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On October 4th was World Wide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon which was the 4th year in a row, the BCMA Ukie Squadron entered the
Controline Contest. We had 4-5 pilots entering to fly as many flights as they could to be logged into the World Wide Web Site and history books.
COVID probably affected beating the 2019 record logging; 554 pilots who made 6,127 flights
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HobbyKing Micro Tundra ( Take 2 ) (6 min 11 sec)

Take two ! ( Or crash 4 )

Yes , I could have just edited that out ! But where is the fun in that ( For you ) .

On the roll thing , I had 8 points of offset before , for this morning I halved that to 4 points to the left ( To counter that roll to the right )
Anyways , first launch ! - My fingers got hung up on something , probably the horizontal stabiliser . Resulting in crash 4 in the Micro Tundra illustrious flying history . ( Sure am racking up those crashes hu ? ) Does that prove how sturdy the MT is or how soft and mushy the ground I fly over is ?

Never mind .. The MT needed a lot of down trim to level it out , almost all of what the trim pot had to offer . I might have to manually level that out ( Elevator )
The flaps are effective , but because of the elevator trim situation the MT became very floaty with the flaps and doing a nice low flyby was hard as it just wanted to climb , ( I will have to sort that elevator )

My CG was pretty much on the money ( 26mm from LE ) with the Zippy 350 2s and 5ch Micro Rx ..
After 5 minutes of use the zippy was reporting 30% when I got home . And that was flying with relatively low throttle averaging 50% or less .

Flying weight = 156.2 grams
At this weight the Tundra did fly slow , especially with flaps .
The model was very stable and tracked well .
I think once properly trimmed and set up , the Micro Tundra will be a...Continue Reading
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Glue & Flyô Series F-22 Raptor Nano V1 Warbird - Test Flight #3 on 2S Power!

Here is a link to the Patreon "Behind The Scenes Episode 19" Build Tips Video:

Here is a link to the Playlist for the GFS F-22 Nano V1:

Here is a link to the Plans & Docs in Letter Format:

Here is a link to the Plans & Docs in A4 Format:

Here is a link to the Low Voltage Components Setup Diagram:

Here is a link to the Video:

Banggood GCRC

Here are links to all the Components I chose for this Nano Parkjet:

HappyModel EX1102 13500kv Brushless Motor (1.5mm Shaft - 13500kv)

***Receiver I used (Make sure the Receiver you choose matches your Transmitter Protocol!)
Receiver 4CH Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX

***Servos (I have ordered these and the ones they sent did fit the Micro Receiver I have. These were JST-SH 1.25mm Pitch on the Connector)
2Pcs 1.7g Low Voltage Micro Digital Servo Mini JST Connector for RC Model

10 Pairs LDARC...Continue Reading
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DLG with 3d printed pod build (17 min 32 sec)

Here is a build video of the quite innovative Vick Mini DLG by Vickmodel. It features a 3d printed pod, tape covered foam wings (1m) and a low price tag. Check it out!
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Although, I have 2 other projects on the bench, I've decided to start building the Carl Goldberg Cub as an Electric "Clipped Wing" version. Going to modify the cowling with a Continental A-65-8 dummy engine kit from Top Notch Products as well as using the Landing Gear from Super Cub 25e.
I hope to use my Permax BL-O 4235-0480 Motor & 60A ESC from the Multiplex XL Cub which has the same WS, length and flying weight, plus (+-) 1 lbs........


• Wing Span: 76 1/2 in. ( 194 cm)
• Clipped Wing: 67 1/2 in. ( 171 cm)
• Wing Area 744 sq. in. ( 4800 cm≤)
• Length: 48 in. ( 122 cm)
• Weight: 7 1/2 lbs. ( 3.4 kg)
• Engine: . 40 – . 61 2 – cycle. (6.6 cc – 10.0 cc 2 – cycle) . 40 – . 90 4 – cycle. (6.6 cc – 14.7 cc 4 – cycle)

Build Thread†HERE
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With travel fun on hold because of pandemic, RC projects are at the top of the activity list here.

Finished another project but too rainy here today to go fly..... doing some PhotoShop instead.

This picture shows a CTH Gladiator flying wing converted to tractor motor LOS night flyer.

CTH no longer sells these larger EPP flying wings. Too bad. They were heavy lifters, and great glide...
perfect for adding some extra weight equipment for LOS night flying.

