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Posted by DutchRC | May 10, 2019 @ 09:02 AM | 478 Views
Halloa guys

short review this time! Of a VERY small item: a Nano FPV camera.. The upcoming Runcam Racer Nano FPV cam..
This is a CMOS racing cam..

Link to the camera: Runcam Racer Nano NTSC / PAL switchable NANO FPV cam

Runcam Racer NANO - Super Small FPV Camera - PREVIEW - Not a Review (10 min 57 sec)

size: 14mm x 14mm x 16mm
weight: 3.5 grams
sensor type: CMOS
sensor size: 1/3 inch
resolution: 700tvl
lens: 1.8mm or 2.1mm M8
field of view: 160 or 145 degrees
voltage range: 3.3V - 5.5V
latency: 6ms (min)
setup OSD: yes
runtime OSD: Nope!
WDR: yes
Posted by DutchRC | Apr 29, 2019 @ 09:07 AM | 450 Views
Halloa guys,

in this topic I will log my findings with this analogue DVR from FXT Tech. They claim it makes far
better FPV recordings.. Let's see if that is actually true

Link to this device: FXT Tech HD FPV DVR - with WIFI

and yes.. I will allso do a full review of it.. Let's start with some comparing though..
AND if you want to ad your findings / questions to this topic.. Feel free

FXT HD FPV-DVR vs Aomway monitor DVR comparison (12 min 48 sec)

FXT DVR Specifications:
PAL resolution: 720x576
NTSC resolution: 720x480
PAL framerate: 50 fps
NTSC framerate: 60 fps
size: 60mm x 40mm x 19mm
weight: 36 g
input voltage: 7V - 28V
max SD card size: 32 GB
Posted by DutchRC | Apr 09, 2019 @ 09:10 AM | 1,271 Views
Halloa peoples!

sooooo! Another plane then.. I had personally been looking for a medium-size airplane with tricycle (so not a taildragger) landing-gear.. Preferable with a pusher-prop setup (no propellor in the FPV view)..

And! Along came this Esky Eagle It even has pretty big wheels so it can take off from gras

Link to the plane: Esky Eagle 1100mm beginner airplane

First video time then! In this video I'll do a quick unboxing but mostly a build (which won't be flawless :@)

Esky Eagle 1100mm - A different kind of Bush plane? UNBOXING + BUILD (36 min 3 sec)

wingspan: 1100mm
length: 871mm
weight: 755 grams all up
material: EPO foam
kit type: PNP
motor: 2306 2250kv brushless
propellor: 6x4 (my guess)
ESC: 30A
servo's: 4x 9 grams
receiver: 4 channel minimum (not supplied)
lipo: 2200mah 3S 20-35C (not supplied)
ailerons: yes
rudder: yes
flaps: nope
retracts: nope
lights: nope
Posted by DutchRC | Apr 04, 2019 @ 09:07 AM | 1,443 Views
Halloa people

sooo.. you have probably come across previous Jumper transmitters? The selling points of those were:
1. inexpensive; 2. multi-protocol; 3. small (tiny)
And this new T16 holds true to most of those.. it is NOT small however

Feel free to post Your experiences / review / questions etc about the radio offcourse
I'll start with a first part to my review of it

Jumper T16 Multi Protocol Radio - Review Part 1 (32 min 45 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Mar 26, 2019 @ 10:01 AM | 1,469 Views
Halloa guys

so yes.. aparantly Diatone has been in this RC multirotors game for 7 years by now :O They must have then be in it from kinda the start?
Congrats on lasting this long offcourse Diatone! And see here.. A 7-year anniversery edition FPV racer It definately looks special I'd say

Link to the quad: Diatone GTR549 / GTR569 anniversery edition
And offcourse there are all kinds of errors on BG's page :P

To start things of.. a detailed overview:

