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Les here are some pictures. Let me know what information you would like.
Thanks and keep me posted.

Vince P.
928 853 2495
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Here are some key measurements of my PopCorn constant chord flying wing or plank. The unusual tail boom allows “parking” into the wind at high angles of attack without the tail fin being masked. This is useful on the slopes or when doing steep descents into tight landing spots.

The wing is 900mm span with a 250mm Chord. The wing has a simple 3mm spar of 3mm hard balsa inserted by simply sectioning the wing at 700mm from the LE and then sandwiching the spar. The airfoil is an EMX07 by Martin Lichte (use Profili). The foam is as light as you can get -i.e. packaging foam. The trailing edge is cut off and a 3mm stiffener added. The new trailing edge and full width elevons are made from standard TE stock with a 1.5-2mm sheet extension to follow the lower airfoil profile - the exact shape is not that critical but the closer to the original reflex the better. I used bottom tape hinging. The ends of the wing are capped with 2mm ply for a bit of protection.

The Skin is 0.75oz glass cloth finished with 3 coats of water based polyurethane. Wetting the wing then wrapping the cloth around and pegging it on the clothes line at the TE works fine. There is no LE but a woven packaging tape added after does offer some protection. Wing build time is very fast - less than an hour including drying time if it is a hot day.

The fuse extends with the same profile as the bottom of the airfoil to the TE. There is just the single nylon bolt holding it on. Ply plating at the bolt-on...Continue Reading
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Here is a build update on the Travel Air Mystery Ship...this time focusing on the fuselage

Travel Air Mystery Ship DIY Build - Fuselage Update (4 min 52 sec)

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$26 Ebay Guided Knife Sharpener (13 min 35 sec)

For light duty , I think it is well worth the money .
But as soon as you ask more of it than simply touching up an edge this product will show you all it's weaknesses .
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Flying the E-flite UMX Waco on historic Route 66 at the Bagdad Cafe !
E-flite UMX Waco BL BNF Basic - At the Bagdad Cafe on Route 66! (5 min 52 sec)

Enjoy the show my friends
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Here are some set-up for traditional RTP with only speed control to adjust altitude:
Some simple RTP planes:
In that method power to the motor is limited because of the loss in long wire wire. With the light R/C equipment available now it is possible to have the battery on the plane and use an ESC and servo to control altitude (and a single line to reduce drag). The little yellow "Ringmaster" shown weight about 1 1/2 Oz and powered with a 16mm GWS brushed, would have been lighter with brushless and one Lipo! The heavier the plane, the beefier the pylon has to be but larger planes can be flown outside on longer line much like a regular Control line (I was using a photo tripod as pole with a water jug attached to weight it). Haven't flown it for several years but might try again this winter Hope this help!
PS some relevant threads:
And there is plenty more if you do a search for "RTP flying"
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I recently moved to the desert, so I’m mostly using my short course now. I bought a cheap body from amazon and made new decals, as well as metal cross bars and radiator.

Here’s the old and new bodies
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I've always wanted a small scale Spitfire, and finally found the Mini Master Series Spitfire foamboard model by "grifflyer".
A FliteTest like build, it has a wingspan of 750 mm and weighs 302 grams - perfect!

This will be my first build from someone else's plans, so of course the first challenge was actually printing out the plans.
And even though grifflyer's plans weren't naturally "tiled", it was easy enough to print them that way using Adobe Acrobat.
As he so kindly explained to me in a PM, and is documented in his FT article here.

The series of pictures below shot his article, un-tiled plans, and tiled plans laid out on the floor.
When put together they are roughly 48 inches by 32 inches, which means I'll be looking for a couple of 24 inch by 30 inch (or so) pieces.
Clearly need to piece the pages back together and take careful measurements!
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It's been so smoky in the shop I haven't done too much for a while.
Best wishes to our friends in the south, looks like we're getting it on both ends of the country.
Fires here, floods there, plague everywhere, I guess it's locusts next? Or was it raining frogs?

My Engine showed up, got the mounts on the block, got her set in the rails, working on getting the shaft tube angle right.
I had the drill bit in for alignment, the pic is just me playing with things before I heat and bend the actual tube.
Also got the rudder, stinger, trim tabs, and turn fins on. Took them back off so I can (eventually) start on the interior paint.

Feeling good about it.

