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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Feb 19, 2020 @ 07:25 PM | 13,788 Views
This week DJI demonstrated their vision of what Drone To Phone Remote ID may look like inline with whatís being proposed in the USA under the NPRM and that is in legislation in the new EASA EU regulation package.

Solutions For The Drone Age: DJI Drone-To-Phone Broadcast Remote ID (3 min 19 sec)

As part of the NPRM proposals in both Network ID and Broadcast ID and the the EASA EU2019/945 & 947 regulations coming into force in July is the requirement for the pilots location to be shared as part of the the Remote ID data being transmitted.

While itís is not absolutely 100% certain that all the information including the pilot location will be available for all to see the only realistic way to interpret these new rules as proposed and written today is that it will be fully open to anyone with just an app on a regular smart device.

This raises genuine concerns for pilots privacy and safety while out enjoying a hobby with anyone being able to pinpoint a pilots location at any time for good or bad reason. Commercial drone operators have very real concerns especially and these rules may put them at additional risk of landing area incursions and incidents not foreseen in the passed. It could even render single man flight ops a thing of the passed when your unable to secure your operating area sufficiently now itís going to be generally publicised. Allowing the pilots location will putout a ďbeaconĒ on drone users and put them and the public at additional risk....Continue Reading
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Feb 08, 2020 @ 06:06 AM | 25,522 Views
Here is my overview and review of the DJI Robomater S1 Educational Robot.

DJI ROBOMASTER S1 - Educational Battle Robot Overview & Review (30 min 34 sec)