May have to click on image (a few times) to go to full image view.
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Honda only made these bikes for 2 yrs - This particular one is the Ď03 (last year of these 954ís) Itís also a genuine 1 owner motorcycle w/ only 11k actual miles. These 954 bikes are getting difficult to find in this kind of condition.. Check it out..

Currently in process of removing the rear extension blocks & putting back to stock length. Also doing a full polish on frame & swing arm. Just ordered a new set of Michelin Pilot Sports & flush mount signals for it this morning. Frame & swing arm are both coming out like chrome, but itís a process.... Gonna be whole diff motorcycle when get it finish!! ! As everything else I purchase to play with a little while, it is for sale.

Powdersville SC 29673

Clean, clear title in hand... If interested..
Letís talk..
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Only replace front damage bearing low to middle speed test flight (3 min 24 sec)

Lucky found one same size of front bearing to replace, okay for low to middle speed running.
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XK A160 without the flight control board (6 min 38 sec)

The Chicken = Airframe
The Egg = Flight control board

What the heck is going on ?

It's a completely different animal ! So I would say , that for me , the flight control board was crashing the XK A160 .
Because without the flight control board , this plane is NUTS stable . Almost like a train on tracks stable .
And the faster you fly the more stable it becomes . ( That might be the leading edge slats ) . There was no nasty stall tendency at all , not even when I stalled it .
That's crazy Where was the instability ( Yeah - in the flight control board )

Seriously XK can bite my shinny metal bee hive ! ( They sold me a turkey instead of a J3 cub )
XK owes me $$ ....
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Gaoneng GNB27 lipo connector (2 min 2 sec)

Here is Gaoneng's new lipo connector for tinywhoops and toothpicks. It's supposed to increase conductivity over the PH2.0 connector and, thus, performance and flight time. I'm using it on my 1s Babytooth. Only trade off over the PH2.0 is the higher weight of about 0.8g for a pair of male and female plugs.
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Hey everyone! Episode 10 is here!

Epsiode 10 - SOOOO many things! (1 hr 3 min 55 sec)

DISCOUNT CODE!!! Don't forget your 15% off at See the video for your discount code! Valid till Oct 31, 2020. Be sure to get in before the deadline. In this episode, we talk about all the things. SO much has happened these last two weeks, Stephen could barely contain himself. Thanks again to our amazing sponsor, They are taking wonderful care of us with batteries and a charger for Stephen. Be sure to go give them some love! RC Flight Log PRODUCTS WE USE (affiliate links) TARANIS X9D PLUS 2019 SE TARANIS QX7S RX6R RECEIVER RX4R RECEIVER RECEIVERS TRANSMITTERS 2S 300mah BATTERY (Derekís Glider) LIPO VOLTAGE CHECKER 3S 500mah BATTERY Archer GR6:
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Garrison Aerodrome Manx kit
Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 05:56 AM | 4,252 Views PRE-ORDER Price KIT US$79.99 PRE-ORDER Price PNP $119.99


Brand Name: Sonicmodell

Item Name: AR Wing Pro
Material: High Quality EPP
Wingspan: 1000mm (39.37'')
Length: 450mm (17.71'')
Version: KIT, PNP (optional)
KIT Empty Weight: 340g
PNP Empty Weight: 500g

Recommended Sonicmodell Power Combo Configuration:

Motor: 2216-1400KV
ESC: 40A w/5V 3A BEC
Servos: 2pcs 9g metal gear servo
Propeller: 2 blades 8x5
Recommended Battery: 4S 3200-3500mAh Lipo, ZOHD Lionpack 18650 4S2P 7000mAh, Click Here

Recommended Flying Capability:

Min. recommended Speed: 31km/h
Max. Speed (with SM power combo): 130km/h
Cruise Speed (with Sonicmodell power combo): 75/80km/h @ 5.5A
Max. Speed Tested Without Structural Failure: 220km/h with no structural damage or twist on elevons
Max. Recommended Takeoff Weight (with SONICMODELL power combo): 1425 grams
Reflex On Elevons: 1.5-2mm at level
Recommended Max. Throws: 12mm


- The World 1st FPV Wing with dedicated nose camera bay and main hatch bay for DJI HD Air Unit System, no need any cut or DIY to fit the DJI System.
- Aerodynamic designed FPV pocket in both sides of fuselage, with high efficient NACA air cooling system to ensure the FPV gear work in perfect...Continue Reading
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Build a new home for the old motor,
White Wing Maiden Flight
White Wing Maiden Flight (1 min 24 sec)