Diatone's 7th Anniversary GTR549 / GTR569 Mk3 Racing Quad - Show & Tell (20 min 55 sec)

type: racing quad - Streched X
wheelbase: 230 mm
frame base: 5mm
flight controller: Mamba F405 16MB flash
ESC: Mamba F40 4-in-1 40A Dshot600
motors: MB2207 2650KV or 1750KV
props: Gemfan Hurricane 51499x3
camera: Foxeer Predator v3
VTX: TBS Unify 5V - 800mW max
lipo: 4S or 6S depending on version
receiver: none, comes with FrSky R-XSR plug
OSD: yes
smart Audio: yes
buzzer: yes
LED's: nope
spare props: nope
Posted by DutchRC | Mar 23, 2019 @ 10:11 AM | 1,492 Views
Halloa peoples

a what?? "fast forward cruiser"?? I have flown the quad 4 times by now and that is what it brings to mind..
Other quads Might (might!) be faster, but not for long.. I have not flown a quad before that can sustain high speeds for as long as this GepRC can

Link to this quad: GepRC CL7 Crocodile PRO-version

I will obviously do more then one video on this quad, but to give you an idea.. Here is my LOS maiden of it

GepRC CL7 Crocodile - LOS Maiden.. aka Beast Mode :P (10 min 45 sec)

wheelbase: 315mm
base thickness: 5mm
material(s): Carbon fiber, allu standoffs, TPU prints
flight controller: GepRC Span-tower PRO
ESC's: 50A all-in-one BLheli32 DShot600
motors: 2306 1600Kv
propellors: DalProp Cyclone 7056C x3 (1 spare set)
FPV camera: Runcam micro Swift or Runcam Split 2S
VTX: 25-800mW 5.8Ghz
Lipo: Hyperion 2400mah 6S G8 HvLi (not included)
OSD: yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: yes
buzzer: yes
LED's: nope
spare props: Yes. 1 spare set
Posted by DutchRC | Mar 20, 2019 @ 12:19 PM | 1,732 Views
Halloa guys

short review this time! Of a small item: a micro FPV camera.. The new Runcam Robin micro FPV cam..
This is a CMOS racing cam..

Link to the camera: Runcam Robin NTSC / PAL switchable micro FPV cam

Runcam Robin 700tvl CMOS - micro FPV RACING Camera - REVIEW (15 min 39 sec)

sensor type: CMOS
sensor size: 1/3 inch
resolution: 700tvl
lens: 1.8mm or 2.1mm M8
field of view: 160 or 145 degrees
voltage range: 5V - 36V
latency: 6ms (min)
weight: 5.5 grams
setup OSD: Not sure...
runtime OSD: Nope!
Posted by DutchRC | Mar 13, 2019 @ 10:20 AM | 2,533 Views
Halloa people

as most of you probably know by now the new version of Ikarus's Aerofly has recently been released!
Happy days! I am not sponsored by them in any way, but to me it is THE airplane / heli simulator..

In this thread anyone can post their experience with the sim.. I'll allso be posting a few video's
of my own..

And to start things of.. Here is a video on how to get started with RC8..
This is actually quite unique: In this video I show you how to install a trial version.. This is not offered directly by Ikarus (but they did O.K. me posting this)

AeroFly RC8 - THE #1 RC Flight Simulator - P1: Getting Started (17 min 16 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Mar 08, 2019 @ 10:11 AM | 1,991 Views
Halloa guys

another year.. another Quad-Build-Series! Though I can't promis this will be the only one this year :$
Most of my builds so far have been Freestyle quds.. NOT this time! It might not be an all-out Racer,
but it definately leans more to Race, then to Freestyle

So! Part 1.. Frame Review & short parts-intro

Rotorama / HGLRC Mefisto - Super Light FPV Race Quad! - P1 - Frame Review (14 min 54 sec)

Parts list:
Frame: Rotorama 5" Mefistor RED frame
Motors: T-Motor F40 Pro II 2306 1750Kv motors
ESC / FC / VTX: GepRC Span Pro Flytower
FPV camera: Runcam Swift 2
Props: ??? probably DAL Cyclone's
Posted by DutchRC | Feb 20, 2019 @ 09:15 PM | 2,160 Views
Halloa guys,

have you come across this (maybe?) upcoming Topsky goggle? I have not seen a lot of info / postings on it.. But well.. maybe we can use this topic to gather info on it..
So far I actually don't even have a name for it..

Let's start with some pictures..

