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Posted by flyinjrc74 | May 29, 2014 @ 10:43 AM | 39,172 Views
Most of you now me as Flyin'J but when I am not being a father of four young boys, flying or building I am trucking in my 18 wheeler along the western shoreline of Michigan for a living.

Today started business as usual with sunshine and just perfect weather. Breakfast, kids off to school and a kiss on the way out the door from my wife! I set out for St.Joseph and after my first stop there on the way to Holland my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree as the engine shut down. No clue why but that incident landed me right here at Hagar Shores county Park along the waters edge at Lake Michigan. What a spot!!! I have seen signs for it but have never stopped in. I found a nice quite little piece of paradise nestled in a wooded bluff overlooking Lake Michigan for future picnics and outings with my sons.

So in the meantime Im waiting for a hook to come grab my truck and I will be right down here at the beach daydreaming while on the clock sippin on tea and relaxing

Have a great day guys!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | May 22, 2014 @ 11:00 PM | 38,417 Views
I recently traded a couple airplanes for this. I have been flying it daily for the last few days and I am liking it more and more everytime I throw a battery into it. It flies on 6S and is powered by a Turnigy G46 linked to a Castle Phoenix 80ESC spinning a 13x6 prop. It is very stable and looks very good on the ground and even better in the sky! I changed the stock foam tires out for narrow rubber wheels and it made ground handling much better. I also added a larger tailwheel which helped it steer on the ground.

The detailed covering makes it look really scale but it is that sticky backed covering used on the older Hobbico and Royal ARFs so hopefully I don't get any holes or rash...

The main landing gear vertical struts are functional which was really appealing to me. They have a spring inside and work really well. Now all I need is a few Golden Knight skydivers and I can steal the show. Ill keep you posted on that, in the meantime I am looking forward to a great Memorial weekend flying it!

Happy Memorial Day guys and remember the men and women this weekend who gave all to keep us flying in the free world!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | May 22, 2014 @ 10:24 PM | 38,534 Views
Picked this up a few weeks ago. Little did I know it would be one of my favorites. It was a hangar queen sitting around since 2002 or so. It has a AXI motor and Jeti 70A esc spinning a 15x4 prop. It looks like a LSA homebuilt airplane and for its size is super lightweight. It features flaps and ailerons and was originally set up to fly on NiCad packs. I flew it on 3S 5000 lipos but I am going to try 4S next time out.

it has HS 85BB servos in it and I added a set of 5" Kavan wheels to have the ability to fly at less smooth airfields that I frequent. The Kavans are very light and really set it off.

I had put it up for sale and after guys started talking it up I had to take it out and give it a whirl. Glad I did! The only thing I was cautioned about was the fact that it does not have struts and NOT to do aerobatics. I fixed that issue since I have the tendency to test the limits from time. I added two 1/16' stainless cables to keep it easy to assemble and give it that true homebuilt look. Also added the "EXPERIMENTAL" decal on both sides!

Hope you like it. I surely do. Thanks for looking!