worked just fine after the incident...

Really frustrating, I haven't had a single problem with these radios so far (I'm using DX9 as transmitter)... Why it had to happen with the most expensive plane I have??!!?

All ideas are welcome: What should I do with the receiver to determine if it's ok or not?!