...Continue Reading
Posted by DutchRC | Feb 16, 2019 @ 10:35 AM | 2,672 Views
Halloa people

Like me you might have been wondering if the new(isch) Turnigy Graphene Panther lipo's are wurth their salt..
Somehow there isn't much in terms of YT reviews on these lipo's eventhough they have been available for a while..

So I set about field testing a set of them..

Lipo's tested: Turnigy Graphene Panther 650mah 4S 75C

Comparison lipo's: GensAce Tattu 650mah 4S 75C

Turnigy Graphene Panther vs GensAce Tattu lipo's.. Torture Test / Review (18 min 15 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Feb 05, 2019 @ 10:20 AM | 4,576 Views
Halloa poeple

Soooo! A new FPV quad from GepRC huh.. Have you had / tried GepRC stuff? I have quite a few by now I must admit :$
Okee so this Cygnet is one of the first of a Wave of smaller quads we will see that have an onboard 1080P recorder.. Handy cause the added weight of an action-cam kills the fun in smaller quads

Link to this quad: GepRC CX3 Cygnet - 3-inch FPV quad

In this topic I'll post a couple of video's BUT feel free to ad your own

GepRC Cygnet - 3-inch Full HD Camera Quadro :) - First Impressions! (11 min 29 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Feb 02, 2019 @ 10:18 AM | 3,922 Views
Halloa guys

So yeah.. instead of calling a product a '..... killer' I guess? :P And I allso have to admit I might be a bit of a Matek fanboy :P I am not sponsored by them eighter by the way.. I have allways had good results with their products though

Link to today's FC: Matek F722 -SE - Flight Controller + PDB

This is quite a special one though.. it has A LOT of features.. Really impressive..

The Matek F722-SE.. the Rollse Royce of Flight Controllers :D (14 min 40 sec)

List of special features:
+ It's a Matek product :P
+ Dual IMU's
+ Dual FPV camera inputs / switchable
+ 5 UART's
+ 8 DShot1200 channels
+ Up to 8S
+ VTX shut down
Posted by DutchRC | Jan 11, 2019 @ 10:06 AM | 3,721 Views
Halloa guys,

sooo.. 6S has been here for a while now, but most RTF quads have still been in the 4S arena.. Especially when it comes to budget oriŽnted quads..
But that's about to change.. The previous version of the Eachine Wizard was / is VERY popular.. the new one is now a 6S capable quad

Link to it: Eachine Wizard X220HV PNF Freestyle quad

And.. to start things off.. My first flights with it

Eachine Wizard X220HV - Budget Freestyle 6S FPV Quad - Maiden Flights! (8 min 31 sec)

wheelbase: 220mm
material: carbon fiber + allu standoffs
base thickness: 3mm
fligth controller: STM32F405
ESC's: 45A all-in-one Dshot600
motors: 2306 1650 Kv
camera: Foxeer Arrow mini 650tvl CCD
VTX: 0-600 mW 40 channel
props: Dal Cyclone V2 T5046C
OSD: yes
smart audio: yes
buzzer: yes (lost model alarm)
LED's: nope
spare props: yes 1 set
Posted by DutchRC | Dec 26, 2018 @ 10:04 AM | 5,633 Views
Halloa people

yes.. it IS still 2018 at the time I'm typing this, but here we are looking at a 2019 model from Diatone :P In the past year they have released A TON of new quads.. right? Faaaaar more then in the years before that.. So I guess Diatone has changed their strategy quite a bit..
And well.. with us now allready having 2019 models from them.. I guess we'll see that continue

Link to this quad: Diatone 2019 GT R349 Runcam TX200U version
Allso: Diatone 2019 GT R349 TBS Unify version
And at Banggood: Diatone 2019 GT R349 Runcam TX200U version

So I will be doing a series of video's on this quad.. Let's first have a general overview of it + my thoughts on it..

