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Posted by Micubano | Sep 21, 2017 @ 03:59 PM | 4,010 Views
I bought a Roc Hobby MXS V2 from HorizonHobby.com. I love the way it looks. I'm told it is twitchy as and the CG is tough to nail down. I'm hoping to get lucky with all that on the maiden. As long as I don't break the nose off it like I did with the Pawnee, I'll be happy.
Posted by Micubano | Sep 14, 2017 @ 11:44 AM | 4,429 Views
I did not give up yesterday. I packed my car before work so I could drive right to the field. I get out of work and step in to rain. I get on the highway and more rain. Drive by the exit to my house and still raining. Get off the exit about 10 minutes from the field and rain. That final 10 minutes goes through a pass in the mountains. Other side of the mountain, no rain! Two other club members were already there and they said the rain stopped there about 10 minutes before I showed up. About 6 more showed up a little after I did. Most of them just showed up to talk about NEAT Fair, But 3 of us were flying and I got my 5 flights in. For two of the Timber flights, it went through some low clouds.

I left the field around 7 PM. When I got through the mountain pass, it was raining. When I got home, it was dark out. It's only a 15 minute ride! With the exception of it actually raining last week and the one week I was on vacation, this was a great summer for flying. I'm going to keep going on Wednesdays until DST ends.