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Posted by PLMS | Mar 16, 2010 @ 06:35 PM | 14,420 Views
If you stumbled here it might be because you want to know what my background is, before you decide to post a reply to a comment etc.
If so then this is what's probably most relevant.

In brief my work background for the last 28 years has been in radio systems.
I have spent time in maintenance, design, and construction, and now in R&D and lab work.

Most of my time has been in the maintenance and optimisation of large radio networks. A good percentage of my early time was spent chained down to an electronics work bench though, doing repairs to radio hardware, from HF right up to Broadband Microwave panels, also a bit of Satellite Earth Station work.
I learned a lot about repair techniques and surface mount device soldering etc in that period, and I still use these skills regularly today.

Until a few years ago I was a specialist in microwave radio links as part of a team looking after a large government radio network. I got to play with microwave gear from component level all the way to the antennas. My forte if I had to pick one, is to trouble shoot difficult radio system problems of all types, with the ability to get right down to component level if I have too.

I've now moved out of the large radio networks world, and work with a group of RF researchers and engineers.

In the RC world I've been only flying for about 9 years, but I've been building flying models of other types since I could walk.

My shed looks like a cross between a small machine shop and a science lab.
A friend once called it 'Hanger 18', but I'm not sure what he meant
Posted by PLMS | Jan 06, 2009 @ 09:31 PM | 15,080 Views
Three Corex Mugi's (is that MugI ?).
Stupid PA-12 Cub "trainer".
Align F-16 (strained through a tree).
Home made electric S.P.A.D. - A good laugh and good trainer.
Vortex 3D depron model - Hmm...
Hotpoint EP - Fantastic model, tail fell off sadly
Greatplanes Reflection 3D - Depron rubbish
Aeroflyte Trident 2.4m - gave it away to a beginner.
Greatplanes Synapes EDF - Died multiple horrible deaths.

Still have
Zagi 400 -Like a cockroach, it can't be killed...
EPP Bipe (Eflypower) - Gave it away, got it back, now my sons (nope gave it away again).
GWS ME-109 - Retired
Gulp SR-T 60" slope racer - Fastest hunk of junk in my galaxy !
GWS Formosa I - Still a good park patternship. Given away.
Javelin 62" - Slope soaring at it's best.
Katana S 45" (OS61FS) - Glow power is a pain, nice model though. Given away.
HK 48" Spitfire (electric) - I like a warbird...
DIU EPP combat/slope soarer
HK-500GT helicopter
Multiplex ParkMaster 3D - Very nice 3D foamy, still used regularly.
CMPro Discus with flap mods
TopSky TS 2.0 Disser DLG
550mm span Quadcopter using a FF control board (32bit CPU !)
HobbyKing Money Shot 3D electric aerobatic
HobbyKing P-38 on stock motors
SkyHawks Reaper combat model .21 powered

My son has
Greatplanes L-39 EDF
Superfly Hyperflea
EPP Bipe - Given away again.
Parkzone Stryker with 480 midifan
DIU EPP combat/slope soarer
Windrider Fox - EPP slope soarer and glider tow.
Parkzone Bf-109G
HK 1.2m Cessna 182
Multiplex Parkmaster 3D
Pilot Tumeric - Good E sloper.
Align T-rex 450S
El Bandito - Combat at the park. Retired.
SkyHawks Reaper combat model electric powered

Still boxed up
Zagi XS
Another Javelin core
Hyperion Yak 55SP
Multiplex Park Master
Ikurus Bipe
Precision Aerobatics Minin Katana (incomplete)
Hyperion FW-190 and some HK retracts for it.