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Posted by Micubano | Aug 27, 2015 @ 09:37 AM | 4,367 Views
I was at a Fun Fly over the weekend and the vendor there had a few Radian Pros for sale. I was kind of surprised when one of the other guys behind the flight line asked about it and other pilots immediately started saying how they all killed theirs and did not recommend it. I have about 10 flights on mine and it climbs fast and glides beautifully. After a few hours it started become clear how they killed their RPs as I watched them crash one plane after another. One smashed the nose off a CZ cub on take off. Another went home with only one out of 5 planes still flying and talking about how he has nothing to fly a 2200 3S batt in at the end of the day. I know some of these guys have been flying longer than I have, but I think they just fly things until they die. I brought a lot to fly over the 2 days at the Fun Fly and did not crash anything...even the Rare Bear.

Part of bringing so much to the Fun Fly was for maintenance checks. It is about that time of year where everything gets tested. I do it in the Spring and the Fall. The servos on the UMX planes got a cleaning and little FaderLube and the other electronics and surfaces checked. The bigger planes got a full test of the servos and electronics with a little glue, tape, or oil where needed. I didn't get to everything, but I got a lot done. The only issue I found was the day after the Fun Fly on an Inverza. The tail wheel was missing and I added a little tape to the rudder because it looks like I landed without it and...Continue Reading