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Keep your thumbs/fingers in the right spot with these stick ends from STP made specifically for the Taranis X-Lite. Extra pointy tips keep them right where you want them.

Choose between two colors, Black or Red.

Material: Anodized aluminum
Color: Black or Red
Thread: M2.5
1x Set of Stick Ends (2pcs)

Starpower CNC aluminum gimbal stick ends, transmitter stick anti-slipping cap Red/Gold/Blue/Black


For a thumber, stock X-Lite stick ends lack grip. As I use a light grip, i found I often had to re-adjust mid-flight (or worse, mid-race).
These drop in replacements never slipped once for a full day of racing. (I use a fairly light grip on the transmitter)
Seem to be good quality. Nice finish.
Height adjustable using the stock grub screws from the stock X-Lite stick ends. Hex key to make adjustments is provided.
Max height is about 4mm longer than stock X-Lite ends (great for hybrid pinchers). Min height is about 2mm longer than the min height of the stock X-Lite stick ends.

High quality CNC machined aluminium stick ends, helps prevent thumb or finger slippage mid flight for precision movements, easy to install (less than 2 minutes)

3mm - X9D (Taranis), FlySKY, Spektrum, Futaba and other 3mm gimbal equipped radios

4mm - For FrSky M7 and M9 gimbal,...Continue Reading
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Monday Afternoon ..
Cool Overcast ( Dull grey cloudy day ) , but little wind ..

It was almost an ELF'ing day !
So I had to take the Elf to the park ..
This time I used the slightly heavier 260mAh battery to move the CG forward a little ..

Hmmm , my launch settings worked , but I had a problem by where -- When I used the trim tabs to adjust elevator for cruise it would also effect my launch elevator setting ( A lot ) .. I nearly slammed the Elf into the ground because of this ..
Because the Tx was stuffing me around , I deleted the Elevator launch .. Once I did that I was able to play with cruise settings .. And off course this is when the breeze picked up ( obviously ) . Anyhow , I have separated the launch function from the main controls ( Ele / rud ) and put them on empty channels .. So hopefully using the trim tabs wont affect my launch settings .. ( Rather than setting things up as a mix )

Might have to do this for all my DLG's ...

Stuff ...
Another FS2A Rx came ... I do like these ..
Minimum Rc J3 came today ... Will most likely put my V911 control board into it ..
Be interesting ......Continue Reading
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Last time I wrote, the boat was in very bad shape.
Just to recap even to myself: Motor bearings changed, have a new prop for it, and the biggest mistake (for myself at least): broken the top cover.
In the meantime the new transmission arrived, as well as the new top cover.

Since I had time for it, I tried to find the problem, what is the source of the vibration, and found two things.
The first is that from factory the motor and the shaft is not aligned, in fact not even on the same level, the motor sits higher than the shaft, what is even more confusing is the back motor poles are higher...
It was an easy fix though , all it needed was my handy rotarty tool and a digital caliper, and a lot of patience.
Measure the motor holder one by one, sand a bit with rotary tool, measure again, put in motor, check level, begin again. The process took more than an hour, done really slow, becouse I dont have another hull, and frankly dont want to buy another
Checked how it turned out: pushed the shaft outer housing in the half of the dogbone on the motor. No binding, motor turns fine around the shaft.
Should be 90% perfection
I think it will make positive difference...

While I was at it, lowered the white plastic motor shield, as decided to keep it just to be sure, so now it wont touching the new tubing... oh, iam ahead of myself, first things first.

Anyway said it will make a positive difference, but cant test it to be 100% sure - found out the another problem:...Continue Reading
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Cyclops 100mm FPV Frame with 1102 motors (3 min 31 sec)
Its actually the 130mm cyclops..

I got a problem fpv micro flying this weekend! So small and lite, it's safe enough to fly near my house. 1102 dys motors, 6a racerstar escs, 20x20 f3 board, tiny vtx and cam.

very underpower, but it flies.

using zippy 35c 500mah 2s lipo which are 34.5 grams with wires. i might try some higher c rating lipos near this weight, 450mah or something. also might try dif props. 2" seem to work better than 3" so far. tried Hq 3035t and HQ 2035Q... Flies almost like my tinywhoop brushed but flies longer and faster.
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

KINGKONG/LDARC TINY GT7 & GT8 2019 V2 2S Brushless FPV Racing Whoop Drone Introduction. These KINGKONG/LDARC TINY GT7 & GT8 2019 V2 2S Brushless FPV Racing Whoop Drones feature Betaflight Smart OSD V2, F3 FC, 10A Blheli_S Esc's, 800TVL Cam, 5.8G 25mW VTX & comes in a nice carry case.

You can pre-order this KINGKONG/LDARC TINY GT7 2019 V2 2S FPV Racing Drone here now:

You can pre-order this KINGKONG/LDARC TINY GT8 2019 V2 2S FPV Racing Drone here now:

KINGKONG LDARC TINY GT7 & GT8 2019 V2 2S Brushless FPV Racing Whoop Drone Introduction (1 min 14 sec)

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Used last week's good afternoon weather to push through 4 focused build sessions; tried to keep hasty mistakes & dodgy technique to a minimum.

Paid off: Stab + elevators sorting out control horn & link, tying both elevator halves to their cable run atop the vertical. Just a final skin of sanded, foam fairing over the hinge line & a mylar wrap remain.

Wanna weigh this assembly--just out of curiosity, once I get to the post office's scale.

