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Posted by old4570 | May 24, 2019 @ 09:17 AM | 1,431 Views
I ordered some F949 flight control boards some time ago .
Finally got around to trying one .

The board offers 4 channels , Thr - Rud - Ail - Ele
To use the 3rd servo , one simply plugs in a micro servo into the spare 3 pin slot . ( Sorry , which plug ? ) ( Measures 4.8mm x 2.5mm )
Anyways , 4ch capability .

Protocol = the old Flysky protocol used by the 9x and other transmitters .
Only fly in the ointment is the need to rebind the Tx to the flight board every time you want to use it .
This is probably because of the Factory Tx , which sends out a bind signal on start up .

Still , a very interesting board for RC projects that might need 4 channels . Especially Micro Models maybe around 500mm span .
The old V911 boards are just about gone , or simply premium priced . A F949 board just might be what the project ordered .

F949 control board (0 min 27 sec)

Posted by old4570 | May 21, 2019 @ 03:29 AM | 1,388 Views

I only had one 5x3x3 prop to try on the Mini Surfer 800
Today I got a package with some new props ..
So of course I had to see how much current they pulled .
Posted by old4570 | May 19, 2019 @ 12:28 AM | 1,386 Views
It occurred to me ...
That part of the problem lies with the way the pod is a attached to the boom .
3 screws holding it in place to a carbon plate ..
So a lot of force is applied to 3 very small places on launch ..

So before a problem arises , why not just epoxy the pod in place ?
Create a much larger area to distribute launch energy into !
Anyhow , that's what I have done with the Raven 990 ..
I fibreglass reinforced the pod , then glued it in ..
When the Epoxy dries , it should distribute load much more evenly over a much larger area .. ( + the fibreglass wont hurt too much - I hope )
That vertical fin is still weak as ! Next time it breaks , I will cut it out and rebuild it with more carbon reinforcing .
Posted by old4570 | May 18, 2019 @ 09:04 PM | 1,373 Views

I have issued a product alert : ( Well - for what ever it's worth )

I removed the pod from my Raven 990 and it has a stress fracture @ the same location as my Mini DLG pro ( where it broke )
Posted by old4570 | May 17, 2019 @ 10:42 PM | 868 Views
Well ,

Not that the Mini DLG pro was a particularly good DLG glider !
I mean , the UMx Whip could probably give it a run for it's money .

But ! I may as well try and repair it .

To that end !
1) I glued the pod back together with some thick Cyno
2) I scratched up the plastic surfaces
3) I put some light weight glass cloth inside and out using the thick cyno to glue it down .

I went with the thick cyno - Since it did such a good job gluing the two halves back together .
Hopefully I have a functional pod once more .

I am sure the carbon boom will be far more challenging , it's strength is seriously compromised .
Just trying to think of something .
Do I go to a Spring pull system , eliminating the music wire running on the outside of the boom ?
That way allowing me to do a WRAP around where the wing posts are , adding strength .

Posted by old4570 | May 17, 2019 @ 12:42 AM | 833 Views
Yes , the HobbyKing Mini DLG pro suddenly died ...

I went to do a launch and boom it hit the ground ...

What it looks like is the POD snapped in two , pulling the elevator servo forward , giving the DLG full down elevator and Slam Dunsky into the ground .

The wing and tail surfaces are ok .

The boom is severely cracked where the wing mounts ..

The pod , well it's snapped in two ..

WOW !!!
Since the Raven has pretty much the same pod , and same weak plastic , I guess I have to worry !
This is very disconcerting !

Hobby King ! Bite me !

I am currently waiting on some thin Cyno , so will not attempt any repairs just yet .


I guess I will just have to scratch the Dickens out of it , and then fibreglass it inside and out ..


Will Cyno do ? or do I need to glass it as well around the wing mounts !

Yes , this is very very disconcerting .
Do I repair the Raven before it does a ground pounding landing ? ( I just might have to )
Posted by old4570 | May 16, 2019 @ 12:06 AM | 921 Views
HK Mini DLG Pro @ The Sink hole (4 min 50 sec)

Took my HK Mini DLG Pro to the Sink Hole ( local park )
Wow ...