The damaged bearing persisted until the maiden flight was completed,
lucky ;-)

wingspan 860 mm
length 530 mm
height 132
weight 220g
old motor (bearing damage)
old ESC (? spec)
New servo dualsky AS55 * 2
Old Battery DUALSKY 3S 550mAh
Old receiver DSM2 6ch
New folding propeller 6*3
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This is a much lighter plank intended for indoors but works outside in relatively still air. Based on my own planks and planks of fellow flyers Pete and Ray. The rounded "look" came from Pete's version inspiring me to build. Took probably an hour maybe two to build.

AUW 47gm. Span of mainplane 450mm with 55mm tips at around 45deg. Chord 180mm with elevon chord 40mm. Fuselage 350mm with wing LE at 110mm. 820 motor with random 55mm quad prop. Any old Rx brick will do with nano servos. Will probably work with brick and integrated linear servos.

Motor down thrust needs to be about 5 degrees. and even then maybe some throttle to elevator mix with negative exponential. Reflex now 5mm. More tuning required.

Indoor Plank PopCorn V2 Maiden 2 (0 min 8 sec)

Indoor Plank Rice Bubble (0 min 47 sec)
...Continue Reading
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A friend of mine got me this plane from a swap meet 4-5 years ago. It was missing the landing gear, pushrods, control horns, Clevis is, the CAHinges, any screws that were included and a manual.

Itís had three Hitec standard servos, power switch fuel tank and a size 35 engine. The 35 engine was missing a muffler, needle valve and prop nut.

Built it, adding landing gear steerable tail wheel aileron servo pushrods and Clevis and control horns.

Added a 0.46 Magnum engine from who knows, prop and spinner. 900 mah spektrum 2 cell life for power.

Hitec receiver.

Biggest pain was finding control rods and clevisí..

I have not flown power in years, and nitro power since the bonsai RC field closed.

Anyway some build pictures. Not much to do.
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Iíve been catapult launching my 64 gram Fox EPP free flight glider using 3 #64 rubber bands. They are tied to the end of a stick handle held in the feet hand. When stretched back about 2 ft and released the Fox climbs consistently up to about 30-40 feet. Iím a teaching my friends 7 yr old son how to launch and the effects of trim and CG.

Recently I started to fly my 4 ounce Elf with rudder and elevator. Itís got a wing tip blade for DHLG soft or hard throws however I wanted to see what a catapult system would be like. So I fashioned a music wire hook to the Elf Carbon fiber boom and used Gorilla glue for reinforcement. I will be using different rubber and bungee bands for experimentation. I have a stomp launcher that could be used as well. The objective is to have consistent launch angles and direction for indoor or outdoor confined space flying sites.

I tested Elf with winds 15-18 in a small park with 60 -80 ft trees surrounding the center field. I practiced tip launching about 20 times circling the wind shears. As long as Elf has airspeed over the rudder and stab you have good control. However a sudden tailwind wind shear can temporarily cause loss of control.
I used a stick with 3 # 64 bands and held it with my left hand and transmitter hand strap. I was able to get good smooth launches but only about 15 ft high where as tip launches were about 75 ft. So rubber has to be experimented with.

On post flight inspection the temporary hot glue repair to the rudder horn showed play. At home I made an aluminum rudder horn and bent it 90 degrees for a stronger glue joint. I used a rotary dental tool to rout out the old epoxy in the slot and used brown Gorilla glue this time. A clothes pin was made into a clamp while it hardens over night. A tube will be lashed to my DX9 to hold a launching dowel.
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XK A160 update (1 min 8 sec)

New Rx fitted as well 2 new micro servos ...

So will it still be a crash monster ?

The Chicken or the Egg ? ( is the problem the flight control board or the plane itself ? )

I mean , J3's usually fly well , don't they ?
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YANGDA FW-320 VTOL drone 5kg payload stability test (6 min 49 sec)

FW-320 long-endurance VTOL drone conducted the stability test with 5kg payload and 2 units Tattu 6S 25000mAh high voltage lipo batteries.
The fixed-wing VTOL flew 57 minutes and covered 74KM distance in the video, and the remained battery voltage was 45.53V.