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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 27, 2012 @ 12:54 AM | 7,544 Views
I actually sold this plane and when attempting to remove the wings I could not get the left one out of the fuse. Some glue or something from the factory would not allow it to release. I slightly damaged the foam on top the fuse but realized I could not economically ship it with the wings on and I could not send it damaged to the buyer.

It is now covered in leds and this amphibian flies super day and night, I have flown many airplanes from snow and water and this one is great for any newcomer to snow or lake flying. Very stable and forgiving in flight and in the water, however the thing I have a complaint on is the left and right wobble it has at high speed! Not sure why it does it but it irritates me. The airplane handles well on the ground too, tough and durable landing gear that is easily removable if you end up at a local lake or pond.

The leds are non-waterproof with the exception of the white ones on the belly, don't worry, fresh water does not hurt the nonwaterproof lights. I left a 16 foot strand plugged into 12volts over night and they still work just fine. The lights are inexpensive and can be found on Ebay. The belly lights actually light up the water below the airplane exposing fish lurking below...

Enjoy the pics and if you are looking for a great amphib rest assured Parkzone has a great one in the Icon A5!...Continue Reading