I set this up a long time ago and for some reason the mixes had become corrupted .. ( Flaps not working correctly )
Also I think the CG is too far forward as my elevator is super soft .. ( So I removed some lead from the tip of the nose .
I think my CG was 60mm from the L/E

What I really dont like .. The canopy retention tabs ( They break )
So today I fixed the broken tab on both my HK DLG gliders ... Raven and Mini DLG Pro

1) I took some music wire and heated it red hot then put a hole where the tab used to be
2) Screw in a small screw that will function as a tab
3) Some cyno to hold the screw in place
4) Viola - fixed

HK Mini DLG Pro
Came home and deleted all the functions ( All of them in all the menu's )
Then did the functions all over again ..

Programmed in a Launch function ( Right Aileron deflection )
Also programmed in flaps ...
Everything seems to be working ...
Next time I will have to re-set everything ... ( Flight trim all over again )
Such is life .
Posted by old4570 | May 14, 2019 @ 11:39 PM | 588 Views
Rainbow 600 Light Wing ( 93.3 grams Flying Weight ) (1 min 47 sec)

The wind was a PITA , in calm conditions I should be able to fly the Light 600 even slower .
Over all , I found it to be impressive ..
Still using the 300mAh battery for the 112mm CG ..
For Noobs that CG might be too far back .
It was twitchy , especially into the wind . But very flyable !
Everyone should have a wing !
Posted by old4570 | May 13, 2019 @ 09:26 PM | 595 Views

Spirit 600mm Wing

A long time ago I made it my goal to build a sub 100 gram flying wing ..
For some reason it became a wall hanger . might have been those DLG gliders .

So today I decided to take it off the wall and go fly ...
Oh the problems !

The FrSky Rx just refused to bind to my transmitter ( yeah , also lost the bind for some reason )
So that ended up being a massive PITA that wasted over an hour of my morning .
Yes, after removing the Rx from the wing I managed to get a bind ..

Some re-assembly later ! and re-mixing functions .
I was ready to go play the CG game ( After all this time - I forgot where it was supposed to CG )
A 300mAh 2s battery seemed to be close .. ( See Pictures )

I went to my CG test area , and gave the wing a Chuck ! , it seemed to be ok ...
Elevator was given 50% Expo , Ailerons had nothing . Flying weight 93.3 grams
300mAh 2s battery ( Still over 8v when I got home )
CG is about 112mm from LE ( measure up against the fuse ) , maybe a little rearward ?

It flies ..
Most of the test flight was 50% throttle ..
There were times the breeze was strong enough to almost take my hat off my head , and at those times throttle had to be increased .
The Wing really got jittery in the strong breeze .. ( Is the CG too far back ? )
It flew well enough in a mild breeze , but I might try a slightly larger 350mAh 2s in the nose .

Over all I have to say the light wing project was a success !
Flying weight was 93.3 grams and the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 09, 2019 @ 11:03 PM | 629 Views

It's WINDY / it's wet / and I got bored !
Waiting , and more waiting for stuff !
I have two gliders to finish and I need STUFF ! .. The 1.5 DLG needs a Rx , Bixler HLG needs servo extensions .

With the bad weather I got an itch to do something .
So I got on Google images and started looking for a good old fashioned chuck glider design to download .
Plan was to go MICRO ...
I wanted to use a BBQ skewer and some 3mm Depron .
The first plan I downloaded was the HAWK , but when printed out ( onto printer paper ) it was just too Micro .
I also downloaded the Lazy Bird plan and when printed out was a really good micro size . Span came out at 255mm !

Project cost = Less than $1
Project time = 1 to 2 hours depending on building exp

This was my first scratch built chucky in 40 years , so I made little effort to make it sweet . This was just quick and dirty to see what was what .

1) Print out the plan
2) Cut out the wing / fins to make templates
3) Draw around the templates on the Depron
4) Carefully cut out the wing etc from the Depron
5) I marked the centre of the wing , then cut partially through
6) I then lay'ed some tape over the other side of the wing and cracked the wing for the dihedral ..
7) I put a line of hot glue into the cut wing and then set it to the BBQ skewer , try and maintain some dihedral doing this
8) Glue the tail surfaces

Now we have to try and get CG ...
I used hot glue for this as well .. In regard to this , I should have left more BBQ Skewer in front of the wing so that less weight would be required for CG .
It glides , surprisingly well for such a small Chucky !

