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Posted by feefo | Feb 08, 2010 @ 05:25 PM | 9,117 Views
Not much of a blogger, but thought I'd post a few pics of the fleet, past and present. There's a couple I've got that I don't have photo's of, as the Mrs doesn't know about them yet . I'm sure you know what I mean .

Comments, humour, questions and light hearted banter welcome (what goes around, comes around, don't give it if you can't take it). Alternate points of view also welcome, we don't have to agree.

I'm English, NOT British. And so's my sense of humour. I laugh at myself so I can laugh at others.

Tons of people on this forum know more than me, so don't get too tech, I probabaly won't know. Unless your'e trying to confuse me .

Mistakes will be made, opinions may change.