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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 20, 2012 @ 01:41 AM | 9,446 Views
Monday January 16th we had yet another warm front move through Southwest Lower MI. I got home from work around 8pm, Kevin a friend I fly with stopped in to see what I was working on in the shop and suggested we head out to the Airport and do a little night flying. After a an hour or so of conversation we loaded up and headed out.

I first maidened my modded Hobbyzone Super Cub with floats and all went well without incident. I prepped my Sig Kadet Seniorita for flight and performed my preflight check. All was well. Well maybe.

I had flown this plane about 10 times prior and at night as well without incident. I had before flown the plane using a HK Orange rx with satellite till it was nearly out of site. Never had issues with range before but tonight it was raining lightly as a mist and fog was thickening and moving in from the west.

I took off as you can see in the video and about 3 minutes into the flight while north of the airport visually I could see the plane was blurry due to the fog approaching, about that time the airplane was at 200ft. AGL heading south back towards me and it turned east and back north . Problem was, I did not have control. My friend Fred was on the phone with me about 1/8th mile north of the airport and was at that point detecting my urgency for him to tell me which way my plane was headed. He thought at first I was pulling his leg but I was not! He confirmed what I was seeing, my plane was headed north with the wind and no signal on my end....Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 10, 2012 @ 07:55 PM | 9,015 Views
Went out with a few of the guys today to fly. Weather in Michigan the last 3 weeks has been incredible and allowed for some nice days and warm weather for flying! Mid to upper 40's in January with no snow is almost unheard of around here in SW Lower Michigan. I brought a few electrics out today and discharged many batteries. Here are the pics, even my Red-tailed Hawk buddies come out for a few minutes of soaring. I love flying with our local hawks~
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 07, 2012 @ 06:16 PM | 7,557 Views
I finally finished my Precision Aerobatics Addiction I bought from another RCG Member new in the box 6 months or so ago!!!

I put four HS-65-HB servos in it right after it arrived in the mail and I stuck it back in the box until last week. I had 5 days off two weeks in a row so I decided since we had good weather coming again I would finally finish it. Very simple build and very good quality arf from PA!

I used the Thrust 20 motor and 30A esc from PA and used a 3S 1800mah lipo for the first flight. The Addiction is a great airplane and small enough to throw in the back seat of your car and can be flown just about anywhere.

I decided to put some thin orange stripes on the bottom side of my plane to help distinguish top from bottom. The yellow and black is a bit hard to tell which way it is flying. The orange strips help considerably! I am using a 11X5.5 APC electric prop and set the throws and expo as it stated in the manual and it was spot on from the first flight. I have 6 flights on it now and anticipate many more in the future.
I was very shocked after adding up the amount of money I have into this airplane, $450 ready to bind??? Oh well, it flies better than expected and looks sharp, I wanted this color since I first saw it at the Toledo Show in April of 2011. Precision Aerobatics has it going on and the Addiction is a great 3D airplane that is super easy to set up and to fly... Enjoy
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 07, 2012 @ 05:39 PM | 7,585 Views
This model is a replica of one of the coolest Cessna airplanes ever made, the Cessna 336 or also known as the O-2. I remember watching the movie "Bat 21" starring Danny Glover when I was in High School. I really like the design and look so I had to try to make one of my own.
It is made using a 35" wing from a foamy cessna and depron foam. I reenforced the tail booms with thin carbon fiber given to me by a friend Jim P. in Chicago. The motors are high KV using a 8A esc on the front motor and a 5A esc on the rear. The esc's are linked and the plane flies on one 3S 1000mah lipo. The nose wheel is steerable and the main gear was bent to look like the real Cessna 336.
The first flight was a little hairy due to the CG being a bunch tail-heavy. It looked like a mad dolphin. I was able to get it back down without a crash so I moved the battery forward 2" and it was spot on for flight #2. The plane is very fast and with both motors spooled up it sounds like the full scale one as I made several high speed passes in a 20mph wind. The plane is very solid in high and low speed flight. No bad habits and it flies very well in the wind!

Next step is to finish the military paint details (I did not want to spend time doing that until I knew it flew), I will post pics when it is completely finished and get a couple videos up as well. Thanks for taking a look!