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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Today @ 02:54 PM | 5 Views
I’d been pondering getting a low wing aircraft for a while now and when I started looking I was initially looking at the E-flite T-6 Texan or a Timber (because I could fly it at home), then I stumbled onto the E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.2m BNF and it got tossed into the mix! Well, I agonized for a couple of weeks but after many hours of internet searches and reading threads on RCG I settled on the T-28. One last look at the T-28 on the Horizon website before I order and - WHAT – where did it go! I looked all over the web site and both the 1.2m and Carbon Z T-28’s were gone! I asked the ‘chat’ guy what happened to them and he came back with “it look’s like they were discontinued”. I was dumb founded and asked when? “Looks like just this last week”. I brought it up on the thread and was so bent at that point that I didn’t want to order either the T-6 or Timber! I got a few responses on the thread that he might have been mistaken (glimmer of hope) and that they were having issues with the web site and it turned out they were right, so I ordered one through my LHS.

While I had to agonize for three days for it to arrive I dug more into the T-28’s history a bit and found tons of interesting story’s & painting possibilities. I’ve since decided though, that since there aren’t any T-28’s at our club field I’d fly it as is (well maybe with a few graphic enhancements) until I get more comfortable with her.

I completed the arduous 6 screw assembly process, balanced the prop, programmed the DX9, and got the CG adjusted. So other than charging batteries it’s good to go (hopefully the weather will be cooperating tomorrow).

If anyone’s interested in refinishing their foam model I found a link to a great article in Electric Flight Magazine by Rich Uravitch on refinishing foamies on the E-flite Carbon-Z T-28 Modification Thread! - http://www.electricflight-digital.co...016?pg=20#pg20
Posted by Libelle201B | Today @ 12:36 PM | 317 Views
The wind was cooperating again aprox 15mph ESE, close enough to E anyways. I mentioned I had made a cg adjustment after the last flights, about 1/4 oz removed. The first flight still showed again a slight but less than before nose down tendency so after landing out comes another 1/4 oz aprox. On the second flight she left my hand strait and level with no nose down tendency at all, exactly what I was looking for. With some altitude I tried more rolls and inverted flight plus a try at a snap roll, that turned out to be very snappy, no problems at all. With her wing loading she likes to fly fast, quite a bit faster than any of my other slopers, so it will take time to get used to that. In the end the cg for my DW is now just short of about 1/4" behind what the plans call for or about 27% MAC by my calculations.
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you can get it here

Racerstar 20a 4in1 esc (1 min 4 sec)

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This is a tidied up copy of a post I submitted on the forums. The device appears to be quite popular with several being constructed successfully by other RCgroups members. The device is useful for go/no go Tx testing. Especially when the Tx uses diversity antennas to ensure they are both operating ok.

Everyone ought to carry one of these in the flight box. I've used mine on the field a few times to verify folks suspect radios. It enabled a definite diagnosis of a club buddy's randomly intermittent low output DX7 G2 (non diversity). It got returned to HH Germany and (eventually) replaced FOC recently.

The device is not calibrated and you can't specifically measure anything with it. However, once used on a few known good Tx sets, you soon learn what's a healthy normal RF output and what isn't. It just gives a very useful indication of the RF signal being radiated from any 2.4 GHz radio Tx.

Only two actual components, some copper wire and a surplus moving coil meter (anywhere from 25uA to 500uA DC FSD should be ok, but the more sensitive end of that range is better really). Alternatively, you can just hook up a multitester on low milliamperes DC range or even on Voltage range (I saw up to 5V with careful antenna close coupling). However, you can't beat good old analogue meters for stuff like this. Way more visual than any digital displays. It's even possible to replace the meter with a small *sensitive* LED that illuminates when brought close enough, but the...Continue Reading
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The AMA does not have the authority to promulgate rules - they are a CLUB, NOT a government agency.
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A passenger plane slid off an icy runway at an airport in eastern Wisconsin after it was diverted from Minnesota because of heavy snow. Officials say no injuries were reported among the 180 passengers and seven crew members on United Airlines flight 878. Investigators say it slid about 75 meters off a runway around 3 a.m. Friday at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay.
Posted by cbnlnk121 | Today @ 08:01 AM | 470 Views
I haven't had much time to update this blog. So here's a very quick rundown of all the things going on.

