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Posted by MikeTheCrash | Jul 16, 2011 @ 12:07 PM | 15,906 Views
Bought this plane a long time ago, before FPV happened to me. I wanted to kit it out with retracts, gear doors, door timer, lights etc etc but now it's getting video kit and an OSD!!

Unfortunately the wing got butchered with the retract and door fitting. I put a strip of carbon in, so I hope that the first hard bank doesn't cause the wing to snap.

The wing is nearly finished, servos are in, VTx, GPS and turnstile antenna. Hope the depron panels fit!

The plane will fly on a 6s system powering Wemotec midifan pro and Typhoon motor. Should be around 1200W and better than 1:1 if I can keep it light.
Posted by MikeTheCrash | Jul 16, 2011 @ 11:52 AM | 15,813 Views
Found the camera image to be wobbly, especially noticeable on the HD keychain cam. So I made this one to be less bendy.

I put some hotglue on the top of the mount to make a "saddle" for the velcro that would be the right shape for the camera, and cut down on wobble. wrapping greaseproof paper around the cam stops the glue from sticking to it.

Turns out the hotglue is nice and grippy so the camera will stay on with an elastic band and not use the velcro at all.

Then it turned out that a lot of the slop in the system is from the plastic servo arm being a bit worn/stretched on the metal spline. so I (shame on me) epoxied it on.

next project: 270 degree servo on its way, metal servo arm, fit the voltage regulator...Oh, and build the Mirage...
Posted by MikeTheCrash | Jul 09, 2011 @ 02:44 AM | 16,322 Views
I have put in a turnstile antenna as per IB Crazy's video tutorial. took me a while to realise the two elements were connected to the centre and the screen but it makes sense when you think about it! Shipping from IB Crazy's web shop to the UK was expensive so I bought a load of components took a deep breath and did it myself. Spare parts will be in my shop - maybe antennas too.

I also changed my camera to a board camera and HD keychain, and constructed an aluminium mount to they pan together. Keychain image is a bit wobbly so next project is to build a stronger one with a longer plate for the keychain

Then I'm going to fit a voltage regulator for the camera as the picture starts to fade as the batteries go flat... I seem to run my batteries too low fairly regularly... but there's not much space left in the fuselage