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Posted by theborg | Jun 21, 2015 @ 08:03 PM | 3,707 Views
Homedepot case

Here is what i used to hold my ZMR-250

In the second picture you can see where i removed the insert from the lid.

This just pops out.

I used two layers of 2.25 inch Kaizen foam. I split a 2.25 in piece in half and used one half for the foam inserted into the case lid and the other half is the first layer in the bottom.

I used 3M-77 spray to glue the second layer of foam to the bottom layer.

I made a layout from dollar store foam board before I did any major cutting.

It holds my charger, Radio, ZMR-250, Goggles etc....

This thing is very stout with the goal of safely transporting on an airliner.

I have not cut into the top foam layer yet.

The batteries are held very nicely between the layers of foam.

Only road trips so far with this case.
Posted by theborg | Dec 29, 2014 @ 06:31 PM | 4,719 Views
Most diagrams showing connection setup for and OSD with FRsky telemetry are incorrect.

if your OSD only updates when the Nase32 is not armed see below to correct the issue.

The Frsky receiver must be connected to RC input 6 with the following CLI commands.

set softserial_baudrate=9600
set softserial_1_inverted=1
set telemetry_port=1
set telemetry_provider=0