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Posted by Creative RC | Mar 05, 2015 @ 03:52 AM | 11,214 Views
Here are photos of a rare Top Flite Freshman Trainer which I built in 1981. The hump on the top was not built on this plane in an effort to reduce drag. I now have a canopy on it. It saw little flight time as I was a new pilot and had another pilot take off and land it for me. Having built it myself from a kit, I kept it all these years. After many years of flying foam airplanes, I finally converted it to electric using a Power 25 (870kv) and an E-Flite 60 amp ESC with a 2,500 mah and 3300 mah 4S batteries. That took a lot of figuring to get everything to fit right and yet for the plane to be balanced. It has a 48 inch wing span (504 in2) and is on the heavy side, at 5 lbs. ( the kit said 3 lbs), but it still flies well with its thick semi-symmetrical airfoil. There is plenty of elevator area. I was worried the ailerons were too narrow, but since it had flown as a nitro a couple of times some 33 years ago, it should fly again. It is predictable and stable in the air, aerobatic and flies where I point it, unlike a typical trainer. I added a little more rudder area and since these photos more aileron surface area (doubled the width) to make it much more responsive. The airfoil on the horizontal stabilizer is a 33 year old modification as the stock one was flat. I will add a canopy after I make a few minor modifications. Being solidly constructed and with robust tricycle landing gear, it can handle hard landings like no foam airplane can. The photo...Continue Reading