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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Sep 28, 2016 @ 06:23 PM | 33,642 Views
The DJI Mavic Pro Q &A - Firmware Update Information - Troubleshooting- Unofficial Blog

Welcome to my unofficial DJI Mavic Pro Blog post In here is information on firmware updating, Tips and just some information on using the Mavic Pro.
Updated 26/08/2017

The Mavic Pro and accessories are available from DJI
If you would like to support me you can choose to order from DJI via the below links

The Mavic Pro

Note: As with all my own blog post all links may be affiliate links and i will receive a small commission on any purchase bought through them , if you wish to support me then thank you however it is not expected .

Latest Mavic Pro Firmware is

Firmware : v01.04.0100


You can not downgrade from V01.04.0100 to previous versions via 3rd party methods, Once you update to this version you will be stuck there unless further developments happen from the OG team.


As it stands today DJI have removed official methods of downgrading firmware from both Assistant 2 and DJI Go, there are 3rd party methods available.

More info can be found here on Quad808 Blog


DJI Have Introduced a new safety feature that restricts flight height and distance when flying with out a device or app connected to the Mavic, while this probably will not affect
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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Sep 26, 2016 @ 10:58 AM | 12,959 Views
DJI have quietly introduced a new product


Racing Propulsion System

The Snail propulsion system can be purchased directly from DJI for $89/83 here
Buy DJI SNAIL Propulsion System

Please not this is an affiliate link, please see bottom of page for more info


The Snail is a drone racing optimized propulsion system created to give racers the winning edge.
It is fine tuned and precision engineered by DJI propulsion experts to bring new levels of power
and maneuverability to the races.


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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Sep 02, 2016 @ 03:20 PM | 8,359 Views
The New DJI OSMO Mobile

[SIZE="4"]This week DJI have introduced a new OSMO to the lineup called the OSMO Mobile.

This new version allows you to use your smartphone rather than DJI own X3 and X5 series of cameras allowing for a new level of flexibility for your mobile filming . This new OSMO features a fixed Zenmuse M1 gimbal to take a smartphone up to a maximum size of 58.6 x 84.8 mm.
It features Bluetooth connectivity rather than Wifi to comunicate , Over 4 Hours battery life and some new features such as DJI's ActiveTrack and CaptureTime Motion time-lapse videos.

Onto of this it has all the usual OSMO features and it fully compatible with the large range of existing OSMO accessories as well as being compatible with DJI SDK for 3rd Party Apps.

Below is some info and specs on the new OSMO, It is available to order from the DJI Store, below is an affiliate link and should you wish to support me you can purchase though this otherwise just go to the DJI store or purchase from your nearest DJI offical retailer

The DJI OSMO Mobile is available for 289/$299

Order Now On The DJI Store


Capture memories and share life’s moments more easily and more cinematically than ever with the Osmo Mobile. It turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, making every moment you shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share. Use it with the DJI GO app to automatically track your subject, capture stunning motion timelapses or even
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