Might have to back burner it for a while, I have a state licensing exam in a month, need to get real smart in a hurry.
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An inverted crash can occur in a number of ways with the Conscendo BNF (SAFE is installed and Off).
A common cause is to roll inverted and then mistakenly pull up elevator to climb and you dive down. If you have enough altitude you can pull out level with out hitting the ground surface. This Immelmann aerobatic manuever is a simple one but if you mis judge the amount of airspace needed then you have to abort and roll level and pull to level. This takes practice and is risky.
Another cause of an inverted crash happened to me a few weeks ago. I was demonstrating the CE in a power off dive with SAFE On. After pulling level at about 20 ft AGL (above ground level) I pulled my DX9 B switch to 2 (SAFE Off), pulled up and added full power. I then went into a full aileron roll and with in 2 seconds I was diving into the soft ground. I had forgot to turn my aileron to rudder mix off and the rudder input stopped my climb attitude at the first 90 degree bank. When I knew the crash was imminent I did close the throttle and post impact damage looked very bad but amazingly the motor and electronics still worked! The nose had broken away and was easily repaired. The pic shows the front wing bolt fixture.
I was going over how to prevent this from happening again and thought of using the throttle to turn the aileron to rudder mix off automatically. I usually do aileron rolls at full power and use aileron to rudder mixing when flying slow or when cruising at half power. Here is what I do now for the aileron to rudder mix program:

The first thing to do is press/roll to System Setup then F-Mode Setup, then for Switch 1 set Thr. Stick. I usually set Switch 2 to Switch D but you don’t have to do this unless you want more nice things to have.
Next press the Back button and go to the function menu and scroll to Mixing. The pics below show BC and AC.
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Is the Timber X a good 1st 3D plane or is there something better?
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Glue & Fly™ F-22 Micro V2 - DustOff #17 & #18 - Plans are Available!

Here is the link to the Plans & Docs:

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Here is a link to the Playlist:

Here are links to the components:

DYS BX1306 1306 4000KV CW/CCW Brushless Motor (Primary)

Racerstar Racing Edition 1407 BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor (Alternate)

EMAX ECO Micro Series 1407 2~4S 2800KV 3300KV 4100KV Brushless Motor (Alternate - Not Tested)

Turnigy Plush-32 12A (2~4S) Speed Controller w/BEC (Primary)

Turnigy Plush-32 Series ESC Programming Card

Hobbywing FlyFun 12A Brushless ESC (Alternate - Not Tested )

GemFan Bull Nose 3545 GRP/Nylon Propellers CW/CCW Set Green (2 pairs) (Primary)

GNB 7.4V 550mAh 2S 80/160C Lipo Battery JST Plug (Primary)

GNB 11.1V 550mAh 80/160C 3S Lipo Battery...Continue Reading
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I already have many many flying wings my favourites being constant chord planks. Apart from the criticality of their CG they are a delight to fly and are very forgiving as it is nearly impossible to stall them. It seems that when folk buy one they then feel the need to rudder control and a horizontal stabiliser - very odd.

The Reptile Dragon, a near constant chord plank, is a modern take on Dragon Eye UAV used by the US Marines.

In a moment of weakness/curiousity I bought a discounted kit as there seemed to be quite a few adverse comments and it did not make any sense to me as it should fly well although the wing is a little on the thick/draggy side. The assembly manual gives the CG as 48mm behind the LE which is WRONG. Somebody may have seen 38mm in a draft of the manual and said "that cannot be correct" and changed it to 48mm removing pretty much all of the stability margin.

Now flown in the back yard - well a test glide more correctly. CG at 38mm AUW with lead ballast and 2200mAH 3s pack is 1035gm.
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Eachine TriangleD 5.8G 40CH 25/100/200/400mW Switchable Triangle AV FPV Transmitter VTX With DVR Support Smart Audio Tramp for Tinywhoop Mobula RC Drone

Eachine TriangleD. VTX + DVR. Записываем видео в HD качестве. Banggood (4 min 59 sec)

Link: Eachine TriangleD
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BrotherHobby new Avenger 2808 motor!
2808-1500KV 6S
2808-1900KV 5S

Perfect size for a bigger high powered 7" mid/long range quad.

Email: [email protected]
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Dear RCG members,

This is Kevin from Bnaggood.

I used to use the name, BGKevin, on RCG, but some time ago I broke my computer. All of the log in datas were missing, I could not log in that account. Now I register another account and log in as BG-Kevin. I am glad to talk with you on RCG again.

As before, I am still dealing with RC Quadcopters( Camera Quads), RC Boats and Cars, RC planes and FPV and related components. So if you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to send me private message or contact me at email, [email protected]

I am glad to be back here and happy flying!

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This video shows how to setup a model template using Flight Modes and Global Variables. This is a more advanced arrangement than most will need but it let's you fully exploit OpenTx features.

OpenTx Tutorial • How-to Use Flight Modes and Global Variables • Radiomaster TX16s • [Advanced] (19 min 57 sec)

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how fast do the spekrtum chargers charge a 3s 4s and 6s battery say which one you use and what battery