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Posted by yorkiepap | Jan 19, 2012 @ 05:56 PM | 14,690 Views
Hey guys,
I'm new to this "blog" arena. I guess it's just painting a portrait of yourself & lifestyle.

Been into model aircraft since the mid '50's with my twin bro'. The last 10 yrs getting back into it & into the electrics.

Retired & still work in my own welding/fab/machine shop.....extra pennies for my birds & accessories.

Hard-core, die-hard biker since age 12. Yorkies are my favorite companions...Max is my 3rd.

Do a lot of Combat Flight Sim to have a better perspective of what those war pilots engaged in. Sure have had my tail flamed a lot......& handed it out.

I guess I'll post a couple pics. The 4th pic is my son when he was stationed at Kandahar AB, Afghanistan in 2011. He came home safe.

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