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Posted by gouda | Nov 20, 2007 @ 09:53 AM | 7,596 Views
Hi guy's;

First thanks to everyone I have dealt with over the past few years. Trading is fun and just another part of a great hobby. In all my transactions, the ones that have been problematic are few. And most were on RCU, not RCG. If that tells you anything.
So, I thought I post some of my ideas on how to look out for scams etc. Here goes:

1. If it's to good to be true, It likely isn't properly or accuratly described.
2. Be wary of those with zero ratings as a seller. But keep in mind, everyone starts with a zero.
3. If a person a a zero rating as a buyer, just be sure they understand fully what they are getting, what the actual cost is and how you expect to be paid and when.
4. Be doubly aware of the people that come across as having a attitude. I find that as much of a concern as anything. I've dealt with one person specifically, that is as arrogant as possible. He's a crook and makes you feel like it's your fault that you received something different than he descibed. If you get that "vibe" during a deal, back off, stay away, run, but get out. This was on RCU, but I recently see him here. Be carefull. Ratings may not reflect this. It is very possible to intimadate via email.
5. It's a hobby, anyone that has so much stuff for sale, that he looks like a store, likely is in it for a profit or got in over his head. If that's up front it's fine. We all know a few people that list regularly and are great people in everyway. But, those that pop...Continue Reading