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Posted by steve mahoney | Nov 01, 2018 @ 03:47 AM | 2,026 Views
I have been making a model of the Gisborne tug Hikurangi on and off for about 2 years more off than on at the moment. I keep interrupting its progress by finding other tugs to build instead. That's how the Kumea slipped in ahead of the Hikurangi.

The Kumea was built in Britain around 1925 and was 80ft LOA. She initially worked in Auckland before moving south down the country to Wanganui and then eventually further south to Greymouth.

There is only one existing photo of her it shows her steaming down the Wanganui River in the mid 30s. Not much to go on, so many of the details such as deck equipment, etc are all guesswork. Even the colour is a stab in the dark. I based the colour on the colour of the silt along the edge of the Wanganui River as it passes through the port.

I'm happy with how it all turned out the hull has some nice lines and the big funnel and ventilators, and small teak wheelhouse give it some character. It's long and lean, very unlike the squat tugs of today.

The hull is plank on frame and came together easier and better than I had expected. The simulated plate lines worked out OK too. The rope fenders were very time consuming and tedious but after only a couple of weeks I've almost forgotten how much of a hassle they were to make.

There is a full build log over at http://www.

The poor old Hikurangi is still sitting in a cupboard 99% finished while I start work on a new tug. I'll get there...Continue Reading