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Posted by Carmen Chen | May 18, 2019 @ 04:16 AM | 908 Views
The 1:12 speed rc car is in the good design,perfect for child and the adult to play with.The spped can reach to 35 km/h.The remote control car can travel on different roads, whether it is sand or mud, with good off-road performance. At the same time, the cool design of the body is very popular among children and adults.

Function: Forward / Backward / Turn Left / Turn Right
1. The product adopts 2.4GHz technology to support multiple high-speed cars and race at the same time to achieve beautiful high-speed off-road drifting action.
2. It has a four-wheel independent suspension system.
3. The product is a full-scale remote control four-drive system.
4. The car has shock absorption and anti-collision design and long service life.
5. Product configuration The standard steering gear is highly operable and has higher playability.

Packing List:
RC Car*1, Controller*1,Battery*1,USB Charger*1,R-type locks*4, cross wrench*1,Screwdriver*1,Manual*...Continue Reading
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Highlight selling point:
The Brand new Original RC Racing Speed Boat brings every excitement, turns, thrills on any water surface. This high speed boat is made of ABS plastic body with the most detailed RC boat on the market. The high performance of motor will bring high energy to drive the water .The water cooling system will make the boat more stable and give a good performance. This water high speed boat will sure to brighten up anyone who likes R/C.

1Forward, backward, left turn, right turn
2.Automatic flip
3.Built-in water cooling system (unique heat dissipation structure, faster and more effective protection of the motor)
4. The remote control boat has low battery reminder.
5. Water sensing function
6.Perfect waterproof protection

1.2.4ghz transmission, anti-interference, 120m control distance
2. Forward and backward, left and right navigation, can support automatic correction. Freely switch, be flexible, think about what you want, everything is at your fingertips.
3.With Self-righting funtion, avoid losing control in water
3. Using high-efficiency motors, the use of high-efficiency energy conversion devices is more energy-efficient and powerful than ordinary motors. The speed can reach 30+KM/H
4. Built-in water cooling system, unique heat dissipation structure, faster and more effective protection of the motor
5. The remote control boat has low battery warning. If the boat is in low battery, the remote control will have the...Continue Reading
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Flytec 2011-5 RC Boat Fish Finder 1.5kg Loading Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat KIT Version DIY Boat

KIT version without electric parts, but making DIY process more interesting and challenging.
Boat body: Adopt high quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can against the strong wind and wave, great outlook, exquisite workmanship and quality.
Double motor cover design: for installing two motors to gain stronger power.
Very functional and useful bait boat for fishing lovers.

Package List:
2 * Water Grass Filter Cover
2 * Trough Bait Feeder
1 * Antenna
1 * Cabin Handle
1 * Power Switch Kit
1 * Cabin Cover
1 * Remote Controller Kit
1 * Motor Cover Kit
1 * Charger

1. Boat body adopts high quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can againt the stong wind and wave, great outlook, exquisite workmanship and quality.
2. Double motors, huge loading Two separate bait tanks which can be controlled separately.Super large capacity baits tank,weight is 1.5kg
3. 500M remote control distance without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.
4. Great value, low noise, high performance with affordable price
5. Waterproof battery power display, accurate, considerate indicator
6. Streamlined boat back design for higher speed, wind waves resistance
7. Front LED light design, convenient night version, effective fish attracting
8. High capacity Lithium battery, which is...Continue Reading
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Flytec V500 500M Control Distance Upgrade Version of 2011-5 Bait Fishing RC Boat with Full Scale Controller

The upgraded version of the 2011-5 bait fishing baot is equipped with a full-scale gun remote controller, full-scale throttle and full-scale steering functions, the bait fishing boat is more flexible and convenient to control. 2.4GHz remote control frequency, remote control distance as high as 500 meters, less interference in water, remote control is more stable. This product is equipped with backpack, making it easier to carry around.

Remote controller: 2.4Ghz
Color: Black
Material: ABS & Electronic Part
Charge Time: 10-12 hours
Control Time: 2-24 hour
Control Distance: 500m
Speed: 5.4KM/H
Controller Battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Battery: 7.4V 52000MAH
Product Weight: 2060g
Product Size: 50*27*20cm

Product Selling Point:

1. ABS engineering material is molded from the main body of the hull
The boat body of the hull is made of ABS engineering material at one time.It has superior impact resistance and wear resistance, is not easy to wear, has strong scratch resistance, beautiful atmosphere, strong and stable, strong wind and wave resistance.

2. Large capacity rechargeable battery
The lithium battery is faster to charge and has a larger capacity. The battery is placed in the middle of the hull, which can achieve a good balance and stability, and has better performance (Note: 3S battery can be used)

3....Continue Reading