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Posted by Mad_angler1 | May 24, 2015 @ 07:01 AM | 72,006 Views
DJI Phantom 3 Advance & Professional Firmware Update Standard Procedure

Please Note the Phantom 3 Standard has a different update process, please refer to DJI on that model

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DJI Go & DJI Go 4

DJI has branched off its Go app into 2 versions, from this point forwards you should use the correct app for your model, while the later versions of the Go App V3.1 do support the Mavic Pro and P4 its advised to move over to Go 4.0 as per below.

Use DJI Go V3x for the following products
Phantom 3 Series

Use DJI Go 4x for the following products
Phantom 4 Series including the P4 Pro
Mavic Pro
Inspire 2

Important V1.8 craft firmware onwards is only compatible with V1.6 controller firmware onwards, both must be updated, you will not be able connect to your craft if you do not update both.



A number of users have reported very bad live feed link after updating the RC firmware to V1.8, this appears to affect users with the HDMI board fitted more than others but its pretty random.

FIX: Currently the only solution is to downgrade the RC back to V1.6 firmware and this should resolve your issues, You may also need to
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Posted by Mad_angler1 | May 19, 2015 @ 04:24 PM | 8,555 Views
DJI Phantom 3

Please Note: As with all my own blog post all links may be affiliate links See end of page.

After purchasing my Phantom 3 Pro i needed something to carry it around in, this is my first Phantom so i had nothing to base any opinions on, one of my big gripes with my F450 was how to carry it, at times id resorted to a cardboard box, for my expensive new toy a box was out the question.

so looking around the internet id come across the FEARLESS ENGAGE Backpack , it looked exsacly what i needed but was struggling to get one in the UK, also the fact this thing had been bleeding my dry for the past week i needed to look at cheaper options. After some looking around i found the MultiStar Deluxe Multirotor Travel Backpack on hobby king, whilst on the HK page looking at it i had a box pop up and offer me 3 discount on it so i though hay why not give it a shot, i just need something to carry it in for the moment, as usual with HK it was on next day so it just arrived.

Upon opening the box i was pleasantly surprised, its large and plenty of room ,Overall i was reasonably happy with it, i had modified it to allow the handset with tablet holder to fit, just 2 minutes with a knife and i was done, these are several placed you can remove foam to do this and i decided on towards the bottom, the RC find is perfect once this is done and leaves plenty of padding all around, the Phantom 3 in really nicely, it sits almost flush...Continue Reading