We just completed Episode 10 of the Wild Flyers Podcast! Yep, and this one was also the first to include exclusive "After Hours" content ONLY available through our Patreon. Oh, we also launched that right after!

Skip the Blah, blah, blah. Go listen to the podcasts through SoundCloud, iTunes, AirVuz or your favorite steamer.

If you like what we are doing, PLEASE support us via this Patreon link:

Now, le's get back to what else is happening at Wild Flyers. We recently hosted the first ever, in Connecticut, 2" MIcro Indoor Race Series in the historic Ron-A-Roll in Vernon. It was an intense, fast paced, 2.5 hour event with about 9 rounds of racing with 4 heats each round. If you do the math, that's 36 races or 1 race every 4 mins.

We also have an upcoming STEM type event with a Middle School that we will be teaching 11-14 year olds all about the hobby. We will have Tiny Whoop races, fly alongs, practice drones and plenty of items on display for them to interact with.

With everything on our plate, it's already a crazy busy start to 2018 for sure. We won't be able to do it all without the support, so please consider helping us out via out Patreon. There is a full breakdown of costs listed there as well as exclusive content we'll be adding to make it that much more worth while.

Thank you in advance for following this Blog. Please also leave a comment if you'd like to see more.
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Nose ready, looks realy good!
Posted by vincent123 | Today @ 04:22 AM | 553 Views
Tail finished after some sandstorms to get the tip of the stab in shape.
Posted by rcduder | Today @ 03:33 AM | 587 Views
Hey guys!! I hope you enjoy this one. I know I like it a lot myself.

Build list in the description or in my previous blog post.

Thanks for watching!!

-Big thanks too Tattu for helping me stay in the air!!

-Michael Anderson/Downtown Fpv

Getting Tuned In/Fpv Freestyle (3 min 46 sec)

Posted by LTOB | Today @ 12:51 AM | 641 Views
Broke down and got in some EPP night flying fun tonight. West Michigan Liberty BiPlane and the Trusty AcroCub.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Today @ 12:20 AM | 656 Views
I have read of a few modelers having issues with a cylinder on thier multi-cylinder 4-stroke engine 'dropping' out.

Maybe this video can help...

SAITO ラジアルエンジンのニードルセッティング例 How to adjust the needle setting for SAITO Radial (4 min 32 sec)

So, it may be a tuning issue... i do not know, but it would get me twiddling
Posted by AtomicMilk | Today @ 12:14 AM | 648 Views
THE RGT SCALER: I moved the shocks to the outside of the chassis on my rgt cruiser, and I ordered a new body as well. I'm doing a rusty old farm truck on the rgt chassis, lowering it just a bit, and adding same bails of hay and a pig for good measure. I really enjoy making this truck more and more realistic. I fed the wiring through the black tubing to hide the mess.

THE CLODBUSTER: I have enjoyed keeping this truck stock, but some things keep it from being enjoyable, like the bad suspension. I ordered 8 of the aluminum inner spring 102mm shocks, along with the lifted mounts. It should be much better after that. I will then fabricate some numbers that are better than the ones found on eBay.

THE S and K Pan car: I ordered some overpriced mounted rubber tires for my very old pan car. I want to run in on the smooth asphalt lot near me without shredding the tires. Since I don't race, there's no need to keep it 'stock', but I am going for the stock car look. Small-town speedway looks.

The 17" Proboat: I have replaced the servo and got the brushless system up and going again, with the aluminum rudder. I want to take it to the rc boat pond here in San Diego soon.

36" Boat: I just need to install the new receiver and reseal some areas with the waterproof tape I just picked up.