2019 Diatone GT R349 3-Inch 4S Racing Quad :) Show & Tell (22 min 33 sec)

wheelbase: 135mm
frame base: 3mm Carbon Fibre
flight controller: Mamba F4 MPU6000 16MB flash
ESC: Mamba F25 - 25A 4-in-one
motors: 1408 4000 Kv
props: Gemfan Flash 3052
camera: Runcam micro Swift
VTX: Runcam TX200U or TBS Unify
Lipo: 850mah 3S or 650mah 4S (not included)
OSD: yes
smart Audio: yes
buzzer: yes
LED's: nope
spare props: nope
Posted by DutchRC | Dec 22, 2018 @ 10:16 AM | 4,508 Views
Halloa guys

in case you're in the market for a 4K action camera.. Yesterday I noticed the bagain price the SJcam SJ8 Pro is at now.. I have to of them (and yes.. I payed quite a bit more myself :P) .. Great camera though.. Especially at it's current price..

Link to the cam: SJcam SJ8 Pro - bare-bones version

Link to the cam with accessories: SJcam SJ8 Pro with mounting hardware and WP case

Allright.. and in this video I'll tell you more-less the same as you just read above here :P There is allso some sample footage in the video though..

Buy one NOW - Super Price - SJcam SJ8 Pro 4K Action camera (7 min 8 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Dec 12, 2018 @ 11:15 AM | 4,325 Views
Halloa people

sooo.. what are your experiences with Hubsan? Maybe you've never had one eventhough they Are pretty popular To me Hubsan is a value brand in the entry-level quad flying arena.. All Hubsan quads I've flown required only a minimum of prior knowlidge of quads, at a reasonable price..

Recently they released their X4 Jet, which is aimed at people that would like to have a go at that FPV drone flying, but who don't want to build and/or think that the Betaflight stuff will just be to complicated for them..
Hubsan will probably tell you something ellse, but I think this quad really is Only for people that haven't FPV-ed before...

Link to this new quad: Hubsan H123D X4 Jet - RTF Brushless FPV Quad

I'll be publishing a couple of video's on this quad.. To start things.. here is my detailed Show & Tell of it:

Hubsan H123D X4 Jet! Good First Brushless FPV Drone? P1: Presentation (25 min 24 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Dec 08, 2018 @ 10:04 AM | 3,642 Views
Halloa guys & girls

2018 is nearing it's end so I thought I'd answer a question I get asked a lot:
what is your favo drone?? I have flown a lot of quads this year, so it would seem like a difficult pick between them?
It was actually surpricingly easy though I did pick 3..

Here is my Top-3 for this year Offcourse I'd very much like to see what Your favo's are

My Top 3 Favourite FPV Quadro's - 2 will surprice you :) (17 min 18 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Dec 01, 2018 @ 10:18 AM | 4,452 Views
Halloa people

so you probably know the FlySky brand.. Right? And you know them from affordable radio's, which do work well and are quite popular as well. What you wouldn't know FlySky for is higher end radio that come with braging rights
A couple of months ago I saw some first renderings of the new Noble transmitter and I was instantly impressed I ordered one as soon as it became available..

Link to the radio: FlySky FS-NB4 Noble surface radio

Some pictures of it then:

The Noble transmitter uses a new AFHDS3 protocol and that means the old AFHDS2 receivers don't work with this radio. Regretably you can't set the radio to use that older protocol..
That means you do allso need new receivers with this radio. Those are available by now:
Link to them: FlySky FS-GR4 4-channel receiver

And here are my findings on this transmitter

FlySky NB4 NOBLE ! A Top Quality Touch-Screen Radio From FlySky! FULL REVIEW (38 min 0 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Nov 24, 2018 @ 10:14 AM | 4,719 Views
Halloa guys

in this topic / video I'll take you on a tour on my indoors FPV flying setup See.. it's fall / winter over here and pretty COLD :P Offcourse I still wanna get my FPV flying fix in.. Right?
So.. this is the stuff I use for indoors flying.. I'd allso be interested to see what Your indoors setup is!

The quad I fly: URUAV / Eachine UR65 - US65 - UK65
The radio: Jumper T12
FPV goggle: TopSky F7X V2
The gates: Eagle Pro flying obstacles

And.. here is how that all works out for me

Eachine UR65 US65 UK65 + Jumper T12 + EaglePro Gates = BRUSHLESS INDOORS FPV FUN :D (21 min 28 sec)