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Posted by gouda | Dec 24, 2010 @ 06:25 PM | 6,402 Views
You shouldn't put up with crap quality from any vendor. It isn't necessary. Think about the suppliers that have been around for a number of years. most notably Great Planes (Tower, Hobbico, etc) and Horizon and I should include Hobby-Lobby. I know there are others of course, but they are the prime examples. In almost every case they stand behind their products, stock spare parts and answer their phones and respond to emails. I know not all their stuff is the best or may cost more than elsewhere. But, at least you know they'll be in business next week. I just can't see why you would buy copy stuff with no backing. The same goes for some of the smaller dealers around the country. You know who they are. They may have stuff that is cheap, but it is seldom unique and can be had from other sources. The key is if they respond to customer questions posed via email or if they do something as simple as answer their phones. If they don't I will not buy from them and in my opinion, no one should unless they get their acts together. Just because this is a hobby, there is no reason to accept second best. Even in the interest of getting low cost components, there are some places better than others. We need to keep posting information about vendors and if they take care of us, their customers in a resonable way.
Posted by gouda | Dec 19, 2010 @ 10:10 AM | 6,142 Views
I guess I have not had much to say recently. So I guess I better. After being away from the hobby for a year or so, I'm finally becoming active again. Always have a interest, but the actual activity level does wain from time to time. To much others sstuff going on as of late, but it's all becoming manageable again. I love this hobby. I'm sort of cleaning house as of late as well. The larger planes are being replaced by smaller ones. Especially ones that I can pack up safely when we travel since we are doing that quite a lot lately. Didn't really know how many kits, ARF;s etc I had around until I really take inventory.
I like the newest generation of RTF/PNP/BNF models. They seem fairly well made and if you buy them from a good manufacturer/source you can get replacement parts and they stand behind their products. I have a real problem with these Asian based shops that are selling all over the world. Not so much because their products are bad (usually they are not, at least if you are carefull what you buy), but because they don't stand behind anything and either never have stuff in stock or take your money and let you sit for XXX days until their stock is replinished. That's lousy and I will not do it. I can't believe people put up with that. Not to mention the lack of quality, bad ESC's etc they ship without batting a eye. The problem is that we put up with stuff like that. If we demanded better, they would get better. Or, they would cease to do business. I worked with Asian suppliers my entire career. They can and do do better if that's what the customer wants. Quality isn't a issue if you want it. They know how.

Anyway, I can't wait for us to get south and I can start flying... It's going to be fun. Winter never used to stop me from flying, but I'm older and wiser now...