The Grasshopper: Since replacing the suspension, nothing is wrong with this amazing buggy,

The 1/18 desert truck. I fixed some bad wiring, but I don't get much pleasure out of such a small car.

I wish my son was more interested in the cars, but he prefers gaming. He's 10, so I get it..
Posted by Timbo383 | Yesterday @ 11:21 PM | 685 Views
Well, I guess It's time to start a blog. Taking a vacation this week and the wife will be out of town, so, since the honey do's will be a little light this week I will have time to do what I've put off doing for so long. Of course once my 12 to 14 hour work days come back...and wife... I wont be posting too often afterwards.
I have some pics I need to transfer to the computer of things I've accomplished and the failures too. Most of the planes I've been building of late have been of the odd varieties, I do enjoy making the weird ones versus the traditional types even if my planning and building skills are sub skillful.
I'll be back with some pics and info once I get everything transferred to the computer.
Posted by scruffy1 | Yesterday @ 09:12 PM | 811 Views
just decided this is as good a place as any to maintain some links to my own posts, for reference

it's a work in progress, but should be current

feels free to post a message if any of the links are dead, and i'll try to update accordingly

some of the product links are affiliate codes; no extra cost to you, but i get a small kick-back for typing all this stuff to help you on your micro drone / fpv journey

my interest has been stimulated by the availability of silverxxx's silverware, a flashable firmware which can be written onto the motherboards of a selection of cheap and tiny drones, allowing them to be transformed into full acro capable fpv madness - like getting a tiny whoop but at the price of a toy drone

it all started back here and since then has gone bunta , appropriately, given where it originated

lots of others have joined the party, and there are even now pre-flashed boards at betafpv

yep, this thing is taking off, and deservedly so

if you have a soldering iron and some skills, aren't afraid of computers, and already have a taranis, you don't need much more than time and energy, and the compulsion to make something pretty amazing for very little investment of money

it's not the path more often travelled, but the company will be good (supportive players on the forum), and the rewards in personal satisfaction and rolling your own is hard to beat

c'mon, the adventure has only just begun

Posted by TinkleWid | Yesterday @ 09:04 PM | 764 Views
I am finding that the Quelima SQ12 HD is the lightest and cheapest 720p camera available if you spend a little time adjusting the colour saturation and removing duplicate frames. I am still experimenting with tuning my ViFly drone to carry the extra weight and I am also waiting for delivery of a SQ11 camera mount from China. Once I have that I can hopefully bring the weight of the camera down to around 15 grams. Here is of the improved video footage with the 'upgraded' Quelima SQ12:

Quelima SQ12 Frame Rate and Colour Saturation Camera Upgrade on ViFly (sub 250 gram) Drone (2 min 35 sec)

Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 08:45 PM | 769 Views
Review of the JJRC H55 "Tracker" Entry Level GPS drone featuring 5Ghz WIFI FPV and a 720p camera that saves to an sdcard.

JJRC H55 "Tracker" Entry Level GPS Drone Review (18 min 49 sec)

Posted by Miami Mike | Yesterday @ 08:12 PM | 802 Views
This is my first attempt at implementing a Shepard Tone Vario with an OpenTX Lua script. Generating optimum Shepard Tones is difficult due to the limited sound capabilities of OpenTX Lua, such as the ability to play only one tone at a time and no way to control its relative amplitude. This represents the best compromise I've found so far and I haven't yet had an opportunity to try it in flight.

It's actually a very short script but it represents a lot of experimentation and I don't consider it ready for prime time yet.

Credit for the idea goes to Helmut Stettmaier, who describes it in the March 2018 issue of Radio Controlled Soaring Digest. Please read his article for more information.

Shepard Tone Vario for OpenTX, First Attempt (1 min 46 sec)

A video about Shepard tones:

The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense (3 min 2 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by turbinefancy | Yesterday @ 06:41 PM | 1,072 Views
Go fast or go slow, the Sebart PC-21 makes practicing precision aerobatics easy and looks great doing it!

Sebart PC-21 Close-in Aerobatics Demo (unedited) (4 min 14 sec)