This was a very lose copy of the Lazy Bird , but just a fun little project to kill some time during some horrid weather !
Which continues outside as I type this ..
Posted by old4570 | May 05, 2019 @ 11:04 PM | 784 Views
Mini Surfer 800 Take 2 (6 min 16 sec)

https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDDGrhd0ma > Sent For review by Banggood.com

Here we go > Take 2 !

Most of the flight is 50% to 60% Throttle
Battery is a Turnigy 1000mAh 2s 20 to 30C
Motor pulls about 6amp
When I got home the battery was about 3.99v per cell .

I went back to where I was before ..
So there was a slight tendency to climb under power ..
A 50% throttle it flew reasonably straight ( little climb )
At 60% throttle it was climbing ..
I did a 3 position switch to mix in down elevator , but it was a little too much and I ended up with a slight amount of down .

1) The Mini Surfer 800 when trimmed will fly smooth .
2) It can also fly hands off .. Set it up to fly straight and level and no corrections needed .
3) I did have 50% expo for the flight and I have since set it to 65% to smooth out the elevator a little more .
4) I guess I could do rates as well ?
5) Ailerons are perfect , no expo or rates needed
6) With no Rx issues , the Mini Surfer 800 launches really nice .
7) Cutting power to land there is a very distinct roll to the left , ( I will have to check that )
8) The mini 800 tracks well , turns well .
9) It flies 2s with no issues
10 ) Landings lack excitement
11) Flying weight with the Turnigy = 299.9 grams ( hmmm - on a diet ! , it might make 250grams flying weight )

Not sure the Mini Surfer 800 is a great 1st RC model , might be a...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 05, 2019 @ 07:35 PM | 731 Views
Woke up about 6.30am ...
It was dark , Cool and very Overcast outside .

By the time I had some models in the car it looked like it might rain !

So off I went really early to the flying site .

Mini Surfer 800 went up first ( Video Shortly ) .
This time around I did not try to fly and trim .
I had a 3 position switch set to give me a small amount of down elevator for flight ..

Without the 3 position switch there was just a small tendency @ 50% throttle to climb .
Activating the switch gave me a slight amount of down ...

Which to chose , the lesser of the two evils would be the tendency to climb .
With 50% expo on the elevator ( nothing on Ail ) the mini surfer 800 was very smooth , but it could be smoother .
I have set the rates to 65% on arriving home , and I have lowered the effect of the 3 position switch - down ele mix )

The other model I took along was the HK Mini DLG Pro ..
I have had this for a while and never flown it . ( Yes I have video )
Seems to glide nice .. Though has a tendency to roll into the launch wing . The harder you launch , the harder it rolls into the launch wing . ( Bad ju-ju )
+ The canopy will need some tape , I blew it off on a launch for some rearward CG .. ( Weight is in the nose of the canopy that comes off )
Posted by old4570 | Apr 30, 2019 @ 06:32 PM | 1,178 Views
1.5 DLG

I got myself one of those Chinese 1.5 meter DLG gliders some time ago .
It has been sitting in a box , and with the Libertur*s wanting to criminalise RC in the near future
I thought it time to put it together and fly it , before it become illegal to do so .

If only those retards in Canberra would do something intelligent and increase the Banned Weight to 500 grams .. ( Maybe too much to expect unreasonable people to be reasonable )

Anyhow , plan is to get it up and DLGing ASAP ..


It is available again ! Just dropped $99.99 ozzi bananas on a Stock Whip !

Plan is to compare the Stock Whip to my modified Whip . ( Modified through necessity and repairs )
After almost a year playing with a UMX Whipit , I am itching to play with a Stock Whip .

Mini Surfer 800
Battery is charged , and the weather is turning again ( I guess winter might come after all ) .
So I am really itching for round two .
With hind sight , and a much clearer plan of action one hopes not to balls it again !

WL Toys DLG (?)
Please WL , we need more well priced ( Legal ) DLG gliders . ( Well - Legal in Oz )
The wizards are acting more and more like Cut Snakes .
So is it late 2019 or early 2020 , RC becomes criminalised on Oz and everything over 250g might be a federal offence .
Just got to love those Cut Snakes .

Oh , there is a Federal Election Sat 18th Of May !
Will you vote for the folks that want to destroy model flying in Australia ?
I guess since Gay's can no longer be discriminated against , a certain political party might be looking for another minority group to kick around .
Smell the coffee guys , smell the coffee ...
Posted by old4570 | Apr 28, 2019 @ 11:00 PM | 683 Views

Sent for review by Banggood.com

Yes folks , I ballsed it big time !

