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Posted by Late99 | Jan 25, 2014 @ 12:45 PM | 11,576 Views
Yak-12 is manufactured by EasySky, but sold under different labels and by several stores. Usually the price is set at very attractive / affordable level. It's sister plane is Wilga and they share a lot of parts such as a crash resistant motor mount. The brushless motor installed is a 2200kv motor and it's designed to be run with 2S batteries. It turns 7x3.5 or 7x4 propeller.

Yak has 950mm wingspan and flaps. With flying weight around 360-380g (13oz) and flaps deployed it has nice short takeoff capability. Flaps are very efficient and novice fliers should be aware of lift they cause - typically you need a lot of down elevator when using them, otherwise the plane will balloon easily. Use of elevator mix with flaps deployed resolves this problem (but requires setting up the mix).

Yak is a relaxed flier for low wind days. Due to small weight it's not optimal for stronger winds and it flies relatively nervously in wind. Nevertheless, I would say Yak is an excellent aileron trainer with enough punch for acrobatic flying.

It's design is robust, it has weak spots designed in several places (such as glued landing gear pants, which usually breaks from gluing without plastic breaking and the airframe itself is durable. Stock wheels are quite small so on grass fields hand launching might be a only option. Landing is easy and the plane glides well.

I tested Yak with different props to get some idea on the possible alternatives. Interestingly it was more limited by battery...Continue Reading
Posted by Late99 | Jan 02, 2014 @ 04:08 PM | 4,189 Views
I've got plenty of 6mm and 3mm depron, some styrofoam pieces (about inch thick) and following electronics:
- 30 Amp ESC
- Turnigy DT750 motor
- Several 9g servos, couple of heavier servos
- Different types of 10" and 11" props
- 1000mAh, 1300mAh, 1500mAh and 2200mAh 3s batteries

I was thinking about BFU by demonGti , but the motor and 6mm / 3mm depron aren't quite the best match for this. 60% BFU would be easy to build from 6mm Depron, but is the motor too heavy for 60% size? Any other relatively easy build biplanes for 6mm material? Or other radical ideas? Don't need high wing trainer currently, so other ideas suitable for that motor are welcome. What about FliteTest Baby Blender?