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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Feb 22, 2016 @ 07:06 PM | 8,110 Views
I have decided to build a 4 Pack charger for the Inspire 1, after a lot of investigation and hunting around i settled on the spec that i can build for a reasonable price,

The Plan is

4 Battery charger - 150w per pack
Storage charge option to 50% capacity controlled by Ardunio
Voltage and Current readout on a single 16x2 display showing each packs status either scrolling through all at once(TBC)

I will be updating this build log as time goes on

The Start

Initial work started by sourcing 26V PSU's, this was not as easy as i thought it would be tbh, in the end i ended up finding a supplier that supplies them for LED drivers and they had a unit that was modified to go to 26v.

Unit is 22-28v 150w rated, Pot to set output

Only downside is its fairly large so having x4 of them is going to be a challenge.

Initial testing

All went well however found some interesting behaviour of the TB47 and TB48 batteries, I noted that even though the DJI adapter is rated at 26.3v not one of my three outputs more than 26.0, mostly hovering 25.9 unloaded, under charge conditions it never goes over 26.0v, when testing the new PSU i had set it to 26.3v as per there DJI adapter label, this went fine until about 10 minutes before completing the charge and the pack gave an over charge error, after investigation back and forth between the two it seems that at 26.3v the smart pack draws a little to much current in the final stages and produced an error.

With the DJI Adapter at this stage it draws about 800-1000mah

With the new PSU set to 26.3v its just over 1300mah and it throws the over charge error, by dropping the voltage to 26.0v draw is back in the 700-800mah range and the pack completed its charge as normal, interesting and unexpected behaviour, so 26.0v is the sweet spot it seems, this also means you not pushing the cells all the way to 4.35v so will help with longevity a little.

More to Follow
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Feb 06, 2016 @ 09:12 AM | 8,670 Views
DJI have listed some new props on their site for the Inspire 1

The 1360S Quick Release Propellers improve the performance of the Inspire 1 series at high-altitude locations.
A larger propeller pitch increases the aircraft's propulsion force at altitudes with thinner air.
Do not mix these propellers with other types by mounting them on the same aircraft.

Looks very interesting however they do use the older QR mountain plate so would have to convert V2 and Pro back to that

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