Hindsight is everything !

A) I had forgotten that all my directions had been reversed ...
B) Adjusting trim , yeah I went the wrong way !
C) I completely ballsed the trim of the model
D) At the middle of the flight I had to much up trim and at the end of the flight I had too much down trim
E) The Mini Surfer 800 smacked the ground hard , there was no damage !
F) How ever .....

What did happen was the antenna on the Rx fell off due to the impact with terra firma ...
I did do a visual inspection after the impact , but there was some sticky tape holding the antenna in position . So everything looked ok .
This resulted in some more ground impacts and I gave up and put the still intact and in excellent condition Mini Surfer 800 back in the car .

So it was all ME .... I ballsed the maiden big time .

A) I have no expo what so ever for the maiden flight
B) Ailerons were just about perfect
C) Elevator was a little touchy
D) Even though the Mini Surfer 800 glides ok
E) Under power it climbs

A) Add expo to the Elevator ( 50% maybe )
B) Ailerons need nothing
C) A higher pitch prop cant hurt ( more thrust )
D) It will fly 2s
E) The battery was just over 8v when I came home ..
F) I have set up a switch to add down elevator for powered flight ....

Under power with my CG the Mini Surfer 800 needs down elevator to counter...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Apr 28, 2019 @ 08:31 PM | 669 Views
XK A800
Super Kinetic
Mini Surfer 800

XK A800 ( Jumper T12 for Tx )

6D Flight mode ... I was flying low for reasons I will post later .
I dont know why , but when flying low in 6D mode the XK A800 wants to hit the ground (?) , twice on this occasion .
I did program in 3D mode , this is where you have partial flight levelling and the ability to stunt the XK A800 .
3D Flight mode ... It flew really sweet , with no tendency to smack the ground what so ever .
In 3D mode the XK A800 is a really sweet little plane to fly , offering no surprises like in 6D mode . ( Smack the ground )

Super Kinetic

I was really worried about this house brick .
Having watched reviews on youtube and seeing the Kinetic tip stall like a champ I was really nervous ( Maiden flight )
Battery was a Zippy 850 2s , as I was trying to keep the CG forward .
And I am really glad I did not go with a larger battery . It was sensitive to the elevator but not so much as to be unstable in flight .
I will update this post with a picture latter with a CG location ..
Dare say I would want more Expo ( I don't know what I have right now ) Maybe update this info when I post a picture .
Update - There was NO Expo what so ever .. I have set Expo to 30% for the control surfaces ...

It flew really nice and smooth though .
Also got it to fly slowly , slower than I have seen on youtube .
I did program flaperon .. And I had to try it as well .
I like it , it did lift the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Apr 27, 2019 @ 11:00 PM | 716 Views
Well , not much unfortunately ...

Mini Surfer 800 - Ready to maiden !
But - A cold front rolled in and we have wind and rain ..
A quick check of the weather say's Monday might be the only day to play
Every other day promises some very decent wind for those wind turbines ....

Bixler HLG Project
Was put on hold for the Mini Surfer 800
I got some more 4ch FS2A Rx , so soldered one up the other day ...
Goal is to get some servos working for the Rud / Ele
Oh by the way , I have gone with a all moving ele for this one ... ( Might be interesting )
Hopefully will have a flying Bixler HLG soon ...

The old Gearbox is churning for a new DLG !
Kind of thinking / leaning toward 800mm , and use one of the WLtoys 949 control boards ..
I was thinking Ail / Ele with a fixed vertical fin ...

Come on WLtoys , make a small DLG already ... Something a little larger than the UMX Whipit ( 700mm )
On the Whipit , still not available . Even though it was promised for April availability here in Oz ..
I have set aside $100 for a Stock-Whip .... ??????????????

Get it ????

Stockwhip ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockwhip

Posted by old4570 | Apr 23, 2019 @ 12:55 AM | 899 Views
Mini Surfer 800 from Banggood com ( CG Games ) (3 min 14 sec)

I put another Lead Ball in the nose ..

CG is now some 10mm back measured from the centre of the spar ..

My first launch was superbly timed as the wind lifted the left wing and did it's best to flip the Mini Surfer 800 onto it's back .
It was so quick there was no recovery .
Luckily the Mini Surfer 800 is a tough bird , and tumbled across the ground sustaining no damage !

