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Posted by HUMPHREY1957 | Jun 10, 2012 @ 10:34 PM | 22,133 Views
I couldn't wait for a battery so I tried an Alula pack.

I measured it up and cut the hole right through. Put the battery in.

I put it flush with the top and stuffed some Gorilla glue and epp back in underneath.

Looks ok and I can live with the weight difference.

Taking some pics as I go.

I did a bit more today.

Cut holes for the Servos and potted them in with some Goop and foam cut outs.

When that was all dry I cut off the excess EPP and sanded it off flush on the bottom.

Fitted the receiver and hot glued it in. .

Just need some Flash so I can see it.

Covering is Solartex and it went on like a dream with some spray adhesive.

A light going over with the covering iron and I am happy with the result so far..

Some colour needed and then fit the elevons and tiplets.

Battery is a 4.8 1/3 AA Alula battery. 5oz with all the pieces.