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Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Dec 31, 2018 @ 04:05 AM | 2,116 Views
After a four or five year break, since October I prepare my "comeback" .

In early 2017 I also sold most of my performance planes.

I always thougt about the reason why I had lost the fun after ~40 years of active aeromodelling.

It took time but few month ago, when I accidentally found some photos from the late 1970th to to the late 1980th, I realized that I still like the simple gliders or at least woodies.

Four/five years ago it was no longer fun for me to have a lot of money in the air and always having an implied competition with the guys that have lots of free time to practise and more or less unlimited financial means to buy even better plans.

Flying F3F and F3J for some years was a great time but not the thing I like in my deepest heart.

Since October I am working on my work shop.
It is quite small, but when I have finished all the work, I will have a workbench to build 2m parts, enough space to store my remaining gliders and all the tools and small parts you need for (simple) woody builds and to work with the scrall saw and grinding machine.

My first project will be the original 1980th Dandy from Graupner ....Continue Reading
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | May 22, 2013 @ 09:05 AM | 5,136 Views
I really like the Tracer and I do not understand why it is so quiet around the Tracer ?

I already owned 2 Tracers.
Tracer #1 had a bad crash, but after buying a new wing, she is back in air, but pretty heavy and homley meanwhile.
Tracer #2 were sold for a Xperience Pro (which was also sold after one season).

Tracer #3 will be used for thermaling. So I try to do the build as light as possible.
I know there are better TD ships available but overall the Tracer gives me the most satisfaction of all gliders I own/owned, for slope as well as for TD.

Today I ordered a Dynamic (which is the NAN Tracer) from the French NAN distributor
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Apr 09, 2013 @ 02:34 AM | 4,687 Views
M60 is a great slope performer and it's my new number one for strange slope locations or challenging air conditions (after I understood how to dial in the c/g correctly ).
But I have two issues:
  • rudder fludder when doing very hard bungee launches
  • for my personal taste a bit too nervous on elevator (max throw up is 3mm which is already too much!)

Ok what to do to solve this?
Pretty simple - split the long rudders and add 2 servos.
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Mar 30, 2013 @ 03:17 AM | 7,869 Views
I really like the Elixir from Topmodel CZ.

wing span: 3200 mm
length: 1550 mm
weight: 3,1 kg
wing load ~45g/dm2

Easy to fly, very forgiving, pretty good performance for this price segment, nice silhouette in air.
It's my most flown glider (I guess).
If I ever should loose this Elixir I would by another one for sure. But not the ARF version. Only the ARC version to use he high quality Oracstick film.

After flying the Elixir three seasons, often at the slope, she needs some refurbishment.
Especially the film has to be replaced as the wing is blistered again few minutes after every "recover" ironing . Film was not good from the first day. It was definitely no Oracover.

Goals for this (March/April 2013) refurbishment:
  • reduce flap tolerances
  • new cover with Orastick film
  • new battery
  • repair rudder slit
  • reduce aileron distortion
  • silicone hinges for ailerons
...Continue Reading
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Mar 29, 2013 @ 07:07 AM | 4,154 Views
A little miracle has happened.
Some days ago my son asked me to begin the build of his EasyStar (which I bought a year or two ago for him).

So all other current build activities (Alto carbon, Elixir) are postponed as long as he wants to proceed with the build.
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Mar 29, 2013 @ 04:07 AM | 4,292 Views
Reason for having only very little time for my main hobby R/C gliders ...

Most of the time they have no interest in gliders or joining me at the airfield but I also enjoy every common non-R/C second with both as you never know how they will evolve in the future...
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Mar 15, 2013 @ 11:17 AM | 5,119 Views
Yesterday I received my new 2m thermal weapon - the Alto carbon from F5models (seems to be similar to the Pulsar 2S).

Wing span 2000 mm
Length 1160 mm
Wing Area 32 sq. dm
Airfoil AG 25 mod.
Weight (less R/C gear) 320 g

Control: Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flaps.

Planned operation area is thermal practise in light conditions (before or after work sessions).

My personal R/C glider related aim for 2013 is to increase my thermaling skills so far to succeed with some thermal flights with hand launches on the local airfield (flat land).
This will be pretty challenging as the good thermal locations cannot be reached via hand launches where all the Xplorers and Xperiences begin their thermal flights after high start or aero-towing.