My second and 3rd attempts / launches - resulted in some test glides ...
For now I am happy to leave the CG where it is ..

A) Glides ok
B) Controls are not overly sensitive ( This could change under power )
C) Push come to ..... ( its a pusher ) I can always throw another lead ball at it !
D) There does seem to be some tendency for the model to roll to the right on launch ( is that me ? ) , but with the clockwise rotation of the motor , the torque should counter this .. ( Un powered flight so far )

Ok . I think I am ready to fly the Mini Surfer 800

I have an appointment tomorrow , so hopefully by the weekend the Mini Surfer 800 will have flown under power ..

Maiden - Ballsed big time !
Posted by old4570 | Apr 22, 2019 @ 08:03 PM | 1,007 Views

Sent for review by Banggood.com

CG Games

I did watch the two available youtube reviews on the Mini Surfer 800 ...
Just have to wonder why the G spot is such a secret ?

Anyways , after watching the videos the Mini Surfers flown by the reviewers had a tendency to drop it's nose on launch ..
In the first video I watched it dropped the nose like a lead sled and thumped the ground really well ..
And if mem serves the starting G spot was just forward of the spar ...

I don't recall any mention of the CG in the second video ...
Hmmm , I guess thats what the CG games are all about , find the G spot before you break the model
I broke the model , actually the motor pod fell off ( See pictures ) ..
Interesting ! , seems that the hot glue has no real strength bond wise to this foam ( See Pictures ) ..
Pod is re-glued , this time with your run of the mill Cyno ( Not foam safe ) ..
This foam seems to be a little glue resistant , and ordinary cyno seems to do the best as far as gluing things together goes .

The CG Game !
1) My starting point is 15mm behind the spar for almost a 50% CG
2) You would think it was horrendous with such a rearward CG , but that was not the case at all .
3) The model seemed to be very soft on the elevator , this might change as you fly under power ( more speed )
4) On launch into the wind , the model climbed ever so gently and stalled
5) Launching slightly down helped a lot
6) Just as I was going to try a 25% power launch , well the motor pod fell off .

End of CG Game !

Yes , I would say the CG is too far back , but how far too far back ?
I might just slap ( glue ) another lead ball into the nose and get the G spot closer to the spar .

So thats where I am for now ..
CG will be moved forward , motor pod has been re-glued ..
And hopefully after lunch I will do a low power CG glide test ...

Part 6 ( RTF )
Posted by old4570 | Apr 20, 2019 @ 11:53 PM | 1,195 Views
Sorry Guys !

Mini Surfer 800 is on hold for the Victorian Control Line State Champs ...

My back can only take so much activity and I am spending it all going to the state champs and taking some pictures ..

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...2019-F2C-Final ( Saturday F2C Final )

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...Vintage-Combat ( Sunday Vintage Combat )

Sure wish I could have stayed longer ...
Posted by old4570 | Apr 18, 2019 @ 11:32 PM | 1,302 Views

Sent for review by Banggood.com

Control Surfaces &

Mini Surfer 800 from Banggood.com (1 min 47 sec)

The short of it is , the Mini Surfer 800 is ready to play the CG game ! ( Check out the video )

Vertical fin and horizontal stabiliser ( Rud / Ele )
I glued these in place with foam safe cyno ..

Controls /

Ailerons - you need to cut them free as they are ever so slightly moulded in place . Also they are some what stiff , so you may want to take a knife and cut the hinge line 30% to 50% to release some tension .
Elevator - same as above ..

Control horns .. Bush league .. They be the press together type , some glue wont hurt .
Control rods - again bush league .. ( See pictures )

With everything connected

Just check direction of travel - I had to reverse everything .
With my set up Ch4 is another Aileron Ch .. This means I can do flaperon at a later date ..

Ch1 - Aileron
Ch2 - Elevator
Ch3 - Throttle
Ch4 - Aileron

As mentioned this will be a 2s Bird . Thrust is nice and almost 1:1 with a 2s 850mAh battery ..
CG is too far back , so most likely will need a larger ( heavier ) battery .
I only have the 5x3x3 props , though I did order 2 pair of 5x4.5x3 .. ( Who knows when they will get here ? )
So the potential is there for more thrust when the new props get here ..

I did run the Mini 800 on the ground and it is accelerating ( in the back yard ) , so I dare say I wont be lacking power for flight .
Not that the mini 800 will...Continue Reading