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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Feb 12, 2016 @ 03:55 PM | 7,104 Views
Just wanna share some pix of my latest build of a TALON V1.0 Tricopter. This is my 5th build of this kit as I remember and still having fun doing it.
One of the best FULL CARBON FIBER TRICOPTER kit in the market.

.....and I named it

Black sTALiON


Talon V1.0 kit / Mini KK2.1 -RC911 V1.6++ R4 FW / SunnySKY X2212-13 KV 980 II MOTORS / HK 20A SimonK ESC's / CF 10" PROPS / Zippy 4S 2200 Mah lipo

Flying with WALKERA 2801 PRO TX with RX2608 RX.

Some BUILD PIX and Maiden Videos.......Continue Reading