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Posted by RC Dad | May 03, 2012 @ 07:02 AM | 2,815 Views
Took my youngest son out to fly last evening armed with his Bixler and my oldest boy's Rarebear. Absolutely perfect night for flying - no wind, and warm (first night out in shorts for the year).

Well, got to the field and realized we left the DX7 at home. No big deal I thought, we'll just use the DX5e (ignoring the little voice in my head saying...the Bixler has some real trim issues...get the DX7).

Well you know what happened. First flight lasted maybe 10 seconds and she went in like a lawn dart. Broken elevator and distorted fuselage. So instead of packing up and going home, I just grab the Rarebear of course.

Did full and complete pre-flight check. Worked really hard trying to get the trim figured out as good as possible on the ground. Launched the plane - maybe 5 seconds and she also was a lawn dart. Broke the fuse clean through to the top of the wing. Blew out a carbon rod and broke the prop...The worst part, this plane has been our most reliable flyer...it had never been crashed...well, we got that out of the way tonight.

So total time in the air tonight 15 seconds...two planes out of commission (although easily repairable). Just when I thought we were past the point of coming home from outings with no flyable planes in hand. Well, I get my ego handed back to me quite nicely!!

Hope everyone else has a better time out flying.

Thanks for letting me vent!

RC Dad
Posted by RC Dad | May 01, 2012 @ 09:38 AM | 2,568 Views
After much internal debate about joining a club, I decided to just do it. So yesterday I got an AMA membership (by the way AMA is having a 25% discount promotion going right now) and joined a local club.

I figured that if my boys and I really want to progress in this hobby, a club experience will be very beneficial. For me I hope it's kind of like a forum, but in person.

The club is very relaxed and only 12 miles from the house.

Met the Club President and one other member at the field and already know this was a good decision. He offered to help me and my boys learn to fly aerobatics and gave us a few good tips on the spot.

Looking forward to the social aspects of flying as well. I expect being at the field with other members will provide more opportunities for some interesting videos as well.

Looking forward to what this season will bring us in our new hobby!
Posted by RC Dad | Apr 24, 2012 @ 08:56 AM | 2,766 Views
The boys and I had a good RC weekend. We attended an indoor flight event which was sponsored by a new hobby store in the area. Ended up buying our first ultra-micro. We got the PZ Corsair. Was hoping to use this in the backyard for those evenings when we want to fly, but don't have the time to charge up the batteries....

Well, we will be good at repairing this plane as the wings got pretty well destroyed (but should be fixable). Have resigned ourselves that this will not be a show plane and is going to have to wear it's combat wounds proudly...

On Sunday, we got out with our Bixler and Rarebear. Had a great time flying. We had been having issues with the Bixler - just not flying right and we seemed to lose control of it and not know why. Turns out there was some type of tail mix turned on which was intermittent so we never saw it in our pre-flight checks. Basically it seemed like if you pulled on the elevator and aileron at the same time, only one aileron would move...but it seemed intermittent. Worked through the menu on the TX and turned off the mix and all was good. Bixler flew great and we gained our confidence back in this plane.

Put four packs through the planes and no one crashed. It was fun. We also met up with another local RC enthusiast in the area as well.

Boys are excited to get out flying again!
Posted by RC Dad | Apr 16, 2012 @ 06:39 PM | 2,618 Views
After the maiden outing of my scratch built Boxler (aka Axon compliments of Experimental Airlines) I had to repair a collapsed V-Stab and improve the clearance height of the prop (pusher style setup). And figure out how to get the plane balanced better than it was.

I accomplished all of this and had the opportunity to fly it again this past Saturday evening (finally found a time when winds weren't 15+ mph). I fixed the CG by putting two 1800 lipos up front.

Plane flew great. Well balanced, didn't take much to trim it out (still a newbie and this still seems to be an issue for me). Was enjoying the flight, I had good control and was feeling good. Even did an intentional loop.

Well thought it was time to land so I take the plane way out to line up the landing. Was coming around and did not realize that the terrain came up quite a bit out where the plane was flying... I swear the ground just came out of no where and grabbed that plane right of the sky. After I saw it hit and bounce (and then heard the sound of the wing spar snapping) I thought to myself, wth just happened????

I don't chalk this up to user error, it was the ground that did it....That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
Posted by RC Dad | Apr 02, 2012 @ 10:58 AM | 3,024 Views
My two son's and I are recent hobby enthusiasts. We went to a flyin at a local club last fall and we were hooked.

We have spent most of the winter building and quickly crashing our own planes. We are very excited to be able to fly now that it is warmer outside.

Our hangar of planes includes:

1. Hobby Zone Super Cub (currently being retrofitted to go brushless and LIPO power)

2. HK Bixler

3. EOT Model Rare Bear

4. PZ - Extra 300 (being saved until we are able to fly it).

Here is a link to our YouTube site - to get a flavor of our escapades to date.

If you are in MN (TC Metro Area) shoot me a msg, would love to connect with other local flyers