Including the already installed highstart hook and all small parts (except bowden cables) she only weights 331g!

On a first view quality is very good.
Perfect surface, the carbon D-box looks great and wings seem to be very strong....Continue Reading
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Jun 06, 2011 @ 10:32 AM | 5,378 Views
Spent really great time with my kids at the airfield yesterday!

We used the quite calm time before a storm.
After a long time (9 or 10 months) not interested in Dad's passion, my son made extreme progress flying his EPP Felix.

All flights were "solo" flights with lot of loopings close to the ground and some very promising hoover attempts (with a rudder/elevator only electric glider?! - he saw hoovering at an club internal indoor event 5 months ago).

His little sister wanted to pilot the plane as well, but last flight before pilot change ended with a quite tough "landing" ;-) where EPP Felix lost inter alia his nose including motor and battery.

This was one of the rare moments that made me happy to the core and where I can forget all the bullsh?? around me...

Repair already started to support their current interest in RC activities!!! Everything else that can be postponed has to wait until repair is finished...
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | May 07, 2011 @ 06:02 AM | 5,885 Views
My EasyGlider Pro electric crashed after a minute during flight #2
Flight #1 was a great long thermal flight up to 340m.
Few seconds after take-off #2 and switching off the engine, my transmitter noted that there was no return signal from the receiver (Jeti 2G4 TU module in my MC 19 with 8 channel EPC 2G4 receiver, long antennas).
At the same time an uncontrollable short nosedive occured.
I decided to come back and to land promptly.
During the long 400 or 500m final connection got lost again without any control surface reaction and the EG Pro lost 112 m in < 3.2sec in a, at the end, vertical dive.

I assume the fastest Easyglider Pro flight ever :-).
134km/h average speed.
Impact speed could be around 160/170km/h or more as the ship had to accelerate from normal flight speed and came down in type of a half parable...
No flutter and a flight like on rails. Very good high speed test results of my EasyGlider Pro mods ;-)!

Everything points to a Jeti receiver issue as it was definitely no pilot error...
Reason to be analyzed!

8 channel EPC Jeti Receiver
speed controller Kontronik Jazz 55
motor Turnigy C3536 -1100
EasyGlider Pro
2 HS-82MG servos, 4 wing servos to be checked
3S1P 2200 mAh Lemon...Continue Reading
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Mar 23, 2011 @ 01:45 AM | 6,413 Views
Several times I was asked what I do to slow down my Flying Planks for landing.

I use crow function.

For a plank which is very CG and elvator sensitive this setup is not an easy job. So do it only when you enough air under the wing!
But when its done, it's really helpfull. Especially when you have to land on small landing zones...

Slowing down a Flying Plank for landing... (0 min 22 sec)

Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Feb 19, 2011 @ 04:54 PM | 5,989 Views
With a view to the coming F3F competitions it became more important to get a chance to analyse my weak F3F flying style.

Most of the time when I fly, I have nobody around me who takes a video from my flight attempts or has at least F3F related knowledge to tell me what has to be changed or improved.

Ok, but what's better than taking videos? In my case I assume nothing...

What to do to follow the plane with a video cam when you have to do both - flying and shooting?
Putting the cam on my head!

Here is my first attempt with my regular cam as there is currently no budget for an additonal small cam available.

Today (2011-02-18) I did a second check flight in the backyard as the camera angle was a bit too high for the first attempt.
Result is quite good and I now have to finish my F3F planes to test the construction at the slope.

Addendum March, 1st 2011:

Meanwhile I had the chance to test my Helmetcam configuration.
After reducing the camera angle by 7 downwards everything works fine.
For the future videos I have to switch-off the autofocus system as "fast" moves without a clear reference point lead to significant fuzziness.

final check (checking F3F appropriate distance/altitude flying)
Helmet cam test with EasyGlider Pro (2 min 0 sec)

1st re-check (camera angle reduced by 7, checking short distance flying)
HelmetCam 20110219 EPP-Yak (3 min 22 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by sky_surfer_fra | Jul 29, 2007 @ 03:58 AM | 6,160 Views
Please have a look at my My R/C photo gallery. I have not much time to update it ...