Now to create that "M"-shaped, bridging wire + angled horn mock -up...I really don't want to rely upon some cludgy, exposed "Y"-yoke type dual linkage for the elevator actuation....Continue Reading
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Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

ACE TATTU 11.1V 850mAh 75C 3S 1P Lipo Battery review & test. With power telemetry osd, you can also see how this performs and the duration on a Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet 115mm 2 Inch RC Brushless FPV Racing Drone.

Get this ACE TATTU 11.1V 850mAh 75C 3S 1P Lipo Battery with XT30 Plug here:

ACE TATTU 11.1V 850mAh 75C 3S 1P Lipo Battery review & test (5 min 37 sec)

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In 1080p 60fps - Here is the raw uncut footage of my Freewing F9F Panther 64mm EDF Jet, modified for 4S power.

Freewing F9F Panther 64mm EDF Jet 4S Flight (4 min 23 sec)

Powered by a Tattu 4S 1800mAh 75C lipo, weighing in at 193 grams and pushed as far forward into the nose as possible (to accomplish this, I had to cut a segment of the front of the interior wooden frame grid, just stopping right before where the velcro straps are screwed in, so that the 4S lipo can slide all the way forward into the nose at an angle). The CG was measured at 23mm from the leading edge of the air intake (because of the additional weight of the 4S lipo, no additional nose ballast was required and I found this CG to be spot on for this model.. and I'll let my flight video confirm that). Flight Timer was set to 3:10 minutes. Flown with a Spektrum DX8 G2 Transmitter and using a Lemon RX DSMX 7-Channel Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver.

Personal modifications were as follows:

1) ZTW Mantis 45A ESC w/ 5A SBEC (for safe and durable 4S operation).
2) Slotted .057x.177 Carbon Fiber Flat Wing Spars (for added 4S structural reinforcement).
3) JB Weld 5-Minute Clear Epoxy-Coated Undercarriage (durable landing skid finish protection).
4) JB Weld 5-Minute Clear Epoxy-Coated Fuel Tank Heads (for additional skid finish protection).
5) Minwax Satin Finish Polycrylic Dual Coating (for overall airframe finish protection).
6) Foam Tac Surrounding Elevator Rod Keeper (additional safeguard...Continue Reading
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These are quite good, by lion standards. After running 20 miles with the crummy speaker, the lion kingdom was willing to pay anything for a better speaker. They have all sounded good over $20 & in the narrow form factor. Below $20, they sounded terrible. Never tried the pancake style ones. The lion kingdom is continually amazed by how good any bluetooth speaker over $20 sounds, compared to anything that small from 30 years ago.

The old speaker was a TV speaker modified to be very light, for a smaller vehicle. The smaller vehicles are no more, so the old speaker may end up converted into a headset.

Millenials would freak out over how bad it is, compared to their $200 Bose speakers. A generation exists which has never heard sound as bad as a 1970's transistor radio. The lion kingdom manely grew up with the sounds of 1970's transistor radios & clock radios. You wouldn't think something mechanical like a speaker could be improved.
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Here is the woodpecker
Green Woodpecker / Grünspecht Rc (2 min 11 sec)

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DustOff #5 - XK A600 DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane in a Stiff Cross-Wind ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

Let's really blow the dust off this plane with some stiff cross-wind ;-)
It has a lot of lift so flying in some stiff wind can be fun ;-)

Here are links to this plane and spare batteries:

Link to this Plane:

XK DHC-2 DHC2 A600 5CH 3D6G System Brushless RC Airplane Compatible Futaba RTF

Spare Batteries:

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Spare Parts 7.4V 300mAh 25C Li-po Battery

Turnigy nano-tech 300mAh 2S 35~70C Lipo

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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If you follow the posts on RCGroups, you may have come across an interesting fellow by the name of Red Jensen. Red formed a small business on the side, designing and producing limited number of balsa models, mostly micro models of old time classic sailplanes. Red works full-time for NASA developing remotely controlled models. Can you imagine having to play with models all day and getting paid for it!! Hey….it’s a tough life but somebody’s got to do it!

So far I have purchased and built, a micro Wanderer with 30” wingspan and more recently, a 34” wingspan, micro Sinbad both planes coming in around 2 ozs or 56 gms. Red spends a lot of time reducing the number of parts and simplifying the build. His kits remind me of a modern, more simplified version of the old classic, Gulliows Balsa kits.

Red’s company is called Alien_Tech and already I hear he is working on another classic slope soarer. I feel fortunate that we have talented people in our hobby like Red who have the know how and the means to bring back modern versions of the old classic balsa planes. Good times indeed!

Check him out when you get a chance….but beware….his enthusiasm is contagious! : )

I will admit, I'm not the best builder, especially when it comes to these micro builds where my big thumbs tend to get a little too aggressive then crack! Dang! Another broken piece of balsa. However, I'm finding the more I build, the better I am getting and I'm making a lot fewer mistakes....all good! I've...Continue Reading
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drone bowl FPV Freestyle (8 min 25 sec)

Posted by y.takahashi | Mar 30, 2019 @ 10:47 PM | 904 Views
Jetfoil Rocket Full Maneuver

RC Jetfoil rocket Model Full maneuver.
The ship is a Boeing 929 in which Kagoshima and Tanegashima iland are in service between inJapan .
It is the 12th ship made with my full scratch.

RC ジェットフォイル ロケット (4 min 4 sec)